I guess it’s tough for Mike Francesa to come to the realization that he is no longer relevant in this town when it comes to sports talk radio. Sure his ratings are as solid as they were when he was teamed with Chris Russo (it’s hard to fault a guy for taking more cash and the freedom to do his own show but Chris Russo right now is a non-entity in the sports talkie world) as that is more out of habit than getting anything newsworthy from the show as the man is so out of touch with the modern media world and what we have seen since the Mike and the Mad Dog breakup is Russo while off the mark many times, is 1,000 times for entertaining than Mike. Francesa’ ego will not allow him to have another co-host and the ones who were brought in all had to bow to the altar of the Sports Pope. Worship is not what’s needed from 1-6 Monday to Friday they need someone to tweak the Tank and have some real sports talk debate.


The problem is, Francesa is so set in his way he would never allow that. Mike can not comprehend that his listeners are as informed of not more informed than he is and his slip is showing. Last week he had some political hack on discussing President Obama’ address to Congress. Are you kidding me? Where was Mark Chernoff with the white towel?  I know what you’re saying “why listen to the show then”? And you’re right. I was a die hard Mike and the Mad Dog fan as my desk radio would be on the whole 5 hours but now I usually tune in and out while listening to music most of the day. I bring all this up because Francesa has been very underhanded in his treatment of David Wright and Ryan Church. By not concededing that Wright is one of the top 10 players in the game today, just showed Francesa’ ignorance and his nastiness. Make no mistake Mike Francesa is one nasty fuck and both Wright and Church gave him their ass to kiss and rightly so. Francesa can not get the big name NY athlete to do his show because of his piss poor personality, I mean for David Wright not to agree to come on his show, that’s all you need to know that Francesa either needs to get a personality transplant –a la Tom Coughlin-or he needs to pack it in as no one is tuning in to here his political views or reviews of movies made 60 years ago.  Check out Mike Silva’s NYBD as he posts about Francesa talking about he and Wright meeting in St Lonesome.

I tuned in more than usual to the show this week because Mike was in St Lonesome. It would have helped if Francesa did a little homework before he did his interviews. His one on one with Fernando Martinez was embarrassing as he really had no clue on the kids accomplishments, his age or what he has accomplished as a 20 year old playing in the Double A while most kids his age are Juniors in college and eligible to be drafted to a big league team come June. No all Francesa could talk about was the injury factor, not taking into account that maybe the young man was still transforming from a kid to a man. The best interview was with Oliver Perez who blew Francesa off after two questions. Of course there is the Wright/ Church matter that both players who made it known to Jay Horowitz that no way in hell were they going on with Francesa. So WFAN wasted all that money to send Mike down there just to wear those hideous sunglasses andto model his collection of black shirts.


Hey Mark Chernoff it’s TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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  1. How this jerk still has a job right now while there are good people out there on unemployment shows the lack of justice in the world.

    What makes matters worse…………there are actually people out there that listens to this crap and not only believes what he pontifiates, but recycle it too.

    Remember Fire Joe Morgan……….


  2. Even pushing Church and Wright aside – how odd was it that CBS flies Francesa to Florida as its stock hits $3.99(!), they have him at the Mets game, and…he does 80% of his interviews BY PHONE?!

    What’s up with that?

  3. Like I’ve said for years, how can anyone listen to Fatso? He is absolutely intolerable, and Q 104 plays really good stuff from 1-6. His name irritates me,let alone his “work”. And he does not know shit about baseball. He’ll tell you how much of a “football guy” he is, and from what I remember, he does nothing but belittle the Mets and Mets fans. I think any Mets fan who listens to him sets himself or herself up for a stressful 5 hours.

    When you think about it, in the biggest city in the world, we get Fatso, and Ed Coleman. While Fatso is the most obnoxious, no one brings less to the table than Ed (“listen, there’s no doubt about it, listen”) Coleman. Count how many times he says “listen” and “there’s no doubt about it” in a spot. Has he ever provided an insight, or a thought-provoking opinion? With all the young people working in radio, begging for a shot, we get these clowns?

