Was last night THE GAME? Most seasons there is THE GAME, THE GAME you look back on when the season turned around, (or GULP went down the drain) THE GAME they do documentaries about, THE GAME that books are written about, Yeah THAT GAME.


For all the problems with empty seats, obstructive views and figuring out whether to eat at the Shake Shack, Mama’s or the Taqueria, last night was the first REAL Mets game of the $iti Field era. Yesterday on his bloviating radio show, Mike Francesa railed against the New Highlander Stadium that there was “no juice in the building” and the overpriced seats in the front row are unoccupado, well, Mets fans hold your heads high as the same can not be said about you at $iti Field last night.


Now I wasn’t there but on SNY it came through my TV like the crowd was totally into the game and why not, in the fine tradition of Seaver, and Gooden we now have the newest must see, can’t miss a start, starting pitcher in Johan Santana. If the Skill Sets are thinking of erecting a statue of the The Franchise outside $iti, they better save some bronze for The Franchise II, Santana.  


Why did J-Man take Santana out after 7 innings? I know his spot came up in the order with Sheffield on 1st and 2 outs but the Putz was not available and Santana had only threw 101 pitches, in the 7th he threw just 9 pitches (6 K’s) and the Mets took the lead and he was on extra rest, the adrenaline rush from the crowd would have put him over the top. God forbid he would be allowed to pitch a complete game and shut out our most hated rival. I don’t know about you but when I saw Feliciano come in to pitch the 8th  I started think about the puke bucket.


I think the reason Jason Werth Mackey Sasser-ed the ball in right that arrived there due to Pedro Feliz error in the 7th was he couldn’t tell if Delgado was running or standing still.


Enjoy your trip to purgatory Ollie.


Mike Vaccaro is my hero. It’s all about the FUNDIES. The most frustrating aspect of coaching is showing a player something and the player not able to execute it. I have kids with great arms that pitch for me but trying to explain the mechanic of pitching they just can’t grasp it. I’ve simplified it by just asking that they land on the ball of their front foot and bend they knee. When the do that they throw a low strike and look back at me in amazement. But on the next pitch, they go right back to the bad habit of landing on their heel and the ball flys right out of the strike zone. UGGH!


Nice to see Jon Niese get the start over Ken Takahashi. Niese’ record is nothing to get excited over (0-2  6.55 ERA in 5 starts) but it could be a factor of pitching for a very bad Buffalo Bisons team. One encouraging number for Niese is his 25/8 K/BB so maybe moving up with the big club will help him.


Not only does Denis POTVIN SUCK but he’s out of work as well. Hey Fishstick fans your boy is more associated with the Florida Panthers than he is if the soon to be KC Scouts LOL. 





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  1. George the Stork says:

    What a great win last night!! I too was yelling, “NOOOOOOOOO!!”, when Feliciano walked out to the mound. I was there last night, and it was LOUD. The Magic is Back, baby!!

    Interesting that Tatis gets the call in the big spot instead of Sheff.

    How great are Ranger fans? It’s been 30 years since the Ulf Nilssen hit, and the “Potvin Sucks” chant still emanates. Nightly abuse since 1979. Talk about a grudge!

  2. When Santana was taken out, you also had Tatis on 3rd. Given the strength of the Philly lineup, and that Santana would have been set to face the top of the order, I agree with Jerry’s move. If there were less then two out, then I’d think it would be better off the have Santana sacrifice Sheff to 2nd, to keep him in for the 8th.

    Either way, it was a win for the Mets, and Jerry’s decision worked out. It also must have been a huge confidence boost for Pedro, who made Howard look plain silly (again).

  3. Stork, especially since it was a clean hit, and it was just unfortunate that Nilssen just got his skate caught in the boards. KC Scouts aside, (yes, I am a “fishsticks” fan, which always amazes my rag$ fan father, but so be it) lets face it Santana sucks, how can he think he is good, he gave up two hits…I know it worked for the Warlord, but he made a mistake not running for Delgado.

  4. David in Manhattan says:

    Steve, you are such a trip…love that reference to Werth “Mackey Sassering” that throw…good stuff.

    Ravi is right, with two on and a one-run lead and 101 pitches thrown, I would have pulled Santana for the pinch-hitter too. Especially early season…we need to make sure Santana can throw all year and into October.

    Where is Jose Reyes’ stroke? You know he will get it back — he led the league in hits last year — but by now this slump is beyond protracted and pulling down the already slim offense.

    Phillies looked like chumps last night.

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