A blog called Phillies Nation (how original? a better name should have been “We Have A MLB Team in Philly? Who Knew?) is trying to organize a trip to $iti Field for the Aug 21-23 Amazin’s and the Scrapple eaters. They have hit a bit of a stumbling block as the tickets are hard to come by and it seems the citizens of Philadelphia are upset that they can’t use their WIC cards to make the purchase:

In talking with Mets ticket representatives, it appears that they will be unlikely to accommodate most group ticket requests because there are so many. The only tickets that are definitely available are about $100 (bottom bowl, along foul line) and renting a bus to NYC is more expensive than to DC; therefore if we run a trip, it will be close $140 per person.

Since that is more expensive than our previous trips, I wanted to see if fans are interested in shelling out that kind of money to see the Phillies humiliate the Mets. There are only enough tickets for one bus, so only about 50 people could attend. If you or your friends are interested in going, please fill out the form below and when the details are finalized, you will be among the first contacted to reserve spots.

$140 bucks is expensive? Bunch of fucking brokesters. I spend more than that on bottled water. Keep your busted ass’ home besides if you all go out a rob a couple of convenience stores  to make money and you do make the trip don’t come through Staten Island as I’ll have the Kranepool Society posse on high alert as every port of entry will be covered you Tasty Kake eating blow hards

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  1. AS a writer for Phillies Nation I thank you for the free publicity.
    First of all, we obtained over 200 tickets for the trip from the rats that you call fans jumping from a quickly sinking ship that were more than anxious to sell there not so hot commodity tickets.
    Second of all, “who knew there was a team in Philly?” That is a ridiculous comment. Look at the attendance at ball games. WE are filled to the brim while your team has empty seats all over the place.
    Third, we don’t pay that much for bottled water because we are not complete morons, much like yourself.
    It’s nice that you had to look to our website for any kind of meaningful stuff to write about because clearly you triple A caliber team just isn’t doing it for you.

  2. Also I see that I am the only one to comment. I felt so bad for your websites lack of traffic that I decided to comment twice, just to boost your numbers. Your Welcome.

  3. Afraid of criticism, huh? Well if you ever went to our site, you would see that
    1. We have more Met fans on our site than you do and
    2. Even when they are being brash and rude, we don’t delete their comments.

    Grow some balls and learn how to take criticism, especially if you are going to dish it out you loser.

  4. kranepool says:

    The reason there are no other Philly commentators here is the haven’t realized you can’t write on a computer screen with a crayon and press enter to have it posted. OH yeah thanks so much for posting as I don’t know what I would without a deep thinker like you coming here oh yeah please change your underwear and use deordorant tonight when you go to the game we have company coming the 1969 World Fucking Champion New York Mets.

  5. kranepool says:

    I do read your site it it is quite a nice little site you have put it’s such a pain in the ass putting on the body condom needed as not to track any diseases from going there

  6. JoeBarone says:

    @JasonBintliff – how about you learn to keep the dirtbags from Philly away from Citi! Its amazing how you guys could fill our stadium when we do the same when we play you in that horrid city of Philadelphia.

  7. lol, I’m pretty sure most Met fans would be ashamed after reading your post. Way to sound like a complete retard while simultaniously proving that you’re a sore sport.


  1. […] The Mets blogosphere has been buzzing since we announced this trip earlier in the year. MetsBlog quipped with disdain that Phillies fans will be in attendance during the celebration, Subway Squawkers spread lies that Tug McGraw was a better Met, Brian was interviewed over at The ‘Ropolitans, and then there is this guy… […]

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