Ya mon, it’s your friendly Roster-mon back ta look at who da Mets will bring up North. Yesta’ day was a fine fine performance by Da Boys in Blue and Orange as Santana, Murphy and Reed were exceptional, I mean dae was so good mon, dat  Three Little Bridies came by me window afta the game and sang:


 Singin: don’t worry bout a thing,

cause every little thing gonna be all right.

Singin: don’t worry (don’t worry) bout a thing,

cause every little thing gonna be all right!


AAahhhhhhhhhhhh ya mon, sing you little brides, and pass the Ganja as we look at the where da 25 mon rosta is as of today:




Johan Santana LHP

Mike Pelfrey RHP

Oliver Perez LHP

John Maine RHP

Livan Hernandez RHP


So much for worrying over Santana’s elbow as he was in Cy Young form yesterday. As I look at Big Pelf I keep a bucket of cold water near by to cool me off as I have visions of a Co-Ace running through my head. With all the bullshit Joba talk in the NY media they are missing the break out player of the year in this town in Big Pelf  FUCK JOBA!!!! Ollie Perez went on a Mexican Rumspriga with the WBC and came back all fucked up. His mechanics were a shambles causing him to pitch like he as back in Black and Gold, but between Old School Dan Werthen and OP’s role model Johan Santana he is back to just plain old unpredictable Ollie. If John Maine were hurting I’d be worried but he claims emphaticly that he feels fine but is having trouble locating pitches and finding his comfort level on the mound. Let’s hope he finds his “happy zone” in the next two weeks. The very svelte Livan Hernandez has grabbed the 5th spot by the cajones and won’t let go. I’ve heard he’s an innings eater, any truth to that?


Frankie Rodriguez RHP


Sean Green RHP

Bobby Parnell RHP

Pedro Feliciano LHP

Darren O’Day RHP

Brain Stokes RHP


Sure this bullpen leans more to the right than FOX NEWS but if you’re going for quality then this is your pen. O’Day and Feliciano will be the new righty/lefty tag team and Stokes has earned a long man spot as well. Parnell has shown a high octane fastball that J-Man has fallen in love with. Warlord Jerry can go to this bullpen with confidence




Brian Schneider L

Ramon Castro R


Like Casey said, “without a catcher you’d have a lot of passed balls”




Carlos Delgado L

Luis Castillio S

Jose Reyes S

David Wright R

Alex Cora L

Nick Evans R


Time to tip my Mets cap to Luis Castillo who has been outstanding this spring. The only reason he will be relegated to the 8 hole is due to the lack of right hand hitting in the bottom third of the line up and that Daniel Murphy’ bat is to valuable to hit that low but days that Shrek catches or when Tatis plays that would move Castillo up to los dos. Is it better to be an everyday player in Triple A or a bench player in the big leagues? That’s the Nick Evans dilemma. I’d say bench player in the bigs 



Daniel Murphy L

Carlos Beltran R

Ryan Church L

Jeremy Reed L

Fernando Tatis R


If the Mets leave Livan Hernandez off the 25 man until he’s needed (which looks like the plan ) then Bobby Keilty has a great shot of going North. Just watching Murphy will be worth paying for an overpriced ticket to $iti Field. Between Murph and Big Pelf they will be the BIG story in NY Baseball this summer not those over priced mercenaries in the South Bronx.





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  1. Hey. Good post. I wonder if Figgy actually goes up over O’Day. I think with Sean Green, he’s capable of getting tough lefties out. And Figgy, although he has limited MLB experience, still has lots of heart (not to mention the ability to throw literally every pitch). He has hung on to pitch all around the world, and he’s succeeded in these spots, in fact, he’s even thrived, as he’s won awards for his pitching. I think that type of character and persistence would be nice to have in pen as our long man, at least until Redding is fully ready to go. I know Figgy got knocked around the other day, but I think be was still fresh off the WBC, where he pitched pretty well, against all star caliber hitters.

    I really like our bench, ESPECIALLY if Evans comes up and stays up, although I can understand Omar wanting him to get more experience in the four corner spots in the minors, which does include 3rd, where apparently he was drafted. But if he does come up and stay for a while, I think we have a strong bench, as I really like Tatis, Evans, and Reed. And of courts Castro’s bat is nice, but he wouldn’t PH much.

    This should be a really good team this year. I have a strong feeling that 2009 will be a special year for the Mets. I wouldn’t be surprised if they won over 95 games. They won 97 in ’06, and is that team necessarily better than this squad? And the first half of ’07, they competed for the best record in the game. And from the time General Manuel took over until that sweep of the Brewers, the Mets had the best record in the game, even with that horrid bullpen. Now, the bullpen is a strength, the opposite of what it once was. I can make cases for why each starter will be better than last year- well, it’s hard for Johan to be better, but the same? That would be great. And each regular in the lineup should be better than last year ad well. This team, under General Manuel will rock!

  2. Whoops, with Sean Green, I meant getting tough righties out, not lefties.

  3. David in Manhattan says:

    Hey Craig, I love your enthusiasm and analysis, and I agree on every point. This team is primed to rock and roll, and the J-Man factor is a big plus.

    Also love Steve’s optimism on Big Pelf and the kid Murphy. If those two have big years, and that looks pretty plausible, we are into October baseball.

    Let’s Go Mets!


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