Jerry Manuel did his best Daniel Murphy imitation last night by breaking wrong and falling down as it pertained with how he managed last nights Mets loss. The question that all Mets fans seem to be asking this morning is “why was Livan Hernandez pulled in the 6th inning”? It can’t be pitch count as the bill of goods we have been sold on L Hern is he is a work horse innings eater so why didn’t Manuel let the old plow horse continue?

L Hern is experienced enough to get out of trouble and if he can’t do it then get rid of him. The only reason Hernandez is here is to give the bullpen a break if he can’t go at least 6 or 7 innings then he’s useless. 

I’m starting to think collars are getting a bit tight in Flushing and they better loosen up fast as the head to Philly this weekend.

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  1. This is why I come to this site. I’d heard so much from Howie & Wayne about how Jerry Manuel “doesn’t want Livan to go through their order more than three times” that I’d forgotten that this is Livan Hernandez, who regularly pitches into the 8th inning. So, yeah, his value to this team was his ability to save the pen.

    Do you really think they’ll fire Manuel already? I gotta figure that there are few managers out there who could get this team going. (Is Earl Weaver still around?)

  2. kranepool says:


    Eagle, if Livan can’t get through the line upa third time he doesn’t belong here period. It’s only April and the bullpen has been over used AMAZING!

    I don’t think Manuel will get the ax but again it’s April and we are wondering if the manager will get fired. STUNNING!

  3. omar sucks says:

    Well, just cut and paste that post for today’s game. Replays Livan with Johan.

    You still love your “gangsta” jerry and ofirmative minaya? minaya put this awful pile of shit called the 2009 mets together and the reverend jeremiah manuel does his part to make them play to their worst W – L potential.

    the rev. j manuel smiles and flashes them crazy bright dentures and the ny press just laps it up…keep saying ‘gangsta’ jerry and maybe the press will help you keep your job for a few extra weeks

    what happens first? the wilpons realize that omar is incompetent or that chick in nj realizes her fiance killed hookers in boston?

  4. Exactly, gents. If our 5th starter can’t face the lineup 3 times, then why the fuck is he here? At least if Niese is the 5th starter, he can learn and develop. What is Livan going to do, get older before our very eyes? Who benefits from that?

    And with today’s loss, it just SSDD. Like I said, it was not Willie’s fault. He was no Miller Huggins, that’s for sure. But last April 29th we were having the same discussion. Not hitting with RISP, glass jaw team, shoot their load early and go to bed…The problem is upstairs, guys. The team is put together with guys who (except Johan, Frankie, and maybe Putz, Wright and Reyes)are not winners.

  5. Rich,

    I saw something in the Post yesterday that said Niese was really struggling so far at Buffalo. His ERA is around 8 or so.

    Also, what makes you think Reyes and Wright might be winners? I’m not saying they aren’t, but I’m curious. I don’t see them often, but in my mind Reyes is inclined towards mental napping and Wright towards choking. Funny enough if the game is on the line the one guy I want up is Tatis. I felt that way last year and I’m getting that feeling again.

    Yesterday’s loss was different because they got behind early and clawed back to take the lead. I thought they’d hold that one.

    What do you make of Jerry hitting Santos for Castro in the 9th. I see no reason to bench a guy who’s had two hits. He must really dislike Castro.

  6. Eagle,

    Fair point. Maybe I should have written “Wright and Reyes could be winners”. As for Niese, another fair point that you raise. I’m just sick of having multiple retreads (Livan) who we say we have diminished expecations for. Like with Alou, the thought was we’ll get 100 games from him. Why is this thinking ok on any level? Why do we run people out there, and in the next breath, say we have no confidence in them?

    I think Ramon is in Jerry’s doghouse, and I think Ramon is on the way out. Can’t say I disagree. He’s another one where the organization has said “if he stays healthy…” How about using someone with whom you do not have that concern? I think Jerry’s just fed up with Ramon.

  7. David in Manhattan says:

    Hey, remember it is just the end of the first month.

    Give this team some time. We will get our wins. Wright and Reyes will be huge contributors, again. Reyes led the league in hits last year. The Mets scored over 800 runs. Reyes and and Wright will windup among the greats at their positions. The Mets will be in the playoffs this year.

    Maybe I am wrong on some of this…but I have a better time being hopeful than getting pissed. It is a ball game and I’ve got a team with talent and a good manager and great new ball park, and I want to enjoy it.

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