As far as Mets beat writers go I’ve always been fond of Adam Rubin in the Daily News but today reading his blog I have to say Rubin is as totally lost as the team he covers.


Rubin takes Mets fans to task for having the balls to boo David Wright after his woeful performance yesterday. As I’ve stated numerous times I’m not a boo-er as venting and cursing on the internet is my choice of expression but when the focus of yesterdays game and all of this lousy month of baseball is the fan reaction then more than the Mets organization is totally lost.


I’ ve said it time and time again where o’ where are the reporters who chase a story and give us, the fans what we want to know. The story so far this season is not the fans expressing their displeasure with not just Wright but with everyone not named Johan Santana. Why is it the fans know that this is just not in response to a lousy month of baseball but an under achieving two years and a month of baseball.


For some reason the press in this town is as soft as the Mets players they cover. Where is the baseball writer  with the balls of Larry Brooks of the NY Post who stood toe to toe with Rangers coach John Tortorella to get him to explain his melt down in DC in Game 5? Instead of Rubin chastising the Mets fans for booing how about chastising Omar Minaya and Jeffey Skill Sets for not have the cajones to sign both Manny Ramirez and Orlando Hudson. The Mets franchise is worth close to a billion dollars yet its run like a Job-Lot. Yeah yeah I know the Skill Sets are not cheap they have the second highest payroll in baseball yada, yada, yada but its misspent money. If there ever was a sure thing in baseball it’s Manny hitting and being a lighting rod and not giving a fuck about what people say about him. Ahhhhh what the fuck I’ve beat this issued to death, let’s just do like Rubin wants, give all the little Metsies a pat on the head and have Jerry Manuel give out orange slices to the boys in the 5th inning and have Jay Horowitz stand on the top step of the dugout yelling “YOU”RE ALL WINNERS”!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!



As much as I  hate the way J- Man has been managing this team lately especially the Santos for Shrek embarrassment yesterday, I have to give him credit on one count, he is setting up a showdown between him and Omar over personnel on this team. It’s about time someone challenged management around here. Manuel was no fan of Gimp Castillo’s but Omar couldn’t move Castillo any place so Manuel was stuck with him. But now that Santos has been better than both Shrek and Brain Schnieder, Manuel is flexing his muscle a bit and looks to be forcing Minaya to either deal Shrek or release him. This will be fun to watch.


So neither Carlos Delgado or Gimp were available to pinch hit yesterday so the Mets played with a depleated bench (which made the Santos pinch hitting adventure even more curious) and of course both players will be day to day for the next week until they go on the DL, oh and you know both will play a game so it will negate the retro active date.


If you want to here a grown man scream and yell then tune in to Pro Baseball Central tonight at 9PM EDST on Blog Talk Radio. Our guest tonight will be Bill Bear of the Phillies site Crash Burn Alley and we will preview the Mets-Phillies series this weekend. If you can’t listen live then check out the podcast by clicking on the link on the upper right of this page.



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  1. Hey Steve,

    I just read Rubin’s blog, prepared to hate him completely, but I actually think he is about as strong as Adam Rubin actually gets. He’s not, well, you. :) I appreciated that he covered most of the major complaints.

    Seriously, Adam Rubin saying he’s ‘befuddled’ is strong language for him :)

  2. How much more do we have to see before the Skill Sets realize this is an organizational issue, not something that can be fixed with a tweak? Please, pause for one minute and think about it. OK, now, we have seem the same thing, written about the same thing, and bitched and moaned about the same thing for two years. We change managers, nothing changes. Where else in sports can you turn the clock back and see exactly the same issues over and over again?

    Nothing will change until Minaya is gone. Steve makes a good point about how they played with 23 guys yesterday, and probably will do the same in Philly. Then, someone goes on the DL…same old shit.

    Now, pause again. OK, think about it. Who puts the people in the uniform? Who manages the roster? OK, why do we think changing the manager will change anything? It is the GM who controls the things that are wrong. Why does this man have a 4-year contract? A new 4-year-contract to boot.

    Expect no change until he’s gone.

  3. kranepool says:


    As much as I despise the Late Dick Young Mets fans need a Dick Young type right now to hold managemnets feet to the fire

  4. Take Omar and JEFFY and hang by ankles from a $iti Field Light Tower:


  5. No sack.

  6. HojoHiFive says:

    CharlieH nailed it, no sack. Until someone out on the field plays with the emotion and piss that Wally Backman displayed, well then, hey, wait a minute…..

  7. Steve, I don’t agree with you. I agree with Rubin. I think Wright is not only playing with emotion and piss, he’s playing with so much of both that he can’t see the ball anymore. How would the booing help a player like this? I wish everybody would calm down. Sure they’re playing awful, sure the last two seasons have been nightmares. But if the last two seasons tell us anything is that you can’t tell anything about a Mets seasons from the first 21 games, and no matter what David Wright looks like at any particular moment, he’s going to have a season as good as his last one. And I don’t care what the radio guys say about “Don’t tell me about his stats.” Anybody with those stats can play on my team anytime. Just think of how bad the Mets would have been without them.
    P.S. Nobody should introduce the name Dick Young without an expletive participle before it.

  8. Hey, this might cheer someone up. No Met game so I listened to Florida at Chicago. Good game, 2-2 heading to the 10th. In comes Heilman and 6 runs later the Fish have another win.

    At least he’s killing some other team’s fans this year.

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