Looks like I didn’t miss much this weekend as it pertains to the Mets. I didn’t find out until Saturday morning that Big Pelf and Murph had big games to help the Mets beat the Phillies and with the help of another Scoutmasters Black Berry (one of the things about camping on a military installation is you get cell service in the woods) we followed the Mets, Ollie P collapse while cooking dinner that almost spoiled my appetite (but not quite as I hiked about 4 miles around Lake Fredrick so I was starving) but one thing we learned this weekend is if you want to know the state of the Mets, just ask a Mets fan.


What Mets fans have been crying in despair about since the called third strike that Carlos Beltan took in the 9th inning of  Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS has finally been realized by the teams architect Omar Minaya that his team is not exactly a group of manly men. Minaya has finally realized that his team is a bunch of Fluffer-Nuters” :


    “We have good guys, solid professionals,” Minaya says. “There is a smile on David Wright’s face, a smile on Jose Reyes’s face. But there is not an edge to them.


“Some people see edge as leadership. Sometimes, you need a little meanness to your game. Some people perceive leadership as meanness.


“I couldn’t tell you that we have that type of guy. We have leaders. But everyone’s perception of leadership is different.”


Minaya says that Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado possess a makeup similar to those of Wright and Reyes. He adds that two new Mets, outfielder Gary Sheffield and infielder Alex Cora, provide more of an edge.


The problem here is both Sheffield and Cora are bench players so their edge is kept on the pine most days. This the same problem the 90’s Mets had when their guy with the edge was John Franco you have to have an everyday guy that has the ball sack to get in guys faces and tell the oppositions to kiss his ass. David Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado are very proper gentlemen in fact the one ornery guy in that bunch (Reyes) gets reprimanded when he tries to fire up his team and is told “Tisk, tisk young man that dancing and prancing will not be tolerated here”


So there may be only one solution here and that means one or two of this core would have to go. Don’t look at it as Mike Francesa being right but more the Bill Simmons ‘Ewing Theory” coming true once again. If I had to make the call I’d be shopping Beltran and Delgado today. Nothing against them especially Beltran as I feel he is an outstanding player but by dealing him you would get back multiple players that just might ignite this team and get it back on track. Think the Red Sox, Giants or even the Highlanders would be buyers in a Beltran market ? Hell yeah! So go ahead and call me all the assholes you want to to think about trading Beltran and Delgado but someone has to go and both guys make the most sense to deal or hope the Mets sit pat and finish out of the money once again. It’s time for Omar to react and shake this team up and get this fan base talking about what’s on the field on at $iti Field instead what to eat at the food court.    



So after shiting the bed on Saturday in Philly, Ollie P said he was embarrassed by his performance and would go to the bushes if the Mets felt that was the best way to get his mojo back, Well I guess Scott Bora$ got wind of the comment and told OP you will do no such thing. So OP, with the silicon chip inside his head, says now he won’t go to Buffalo, Bingo or any other low level league to get himself right. So my feelings went from “Way to go, Olllie get your mechanics straight atta boy” to “You over paid douche bag, give back the money you thief” Great job doing what’s best for your client Scott.


Part of the Bora$ missive to OP was to make Perez wrap his knee in an ice pack and tell everyone that his knee has been bothering all year. That makes OP nothing but a fucking coward.


Mike Silva at NYBD calls out Omar and the Mets management as well in a great post at his site.


Dave Singer tells us to avert our eyes for a moment from the Ollie Perez / Sean Green pile up on the side of the road to look at the freak show that is Jose Reyes season so far.





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  1. Shaking up the core does not do it. How can the man who put this team together be absolved? Why trade the core, or a piece of the core? FIRE OMAR’S ASS NOW.FUBAR after FUBAR is this man’s legacy. How many times have we written about mismanagement of the DL? How many contracts to 40 year olds who break down and steal money from the organization? And, a 2-year deal to Julio Franco. If I’m Jeffey, I fire him 5 minutes after that one, and he would have been gone in January of 2006.

    And don’t give him credit for Santana, please. There was no competition. The Sox and Yankees never entered the conversation with Minn. And if you listen to some people, they’ll tell you that Johan left the room and deal was nearly off. He almost FUBAR’ed a situation where he was competing with himself.