    Come on.

  4. B-Dizzle says:

    Here’s a preview of the NL East rotations with a poll for voting.


    Give it a plug if you like it, thanks.

  5. Never gonna happen, man.

    Francesa getting an objective, young, fresh host who is not afraid to challenge his ridiculous comments? We can only hope. I am not talking about Ed Coleman who cannot take an opinion even if you give him one for free, I am talking about perhaps a Gordon Damer (Even if he is a Yankees fan he is pretty objective) would make the show flow better.

    If you don’t like him, stop listening. I really don’t care what WFAN puts on their programming. It is honestly 80% Mets fans who are all to top it all off, pretty dumb Mets fans with the exception of Boomer and Schmoozer.

    As a Giants fan the team never gets talked about despite games broadcast on the station with absolutely no Giants fans on the show whatsoever. Giants have their best free-agency period since I can remember and they talk about Joba Chamberlain, Luis Castillo, and this stupid story. Baseball fans, can you just STFU for once! You monopolized the entire winter and of course the NFL Draft has no shot against actual baseball games so can you guys pipe down when Free Agency is going on and outside of Johan there are really no stories right now. Please?

  6. i can’t stand this yankee/parcells/tom brady loving fat cow.

  7. Mr.Metro says:

    Yes… Pls stop listening to this Condescending, Arrogant, Fat A__ That’s my 2 cents…

  8. doug spielman says:

    I could not stand Fatso at any point in his tenure with the Fan but he was the only show in town when I was commuting back and forth to the city and his body was as dumb as a stump..Its amazing how many times they hung up on somebody when it seemed for sure that person was right and they were wrong..Put Boomer and Garten in that spot-

  9. I HATE FRANCESCA! i truly do not understand how/ why people still listen to him. he is a rude fatass, know-it-all. he doesn’t even give any callers a chance to make a point about anything b/c he knows it all!! and people still call back!?? i just don’t get it. i swore that i was finally done with him about a year ago & i refuse to go back.
    until more people join me in this effort & his ratings start to suffer, he will continue to pollute our airways.

  10. lobstizz for dinnah says:

    hey leave francesser alone, after all he is the pope. to all of you

  11. ChinMusic says:

    Stupid comment on today’s show. He mentioned that the Mets will have a joke lineup in the Padres to open their new stadium. I guess that scumbag forgot that his C.ash C.ow Sabthia got skunked by the awesome Oriole lineup to open the new Yankee Trash Stadium.

  12. Aaron Lazar says:

    All of you can suck nuts Mike is the best!


  14. It’s nice to see how many devoted Francesa haters spend so much time listening to someone the absolutely hate. Yes he is a fat, arrogant, moron. But what does that say about you, if you still listen. Here’s a tip……..STOP LISTENING!!!

  15. alan diamond says:

    I have been a listener since the beginning and I must admit that Mike didn’t get an “A” from me when he was with Chris. He was tense, combative and often seemed tense and annoyed with us neophytes. I enjoy listening to him now. He has mellowed and doesn’t lose it unless truly provoked by the zealots who know how to use their “pointers on the key pad”. He knows what he knows and we supposed sports experts have to deal with it when his opinion goes against our passions. He is allowed to openly root for “The Yankees” even though I have hated them for 58 years while living in the Bronx for my first 10.

  16. you guys are nutz this is the best radio show in the land. Im not bias towards Mike whatsover but there is a reason he is # 1 for 23 years! get over the jealousy.

  17. nick emaon says:

    Ever notice how he REPEATS himself over and over and over. YOu gotta listen to it, but once you notice it, its like the guy who constantly says “ya know” every other sentance. It becomes worse than water torture……well, it becomes worse than listening to MIke’d up.

  18. what a mockery that the Mets are going to let this Guy Francesa into the booth for the last Mets game. This guy mocks the Mets all the time and now they are going to let him in the booth. Figures the Mets do everything ass backwards as it is. Now they are letting a true ass in the Booth.
    I hope he is replaced like the dinosaur that he is. Ugh i really do not like him at all.

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