I’m amazed how much some folks have their balls in an uproar over Gary Sheffield joining the team. Some are worried about team chemistry, how did that chemistry hold up the last two seasons? This team needs a bad ass even if it’s an over the hill one. The chemistry issued should be moot now that it’s known Sheff signed here because the “face of the franchise”, D-Wright called him and said that the Mets were the team for him.

What are you all afraid of? If Sheffield falls on his face he’ll be gone by the All Star break, if he produces, guess what? Your favorite team just might win the NL East

For all of you concerned with the psyche of Ryan Church think about this. Maybe Church needs a kick in the ass to get motivated. No, I’m not drunk, think about it. In spring training J-Man said the Dan Murphy was a better hitter and that Fernando Tatis would be Church’s partner in RF an now they bring in Sheffield as a way to put a carrot in front of Church to produce. I guess we won’t read about this from the scribes who have access to the team on a daily basis as they are too busy stuffing their faces at the Shake Shack concession at $iti.

Which brings me to Ollie Perez and it’s good thing it was cold and shity and $iti since most fans were busy trying eat their way from left field to right. You know what the season didn‘t start yet but I’m already fed up with how good he food is at $iti Field if it’s a choice of great food or a championship baseball team, I’ll eat a fucking bowl of Alpo okay!

Perez had no feel for the ball today he claimed as he not only lacked command but a clue as well but then again that’s Ollie Being Ollie.

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  1. George the Stork says:

    Church was arguably our best hitter last year before clocking his head. This without Sheffield, Tatis, or Bruce Boisclair waiting in the wings. The real victim here is Nick Evans. The righty had a really good spring and now gets shuffled off to Buffalo as we shove all the promising youth out the backdoor.

    But you make some good points, Steve. I’ll throw some more Mylanta down, and see what happens. If I had a modicum of faith that Sheff had anything left, this would be easier. Hell, maybe Sheff could be the 3rd starter.

  2. George the Stork says:

    And I must admit that I’m far less pissed than I would have been had the Cheesesteaks gotten him.

  3. Amazing! Jeffy actually said YES to Sheffield:

    Then, again, the Price wasn’t steep.

  4. David in Manhattan says:

    Yes, keeping Sheffield out of Phillie was certainly on Omar’s mind.. This guy has hit 499 HRs, 20th best of all time. He may have used some steroid boosts along the way, like a lot of others, but the guy can flat out hit…he stings the ball. And like Steve says, if he can’t play any more, the Mets will dump him soon enough.

    I like the signing.

    As for Church, he has a lot still to prove, after three MLB seasons in which he has yet to break .280 or 15 HRs. That would normally be not enough production for the right fielder on a contender.

  5. omarblows says:

    Terrible signing. sheffield is a cancerous malcontent.

    minaya loves dogs and loves publicly bitch-slapping Ryan Church, a gamer who has kept his mouth shut during a very difficult 18 mos or so. Why did ofirmative acquire him if he intended to fuck up his medical treatment and publicly disrespect him?

    sheffield is a fucking dog and a VERY poor man’s manny ramirez. OF COURSE the guy who runs this site loves him!!

    new stadium, same old incompetent minaya.

    ready for an 83 – 79 season? that’s what’s coming…ollie blows up, maine has announced to the league that he has low self-confidence, k-rod will embarass the team with his mouth…

    fred and jeff are getting the in-support-of-omar-press-release template ready in Microsoft Word. Just change the date. May 1, June 1, July 1, etc.

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