    Folks, let’s cut the bullshit. As long as Omat runs the show, nothing will change. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. It’s time, Wilpons. It is time. Before you’re the only ones at the Shake Shack, get rid of your incompetent GM.

  2. Carlos Wilpon says:

    Hey Rich – thanks for saving me some typing. Every word is true.

    I will only add my usual – that even getting rid of minaya won’t solve this.

    Fred Dolanpon MUST SELL THE METS or this misery will persist.

    All Met fans can do is stop paying for this crap. Bernie Madoff gave Fred a big left hook and now perhaps the fans can finish him off by not attending games, not buying Mets hats, shirts, etc.

    Sorry Fred – by all accounts you’re a nice man but you have fucked up this franchise beyond repair. Hiring minaya was bad but the nail in the coffin was giving that con man / fraud an extension.

  3. doctaK says:

    Still wanna trade Beltran? The problem isn’t the core – it’s the players around the core. Been like that since 2007. Enough.

  4. Well, here’s my two cents.

    The past few games I’ve been expecting the Mets to win. (I was surprised they didn’t win the other day in Philadelphia.) Not sure what happened exactly, but I feel like the team’s going to win. I don’t think the problem is the core guys, but the starting 5. They’ve gotta be competitive.

    Last year (and the year before) the bullpen was so bad that the players knew that no lead was safe. That’s too much for any team to handle. Now the pen seems strong enough, but so far this year the starters have been way below par. However, I think the whole team was lifted by Maine’s effort after the 2nd inning last night. I’m beginning to think that Maine & Pelfrey are going to be all right. Hernandez is the team’s fifth starter, but he’s gotta be allowed to pitch 7 innings. He’s not great, but he can keep a team in the game. That’s all I think the offense needs.

    And to get Citifield out of their heads. If they can get used to playing in their new home – and accept that homers are going to be down – then they’ll be fine. Last night they won with the long ball, but when they’re at home they have to think doubles, rallies, running, etc.

    I think Delgado will be batting 5th or 6th again before long, but I’m happier after the past few days than I was a week ago.

    Need another starter, however.

  5. Six walks by Maine last night; six by Perez the other day. I was listening to the Cubs and Marlins over the weekend and Ron Santo was talking about how he thinks the umps are calling a smaller strike zone this year and that’s why we’ve seen so many walks in baseball. I had thought it was only the Mets, but Santo was talking as if it’s a league-wide phenomenon. Interesting, anyway.

  6. Off topic, but what the hell is evenue? I bought 5 tickets to see the Mets on Aug 5 (against St. Louis) yesterday and paid $30 extra to evenue. That didn’t happen last year. Any of you guys know what that’s about. I tell you I was tempted to skip the Mets this summer I was so annoyed, but my wife convinced me it was only once a year (I hate when she’s sensible.)

    I recently bought tickets for an English Premier League game and the experience couldn’t be more different: discount for children (75% discount too!, and only a £2 charge for buying online). The Mets charged my $30 for evenue (that was $6 per ticket), $5 for my order and then wanted another $2.50 to print at home (free to get them mailed to my parents’ house). Uggh.

  7. Didn’t Mike Francesca say the Mets should break up the core last year and all the Mets fans flipped out?

    Trading Beltran is horrible though. Gold Glove CF who goes 30/25 every year? No way, trade Wright.

  8. are you high buddy

  9. nrmax88 says:

    you should thank MLBTR for linking to this absolutely horrible article, and exposing to the world what a horrible idea this is.

    Beltran is the best player the Mets have by far. He completely irreplaceable. He is going nowhere. Anybody who suggests trading Beltran has no business talking about baseball with anybody. Everybody talks about how NY players are overrated, yet somehow the Mets best player, probably the best player in NY besides Alex Rodriguez (Tex has nothing on Beltran), is one of the most underrated players in the whole league. People seem to undervalue him because they care too much about batting average. Beltran is good for a .270/.360/.500 on any given year, and capable of an upper 900’s OPS in a good year, all this while playing the best CF in baseball, and running the bases as well as anybody in the game.

    nrmax88 thinks it might be time to break up the retards by shutting down the Ed Kranepool society. Man, I could understand if it were a Philly blog suggesting this blasphemy, but a Mets blog? Good god.

