Happy Easter to all even though the weather in NYC feels more like Christmas. Tomorrow morning should be the last of the 30 degree temps in the morning so says Megan Glaros the weather honey on Ch 2. I think she said that but I’m not quite sure because every time I watch her give the weather reports I fall into a daze and just picture her telling me the forecast naked. Is Glaros hot? Muy caliente muchachos, muy caliente

Livan Hernandez may be just and innings eating back of the rotation pitcher but last night he was an artist. Hernandez proved everything that is the art of pitching. It doesn’t matter how hard you throw, if you have command of your pitches that you can hit whatever spot you want, then you’re a Master.

Jerry Manuel, Ryan Church has accepted your challenge

Two things went against Marlon Anderson, he hit left-handed and he wasn’t a pitcher so the Mets had to let him go. He shouldn’t have been with the team anyway as signing him to a two year deal was another Omar folly but Anderson did leave an impression on D-Wright and it seems he was more valuable to the team than most fans (me) felt:


“He was probably one of the most unselfish players that I’ve ever played with,”  

said. “He was always looking out for what he thought was the best thing for the team.”


That’s it for today. It’s Easter and I’m dining at my in laws today and want to get a good seat at the table so I can scarf down some lasagna (you can keep the lamb and the ham) and bogart the TV to watch the Mets . Later


David Wright

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  1. Just got back from Miami. Went to the Friday and Saturday games. Dolphin Stadium, though not really baseball friendly, is quite nice. Marlin fans are a different breed. They let us take over the place with no resistance. Friday it was 70/30 Mets fans, and last night I’d say 60/40 Fish fans. That’s because of the rap shit after the game. Sad to see that they need to do that to get people in the building. Sadder to say that my daughter made me stay for it. I sang Beatles songs to myself to stay sane. It was painful. Howie Rose was on our flight back this morning (he must have an Islander game). He signed a ball that Randy Nieman threw to my daughter on Friday night. Pretty cool dude!

  2. Ghost of Mel Rojas says:

    This team will be hard pressed to finish over .500 this year.
    They have to win every one of Santana’s starts to hope to sniff the playoffs; today’s loss makes it all the less likely that they’ll be playing in October.

  3. I’m only hoping I can hear Howie this year. MLB has ruined their Gameday Audio product. After they took our money. I’m hopping mad about it, but it doesn’t seem like anyone at MLB cares.

  4. What did they do to Gameday Audio?

  5. Rich,

    Well, they’ve half fixed it now, but it’s not as good as it used to be. It’s mostly the archived games that matter to me because I listen “on a delay” so that I can sleep at night. I tend to tune in to the archive of the game around 6am our time (1am EDT).

    Anyway, you used to be able to fast forward through ad breaks, the pre-game show and rain delays, but now you have to listen to the whole thing. And, the signal is dropping in a way that never happened before. So you might get through the pre-game and the first 4 innings and the signal’s lost. You have to start over then. I’ve already given up on two games this year when I’ve been faced with that situation.

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