I’ll be honest here I watched very little of last nights Mets game. The game of the night was at The World’s Most Famous Arena that was a loud as I’ve heard it in years. When the Garden Faithful are in full voice it is one of the most intimidating buildings to play in kind of like Shea Stadium in the 80’s. I’m sure $iti Field will be that way in 30 years when it’s falling apart and the Board of Health closes the Shake Shack.


From switching back and forth during between periods and commercials of the Rangers-Caps game it just seems that every game that is not a Johan Santana start are all the same. Starting pitching stinks, no one can get a big hit, and a miscue or two in the field. So I guess I really didn’t miss much last night.


What more is there to say? J-Man will alter his lineup today with Dan Murphy getting a day off (WOW how the fan base has turned on this kid. Folks it’s not his fault ) in favor of Sheffield, Omir Santos gets the start behind the plate (take your time getting back Brian Schneider) and Beltran will go to the 3 hole with Rob Deer, I mean David Wright going down to 5. But really who cares? Unless Livan Hernadez goes 7 innings today odds are the Mets will lose again today.


The worst part here is I’m not even mad anymore. It’s three weeks into the season and I’m borderline apathetic about this team. You know how they say a team takes on the personality of its manager ? Well I’m close to becoming a fan taking on the personality of my favorite baseball team by not giving a shit if they win or lose.


Let’s face it sure it’s April but what have we seen so far that says this season won’t end like the last two? The last two editions of the NY Mets talked the talked but could never walk the walk and this one looks headed in the same direction.


The good thing about a complete failure of this team is all of the Anti-Omar contingent (and the numbers of loyalist to this group grows with every uninspiring loss) will get their pound of flesh as anything less than a Wild Card berth would have to trigger a total house cleaning.


I can’t believe I just wrote that. It’s April and I’m contemplating cleaning house in Flushing but how else can you think as this Mets team is so uninspiring.


You must check out Dave Singer’s NY Sportsdog for his Keith Hernandez “Slumpbuster” I want one to wear this weekend at $iti Field.


Check out Brooklyn Mets Fan as he has video of his interview with former Mets star and graffiti artist Dwight Gooden and also check out the pilot of a show he’s pitching to SNY called “Stars and Fans of the NY Mets”


Don’t forget tonight Pro Baseball Central at 9PM EDST on Blog Talk Radio.





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  1. I can not believe that we are back to having a gutless team. Where the hell is Kevin McReynolds when you need him. I know the Wilpons hated the 86 team…(they were asses) but all of that aside, they HATED LOSING…you know that at some point over the last two years someone would have stuck a bat up Jimmy Rollins or Ryan Howards ***. Or beaned Cole Hamels. I can deal with losing, I realy can, I’m a Mets’, but this rolling over and playing dead from the minute the games starts…this has been going on for three years now….

  2. Winter of 2007…

    Omar: I want to re-sign Alou

    Every other human being: The guy is 40 and is always hurt, why would you do that?

    Result: 8 million dollars for 17 games.

    Winter of 2008

    Omar” I’ve always wanted Livan, I signed Livan!

    Every other human being: He has been pitching to nearly a 6 ERA, and he’s getting older, not younger.

    Result: Livan has a decent game, then gets shelled twice.

    Omar assembles the team, and the team is fatally flawed. But we shower Omar with a 4 year contract. Is there any wonder why things don’t change?

  3. It’s deja vu all over again. When I was a kid the only thing we had to look forward to was watching Tom Seaver pitch and the poor guy had to pitch a shutout to win. Yo Johan… Serenity now, serenity now…pal

  4. King Ed Ra says:

    You nailed it with this post. I thought i was the only one who felt this way already about the ’09 Mets. With the exception of Johan and J-Man, there is nobody on this team with any heart. I don’t mind bad Mets teams–hey, there’s only so much talent available, ya know– but what I can’t stand are talented Met teams that are apathetic. Unfortunately, this team has taken the personality of its ownership instead of its manager.

    BTW, Endy Chavez leads Seattle with a .344 batting avg. and already has 7 RBI.

  5. George the Stork says:

    And . . .
    Orlando Hudson: .385, 4 SB
    Manny Ramirez: .345, 4 HR, 12 RBI

    Hate to say it, but the Phils are a team with heart.

    Oh well . . . Go Rangers!

  6. Julio Moises Jose Franco Alou Lima Sheffield says:

    There are five problems with this team:

    1. ofirmative minaya is the gm.
    2. ofirmative minaya is the gm.
    3. ofirmative minaya is the gm.
    4. ofirmative minaya is the gm.

    And…wait for it….

    5. ofirmative minaya is the gm.

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