Only the New York Mets could finish an 8 game home stand with 6 wins and have the fan base up in arms. Bad base running , lack of late inning hitting, and pitching failures have made our puss’s sour. Now we have a 10 game roadie that makes stop in San Francisco and a meeting with the  Great Lincicum, Brooklyn West (LA) and Boston, home of a team that I root for proudly and has the heart and soul of the many championships and champion players that have worn the shamrock, the Celtics (maybe someday D-Wright and Jose Reyes can grow up to be like Rajon Rondo and Big Baby Davis) that could be the difference between a great summer and a shitty summer on 126th and Roosevelt Ave.


Oh where oh where to start on my bitch and moan session on this team. First I’m ready to give Jose Reyes the nickname of Scarecrow (if he only had a brain) because he knows his base running is fucked up and he knows that he needs to use his head better but he still makes the most mind boggling blunders. At some point we have to drop the “he’s young and still learning” bullshit and admit that he is baseball retarded.


Same with Wright maybe it’s enough with the face of the franchise stuff and put a foot in his ass as well. I’m sorry for attacking the children like this but as I mention above I’m a fan of the Boston Celtics and watching two kids like Rajon Rondo and Big Baby step up like men when their team has been hit by injury after injury and they have stepped up and taken charge in this playoff series against the Magic. Of course it helps that Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are their to lead (Carlos Beltran is our Ray Allen) but Rondo and Big Baby (is there a better nickname in sports than a 6’7” 280 lbs man who is called Baby by teammates and fans?) have not once blinked when the game was on the line. Rondo has turned into Bob Cousy and Baby has not only hit big shots but he has played a physical game that has pussified the Magic. I want Reyes to be our Rondo and Wright to be our Paul Pierce unfortunately we don’t have a Big Baby (maybe Frankie Rodriguez) 


In the time honored tradition of being clueless about how to treat their injured players the Mets put Carlos Delgado and his bad hip on a cross country flight to then decided if he should go on the DL  Yeah I love this team!!!!!!!!!


Hey J J Putz why not draw a big “L” on your forehead as well. Putz claims he can’t get his adrenalin up when he comes into to pitch as a set up guy and not a save situation. The guy saved 15 games last year for a team that lost over 100 games. Really tough pressure situation there JJ how much adrenalin was oozing out you then?  Just shut up and pitch



Pro Baseball Central will be on tomorrow night  Friday May 15th at 9PM EDST as Joe McDonald and I will preview Mets-Giants and talk about the big 10 games road trip and other news and notes from around MLB


Sunday night at 7PM I will be join the guys at Seven Train to Shea as their guest.


I’ve been fired up like this since Dave Singer sent me this clip of Wally Backman addressing his team. I’m thinking of using this on Saturday before our Babe Ruth League game. Our game Saturday is at 8:30 AM and my son has warned all of his teammates not to even mention the early start to me as he did and got the whole “I walked though 10 miles of broken glass with snipers on the roof through the streets of Brooklyn in the dark to play ball you little candy ass” rant.





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  1. In the time honored tradition of being clueless about how to treat their injured players the Mets put Carlos Delgado and his bad hip on a cross country flight to then decided if he should go on the DL Yeah I love this team!!!!!!!!!

    Omar the great has behind every one of the DL fuck ups. We’ve been playing with 24 guys for the last 3, and no one calls out the great Omar. Then again, we reward incompetence around here with extended contracts. This is his pattern, give the other team an advantage by playing with a short roster. I wish I could fuck up like that and get raises and extended terms of employments.

    If anyone thinks that Omar could have gotten Santana if he had any competition (remember, the Sox and Yanks said “no thanks”), please comment here. And please explain how the Great Incompetent could have done it.

  2. Complaining about having to be at school at 8:30 is one thing but getting up early to play ball? Count me in now. I loved early Saturday baseball when I was a kid (so long as the ground wasn’t frozen – it was north of Albany, after all).

  3. So now, Delgado has missed 5 days, and a decision will come by Sunday. That will be 7 days. They could have DL’ed him when the hip first acted up, and had a 25th player. He’ll end up there anyway, we all know that.


  4. Steve_B says:

    who roots for both the mets and…the celtics?
    it’s like being a fan of the yankees and the patriots lol.

    boston homerism makes me want to wretch. i hope the celts get sent home early,just like the bruins were…

  5. David in Manhattan says:

    Rich, the Mets got Beltran when the Yankees decided to spend the big money on Randy Johnson…a dumb move that played into the Mets’ hands nicely. So that is a big part of how Omar brought us the top free agent that year, and you would say, hey, it was too easy, there was no competition. I say, Omar got it done.

    Same thing with Johann. The Sox were already loaded with pitchers and had spent a fortune on Dice K, the Yanks were way over the luxury tax threshold and had some kids they thought could get the job done for them, and other teams were assessing but not making big offers…and Omar played his hand smoothly and brought us the Pitcher of the Decade. A year later, after Billy Wagner let us down royally, Omar briskly brought in the Closer of the Decade. Each of these pitchers has been brilliant. So you say, he got lucky, it was easy, any incompetent could have done it…and I say, he got it done, everyone wanted Johann but we have him, we are and will be contenders, and Omar has played a huge role in making it happen.

    You may be spot-on on this, and I’m sure someone else could do a better job than Omar Minaya; certainly there are decisions he made that he and we later regretted, but why sweat it so much? We have a solid, imperfect, but high-potential team, guys that are fun to root for, and we are going places. Have some fun with this.

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