As much as the Mets tried to give the Pirates last night’s game they couldn’t as the Pirates are well, the Pirates.  Watching the Pirates and realizing their seventeen years of sucking at baseball, The Beatles Let It Be plays in my head with a few changes in the lyrics:

When i find myself in times of trouble

Mother Payson

 comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom,

  be grateful  you are not a Pirates fan

Jon Niese stepped up big last night putting forth an effort that could force the Mets to keep reusing Ollie Perez MRI showing his tendonitis over and over again (would anyone object to seeing OP on the 60 day DL? I didn’t think so) Niese had great velocity and command of his fastball and his curve his is out and out nasty.  In fact he went with his fastball early in the game then mixed his break ball and off speed pitches in a nice blend later in the game as his 95 pitches were spilt in an outstanding 67/28 K/B. The other impressive part of Niese game last night besides zero walks was his mound demeanor which was calm, cool and collected. I know this start was against the Pirates not exactly a NL powerhouse but it was still had to be a big confidence boost to Niese.


Forget Gary Sheffield, Ryan Church better not turn his back to the north of the state as the F-Mart buzz is getting louder.

Still no sign of Brain Stokes. I’m starting to wonder is there really a Brian Stokes or is he a figment of my imagination?

Com’on  Koos you got to pay the IRS man, Hopefully Koosman won’t be in jail when the 69 celebration takes place.

I want to like Ed Coleman I really do. I’ve met him and he is a great guy but he gives you NOTHING during his Mets reports on WFAN. This morning he was on with Richard Neer and Neer asked about rumors that JJ Putz has had some arm trouble and all Coleman could say was “I don’t know about that” How can you be around the team everyday and not know if Putz and the Mets are hiding something here. Com’on Ed put a little effort in the job will ya.

J-Man is hit with a one game suspension for bumping inept umpire Bill Welke. If Manuel gets a game off, Welke should get at least a 5 game seat for that embarassing wrong call of interference. Sandy Alomar Sr. runs the Mets today 



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  1. Completely agree on Coleman. It is like he is coasting on some of his best attributes like quality voice and class but seriously he is more of a desk studio guy than a reporter. The guy on 1050 ESPN Radio is much better to get information from the team.

  2. David in Manhattan says:

    The subtext of that bit about how much better to root for the Mets than the Bucs is the obvious reminder that our team has been a top contender for four years, and here we go again. Yet, the Bucs have had glory years in the past, and the Mets were horrible just a few years ago. That is, until Omar Minaya became the GM, and Wright, Reyes, and Beltran became our core every-day players.

    So why do so many fans kill these guys, our guys, from Omar on down? It is unbecoming, and makes people like me upset. Booing D. Wright last week, the repeated calls for Omar’s resignation, complaints about Reyes, who led the league in hits last year…I mean really, some people need to pause a moment and appreciate what we’ve got here.

  3. David, if I live to be 100, I will NEVER spend one minute be thankful that Omar is my GM. If he did not have $140M to work with, he’d be more exposed for his incompetence. He is a disgrace of a GM. As for Coleman, Steve come on, the guy has been awful from day one. Words that will never be in the same sentence (other than in this example) “I just heard an insight from Ed Coleman”. And, how many times in a report does he say “listen”? Drives me crazy.

  4. David in Manhattan says:

    On the big budget, Rich, I give Omar a bunch of credit for convincing the Wilpons to become spenders. They were so much more cautious with the previous GMs, but Omar basically told them, I will build you a winner but you have to do your part…and he brought in Beltran, re-signed Wright and Reyes to long term contracts, got us Pedro and the rest. You really have to give him credit for this. We have been playing meaningful games till the last day of the season ever since. And we WILL get to the Promised Land.

    The Santana deal was brilliantly done, not just for the final result (Orange and Blue), but tactically too. All the attention was on the Yanks and Sox, but where is Johann pitching tonight? Citi Field. Like Steve says, he is fast becoming The Franchise, Part II. Don’t you think the Yanks would love to re-write that script? Omar outmaneuvered them.

    Omar has made some blunders, but even there, you have to pause. He was so maligned last year for the Castillo signing, but look at Luis now? Delgado was getting jeered a year ago, but then emerged as a force.

    I say, cut our GM some slack, recognize the victories he has brought us, value that we are contenders, and have some fun with it. Hey, this year, as Chris Berman might say, we could…go…all…the…way!

  5. Santana deal was brilliant? He had no competition. The Yanks and Sox declined to participate. Omar still almost blew it. Santana left the meeting in a huff, from all reports.

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