    Again, anybody who suggests trading Beltran is unfathomably clueless. If you absolutely must break up the core, you trade Wright. He is a young superstar, but you ca come closer to replacing him at 3B then you could ever come to replacing Reyes or Beltran, because of the offense, defense, and baserunning they give you. You can replace Wright with Murphy at 3B, add a slugger for LF next year, not to mention grab a boatload of guys for Wright, and when all is said and done, you don’t lose a ton of production. If you move Reyes or Beltran, give me one way you could come anywhere close to replacing them at those scarce positions. I will save you the time. You can’t do it. Trading Beltran is honestly the stupidest thing the Mets could ever do right now. And because I know it is coming, for those who think Beltran is overpaid, read this article.


    It goes on too value Carlos Beltran, coming to the conclusion that he is worth 84 million over the rest of his deal, and if he were signing a one year deal today, a 31 million dollar contract would be appropriate. That was written in the offseason, before Beltran started what is looking like will be his best season as a professional. He is now using all fields, and driving the ball to all fields, something he never did before, which I am predicting will lead to his first season of batting 300. I know I tend to rant about players I like, but Beltran is just something special. He is the best position baseball player the Mets have ever had, and he is going nowhere.

  10. nrmax88 says:

    Yeah, all Omar did was take this team from an enormous laughing stock to within one game of a world series two years later, and he built a team that had its largest lead of the year, two consecutive seasons, with 14 games left on the schedule. You build a team for a long season, you can’t predict a meltdown with less then 10 percent of the season left, let alone predict it two years in a row. If the team he built was good enough to be in first with 14 games left two consecutive years, let alone have its largest divisional lead of the season with 14 games left two consecutive years, then he is doing something right, it is hardly his fault that the players played well for 150 games and then collapsed for the rest of them.

  11. You want to trade Beltran? Name a better center fielder. The Yankees had a chance to get Beltran and passed. Instead they got Damon. Till this day they are still looking for a center fielder. Ask Brian Cashman if he could do that over.

    Omar had put a championship caliber team together and its up to the players. last yr we was died until Willie got fired. they team played there hearts out and made it a competitive season. Wagner got hurt and the team failed. If Wagner doesn’t get hurt, we walk into the playoffs. they yr before we was up 7 with 17 games left. What could Omar do with 17 games left? What could Omar do when Wagner got hurt? We have been competitive every yr Omar was hired. Signed the best Centerfielder in Beltran and TRADED for the best Pitcher in the game Santana. I remember when we didn’t play a meaningful game before Omar got here. Its up to the players to finish.

  12. rational mets fan says:

    delgado’s contract ends at the end of the year so he will be gone and beltran cannot be replaced because he is a gold glove center fielder who will give you power and some speed. He has been the best mets hitter so far

  13. rational mets fan says:

    Omar blew a chance in the offseason to stock up AAA with spare pitching both releif and starting and at the end of the season it is going to bite the Mets that livan hernandez and ollie Perez were relied on.

  14. They should trade Beltran whiles hes good because hes getting pretty old and we could get alot in return, As for Reyes i would not be mad at all if we traded his ass too cause yeah he can hit but his fielding is notrocious. Wright is obvisouly the only Offensive player i kepp and if i was Minaya i would start over and build my team around Wright. All in all, the Mets Suck and will never win a world series because the AL clubs are just to good to compete with.

  15. To Say Reyes sucks is crazy. You guys need reyes to start hitting and what not. Beltran is by far the best mets player they have. Im a Yankee Fan and I was mad they didn’t get him. But if this is true then there is still a chance :D But I doubt the Mets will trade Beltran if anything Delgado will be the one getting traded.

  16. Anyone who thinks you can trade Beltran for anything meaningful other then top prospects during the season, is deluded. You don’t trade key players for key players mid season because you want to add to your key players not substitute them. Beltran is also having a massive year and is the BEST CF in baseball. There is no reason to trade him when your team is competitive. Delgado would only be traded if the Mets were bombing at the deadline since he’s a FA anyway, otherwise your a buyer at the deadline.

    This team is winning, you don’t sell when your winning. If you could package Reyes for Halladay or maybe even Oswalt you consider it, but The Jays are certainly not selling at this point and the Astros would want prospects.

    Right now the Mets need to add supplementary pieces like a catcher or possibly a back end starter, otherwise they just need their players to produce.

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