Camp Happiness is in full swing as Warlord Jerry gave his loyal soldiers a unity speech and from the quotes afterwards it was a success:


 “I thought it was definitely the best pre-spring training meeting I’ve ever been part of,” said new set-up man J.J. Putz, who came over from the Mariners in December.


David Wright agreed, saying the message hit home even more because of Manuel’s popularity in the clubhouse.


“You get kind of the best of both worlds with Jerry,” Wright said. “He’s a tremendous players’ manager, where you feel you can talk to him about anything, and he’s a tremendous motivator who will push you.”


So early in Season of Redemption, J-Man is stressing it’s all about “we” and I think the Wright quote is the most damning indictment on Willie Randolph’s managerial reign and now that Manuel is entering into his first spring training and his first season as head man in charges of on field performance he is putting his stamp on the team early.


Big news out of camp is that Johnny Franco is back in the good graces of the Skill Sets and is back working for the Mets in a host of jobs which tells me they have no clue of what to do with him but they need someone around to tell Jeffey how handsome he is. As long as Franco has no say in personnel decisions then I’m cool with the move. 


Matt Cerrone is at Pt St. Lonesome and is relaying some fantastic post from the team workouts and yes I am extremely jealous.


I’m reading this list of eating places at $iti Field and not one of them excites me in fact it proves my assumption that real Mets fans were the last people the Mets thought about when putting this ball park amenities together. From everything I’ve heard, $iti Field is going to be a an outstanding place to watch a ball game and just from the pictures I’ve seen of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, I believe it, but the food choices just stink of yuppie. Where is the concession that will serve deli sandwiches? No corned beef, pastrami, or brisket? Or NY centric items like egg creams, pizza -and not the new age downtown bullshit goat cheese, endive, truffle uneatable slop, but real NY Bari oven corner pizzeria pizza with calzones, garlic knots, zepoles and Italian ices. You want Shake Shack? Give me White Castle. You want Blue Smoke? How about a Ghetto Chinese stand for some chicken wings and fries and it has to be surrounded by bullet proof glass of course, for that authentic feeling. 






















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  1. Steve, try the Shack Burger from Shake Shack. It ain’t white castle but white castle ain’t what it used to be, either. I guarantee you the Shack Burger will convert you.

    There are also going to be two Mama’s locations at Citi Field – one on the field level and one in the people’s seats.

  2. I remember when Casey’s used to have those overstuffed sandwiches (pastrami I believe was one of them) – my dad loved them. I agree on the pizza front – I hate this is a NY stadium with absolutely NO good pizza. Oh and the bullet proof plexi-glass Chinese place – they have (had) one of those in Yank-mee Stadium. Greasiest Chinese I ever saw in my life (didn’t partake, it was THAT gross).

  3. @Caryn – Woah. As much as I love Mama’s of Corona, I definitely thought you were speaking of Mama’s in the East Village upon first read. That place is delicious.

  4. Caryn, if I can get a turkey and mozzerella from Mama’s at $iti I’ll be content.

    Coop my buddy Dennis (may he rest in peace) was a bartender in Caseys and on those cold nasty days in April I got to hang out behind the bar and drink draft beer gratis. I know the Chinese place in the Bronx you’re talking about I think is Wok n Roll but I want good old fashion Ghetto Chinese that so greasy it could double as a colon cleanser

  5. I’ve like stopping off at Pizza Sam’s at 89th (maybe 90th) and Northern Blvd with the family before games (my old neighborhood pizzeria when we lived in Jackson Heights). I’ll probably keep going there anyway, but real NY pizza at CitiField would be a good idea.

    Are they still going ahead with “CitiField”? No name change yet?

  6. To Jeffy, you’re not a real Mets Fan:

    Then again, Jeffy’s as handsome as Shemp Howard-NOT;

    WHEN does Al Leiter come back as an advisor?

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