The starting pitching sucks except of the Almighty Johan. The starting eight are as timid as a bunch of pussy cats. The bench players don’t really fit. The new ballpark doesn’t feel like home yet and the fan base is slowly slipping into “don’t give a fuck” mode so what are the Mets contemplating to wake up this dead team? Fire the coaching staff. UGHHHHHHHH!


What do the coaches have to do with any of this? It’s the old chicken shit/chicken salad refrain as much as I’ve backed Omar Minaya and still think he has done some good here if this were The Apprentice board room and I’m Donald Trump I might have to say:


 “Omar, you know you’re a great guy and you’ve done some really, really good work here. You’ve built up the farm system and for the most part your deals and signing have been terrific but the bottom line is this team is broken and some of the parts have been here too long and there is not sense of urgency when times are tough as there are no real alternatives for the problem areas,. The fans are looking for some one to show some leadership qualities and telling them it’s early and at the end of the day it will work out just doesn’t cut it here anymore. Omar you know I love you and you’re a great great guy but you’re the GM and the team you are in charge hasn’t shown it is making any progess,   so Omar as much as I hate to do this I have to say, YOU’RE FIRED”


Maybe all you Omar haters are right maybe it’s time for a new voice in this organization but who? Who would you bring in to run the Mets? Is it too early to think this way? Not really. This isn’t a three week knee jerk reaction here this is a two year and three week reaction as the Mets we see today are the same listless, uninspired lot the we lived with in September 2007 and September 2008.


Omar fired Willie Randolph and hired Jerry Manuel. I get a strong feeling that Omar and Manuel are not on the same page as far as personnel goes but they’re not even reading the same book.  Manuel for the most part has played the loyal employee but as the losses pile up and the bad pitching and listless play in the field mount up it won’t be long before J-Man goes Gangsta’ on the front office. What are they going to do fire him? HA!


Sure it would send a message to send Oliver Perez and Mike Pelfrey down to Buffalo (down to Buffalo? That makes no sense unless you’re Canadian) and moving Wright to the 5 hole is a start and I know we are not to take David Wright’s name in vain but maybe he needs to be in a less pressurized spot in the order so as to get max performance out of him? This team is very hard to figure out some days they play with passion but most days they’re as limp as overcooked linguini. It doesn’t seem like the manager is getting much help from the front office so he may have to take matters into his own hands. We are seeing some signs of that by his calling for an eighth reliever due to the incompetence of the rotation and the fact that he announced yesterday that both Gary Sheffield and Fernando Tatis will play tonight, meaning that Murphy and Church take a seat which is stunning to me. But I think this J-Man exposing the flaws of the roster he was given as he tires to mix and match a lineup.


When Gary Sheffield was signed I was for it as low risk move that could pay off well it’s not paying off and after further review Sheffield really doesn’t fit with the Mets. If Omar demotes Jeremy Reed in order to bring in the eighth reliever and doesn’t release Sheffield that would be a travesty.

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  1. Julio Moises Jose Franco Alou Lima Sheffield says:

    How about this:

    “ofirmative, the only reason you have a gm job is that the wilpons, in addition to being horrific judges of talent, are guilty white liberals. you got your job in montreal because MLB was under pressure to promote more minorities. instead of putting some thought into it and hiring a minority with real talent, which would have been good for MLB and all involved, MLB gave the job to you.

    the wilpons, who are the dumbest $$ in baseball, compounded the error by handing over the steering wheel of their $1 billion asset to you.

    after some initial, brilliant moves (nady, sanchez, chad bradford), and some throw-some-money-at-them signings for which you get no credit (beltran, santana), you have imploded with the foolish signing of willie randolph and a penchant for buying $150 used cars and expressing dismay when they break down (alou, sheffield.) most disturbing is your willingness to let a player’s race trump his ability and character. the most egregious example of this was signing that thug burgos, when all of baseball seemed to know he was a bad seed.

    by the way, given your preference for hispanics, how did you let carlos quentin get away? too busy signing julio franco to a two year deal?

    anyway, omar – GTFO of the building right now. we’re perp-walking you out of here. go get a community organizing gig. maybe acorn is hiring.

  2. SELL, Skill Sets, SELL:

    You’re making a mess and take Bernie With You;

    WHERE Have you gone Nellie Doubleday, Mets Nation Turns Its’ Lonely Eyes To You, Woo, Hoo, Hoo!

  3. The fish stinks from the head down. Steve, Omar has made SOME good moves, and totally fucked up others. The intangible here is that he does not recognize what we all say, the team is gutless and he made no effort to address that. We need a Youkilis-type guy in here. If you want to turn the clock back, we need a Ray Knight.

    The clubhouse is divided, let’s call it for what it is. Everyone who has access in that room says the same thing. It just does not work. And Omar’s answer is to bring in broken down 35-year-old after broken down 35-year-old.

    The rebirth begins the day Omar is gone. He’s in over his head, end of story.

  4. No one else in the organization has that kind of guts, what makes you think ownership does.

  5. George the Stork says:

    Remember back in ’85 when Mariano Duncan charged the mound going after Ed Lynch and Ray Knight stepped in and beat the crap out of him? Benches clear and for some reason Strawberry goes ape-sh*t, punching anything in sight. That’s what we need around here. Have we ever had a bench-clearing brawl with this group? I can’t remember one. Maybe in the next loss, Putz should fire at someone just for the heck of it. Maybe someone could find out if Sean Avery can swing a bat and see if he wants a summer job.

  6. George the Stork says:

    And I agree . . . out with Sheffield. Three weeks is enough of a trial period. You got your homer. Now thanks for the memories.

  7. “Have we ever had a bench-clearing brawl with this group?”

    Next-to-last day of ’07, after Milledge & Reyes were stylin’ after a homer & Maine was throwing a 1-hitter.

    Which reminds me: remember back in the day when Maine knew how to pitch?

  8. If Omar goes… the Skill Sets are on there own. Remember how ugly it got under Art Howe and Jr. Duke? Bad times…

    They’d hire whoever is the worst choice for GM and get the worst manager they could. Don’t be so quick to get rid of Omar…

  9. kranepool says:



    I see your point totaly as we remember when the Skill Sets wanted Pat Gillick to be the GM to replace Steve Phillips and he laughed in their face as Jeffey has the bad rep throughout baseball as a meddler, but if the Mets do not make the post season this year then Omar would have to get the ax the clubhouse swept out

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