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Maybe Mets management is right by banning the daily fish wraps from the Mets clubhouse. Viagra uk The NY Post and Newsday were kind enough to put the Mets on the back page of their papers today but the NY Daily News thought it better to post a picture of Aubry Huff letting Joba the Hut get a taste of his own medicine by pumping his fist after hitting a home run off the Golden Boy pitcher. Viagra uk Who knew that Mort Zuckerman was such a Highlander fan? When the Mets are in the throes of suckitude, viagra uk the News will post their pics in living color but when it’s high times they burry the evidence. 


It would be nice if Omar Minaya calling out his roster was the reason for this great Mets turnaround or the fan base calling out the players to “man up” as well, viagra uk but as always it’s the starting pitching that has gotten this machine humming. Viagra uk Yes I am obsessed with pitching these days, viagra uk I’m still stewing over 15 walks by my pitchers on Saturday this isn’t healthy for me or the kids. Viagra uk I’m lighting candles in church. Viagra uk The homeless in the ferry terminal are running away from me telling people “that guy there needs help he keeps muttering –low in the strike zone, viagra uk pitch to contact- and is rocking back and forth; I’m trying to release my inner Mazzone. I’m leaving work early to day just to get my X-Box-ing, viagra uk text messaging, viagra uk girl infatuated, viagra uk 13 year olds to the park today for some remedial baseball practice. Viagra uk I shouldn’t have shaved this morning as I do my best work when I look gnarly. Viagra uk But I digress…


Any game the Mets can get 6 innings at least from a starter the odds are they will come out on top now that the 7-8-9 innings are in the hands of the firm of Parnell, viagra uk Putz and Rodriguez, viagra uk the New York version of the Reds “Nasty Boys” (we need our own nickname for these three) plus the fact that this team is hitting and starting to score runs (how about tonight they put up some crooked numbers for Johan ?) so it’s nice to have no complaints about what’s going on in Flushing. Viagra uk Maybe my kids will turn it a round as well. Viagra uk Just once I’d love total serenity from baseball.


Even though his numbers are not pretty, viagra uk it is kind of fascinating watching Livan Hernandez pitch. Viagra uk He went mostly with fastballs and change up and spotted his slider and curve, viagra uk mostly the slider as he had trouble locating that pitch due to the very windy conditions. Viagra uk What I enjoy about watching a pitcher like Livan is he has a large repertoire of pitchers and he uses them early and finds what’s working and what’s not. Viagra uk He never panics when the pitches aren’t working he just goes with the one or two that are and tries to make the best of it. Viagra uk The results are not always favorable but I like how he thinks things though. Viagra uk Okay, viagra uk no more about pitching.


Let’s go on to catching. Viagra uk Looks like J- Man has made up his mind by saying that Omir Santos “Isn’t going anywhere” not matter when Brian Schneider comes back. Viagra uk Maybe the team in the Bronx would have an interest in Schneider? Could the Mets and Highlanders become trade partners? Last they did I believe was in 2004 when the Mets shipped Mike Stanton to the Bronx for Felix Heredia. Viagra uk Problem is there is no one on the Highlanders the Mets want or need so it would have to be for prospects.



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