Great win to start the road trip last night. John Maine steeled in nicely after a shaky first innings and he and Big Pelf have impresses be with their maturation on the mound this season by bouncing back after rough innings and pitching deeper into games.


I guess sore calf is a euphemism for benched for bone headed base running.


Mets Geek has a great piece on J-Man’s use (over use? miss use?) of the bullpen so far this season. One of the commentators made a good point that the Mets play so many close games that it dictates more bullpen moves than usual.


I stopped trying to figure out what management is thinking about with Carlos Delgado’ hip. It has cone from stiff, to sore, to a rip in a ligament , to arthritis, to total hip replacement okay we’re not at hip replacement yet but you know if he did need a new hip the Mets would still list him as day to day. Same with JJ Putz. The rumors were true that his was hurting for certain and now we find he has a bone spur on his elbow. No surgery is needed say the Mets which means the elbow was be hanging by a string. Not good not good at all. How can you start a 10 games road trip with just 23 players? Call up Baltimore or DC and see what the price is for Aubry Huff or Nick Johnson oh wait that would be a ballsy move by the GM gee I forget what team I root for a second.


This would be my lineup for tonight


Reyes SS

Castillo 2B

Beltran CF

Sheffield LF

Wright 3B

Murphy 1B

Santos C

Church RF

Hernandez P


Only reason I bat Church 8 is the lefty/righty scenario. Time to let Murphy play so 1st if he can handel it and start to hit leave him there as I am getting ready for the word that Delgado is done for the season. Of course I’m a pessimist there is no such thing as an optimistic Mets fan. If you think your one then you’re to damn young to understand it.




Don’t forget tonight PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL tonight at 9PM EDST and on the pod cast afterwards as Joe McDonald and I preview tonight Mets-Giants game and look at Tim Lincicum-Livan Hernandez tale of the tape. Plus I get to vent on all things Mets for this week Listen live here or on the podcast later here.


Also this Sunday night at 7PM EDST I will be a guest on Seven Train to Shea radio show so tune in and turn on!!!!!!


Get ready for an ass whipping on Sunday Orlando you will need more than “Magic” to beat the C’s in Boston in a Game 7.




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  1. How can you expect the Mets to put Delgado on the DL so fast? And what? Allow the manager to have a full bench? Not to mention can they just put Murphy at 1st already? Even in a slump (did people expect him to never slump?) he still is one of the few players on this team that goes up to the plate and looks like he has a clue. #5 used to, but since he became homer happy, those days have disappeared.

    On a side note, according to a different blog, the Mets have sent out a survey on their uniforms, were you, Steve, one of the folks that got one? If you were, I hope you told them to send the Dodger unis & the “hip” black ones to the same place the NFL sent the 19-0 Super Bowl Champion Patriots t-shirts. Real home Mets’ unis have blue pinstripes.

  2. Jeez, Paul, aren’t you about two weeks out of date? The team is hitting now, no? The defense is a bit spotty, but otherwise there doesn’t seem much to complain about.

    I’ve been happy with the team since they came back (and lost) to Philadelphia. The team – suddenly – looks like they believe they should win, regardless of what inning it is. Better bullpen the cause? maybe? I don’t know, but even on a day when Santana doesn’t have his best stuff they got the win.

  3. David in Manhattan says:

    “Only the New York Mets could finish an 8 game home stand with 6 wins and have the fan base up in arms.”

    You got that right, Steve. Our team is in first place, it is playing well despite adversity…not just from opposing pitchers and the injuries, but from its own home fans, booing and lamenting.

    David Wright (now hitting a torrid .350), has been taking abuse all along, even when he was hitting .300 and .320…reporters in the press still cannot refer to this current locked-in production without dwelling on how “unproductive” and “calamitous” he has been “all season” up to now. He happens to be one of the best hitting third basemen in baseball history relative to the stage of his career, has two gold gloves already, steals bases and scores runs, is a stand-up guy, grew up as a Met fan and wants to play for our team his entire career. (OK, one bad thing, like Piazza too, he’s a Republican.) But he gets raked by his own fans. Anyone who thought on May 1 that D Wright was going to wind up the year hitting .268 and 220 Ks or whatever, just has not been paying attention to this guy’s already amazing career.

    And Reyes, similarly, is a Met gold mine, a hustling, productive, exciting player that goes out and hits three doubles in a key game, the third of them drives in the only two runs the Mets manage to score through the first 8, setting the stage for the Mets to snatch a huge win against Atlanta last week…but he is a “bonehead” for getting thrown out at third. He says it was a blunder, so do most people, ok, so do I. But if the throw had been off-line, he’d have put himself in a position to score on a sac fly or WP and maybe tie the game. Aggressive base running puts pressure on the other team, and it frequently pays off.

    So can everyone lighten up on Jose Reyes and the rest? As Eagle says, these guys are believing they can win, rallying late for improbable victories. The Mets are playing good ball and working hard, which is all we ask. And they are on a roll, winning games, which is icing on the cake.

  4. David in Manhattan says:

    In January, David Schoenfield at ESPN named 40 current players that he predicts will wind up in Cooperstown. Amazingly, six of them are on our 2009 roster(Beltran, K-Rod, Santana, D Wright, Sheffield, and Delgado); two more played for us recently (Pedro Martinez and Tom Glavine). Some of these guys probably won’t make it all the way to the HOF, but we do have a lot of studs — capable, top-shelf performers, baseball royalty — in Orange and Blue these days.

    For the full list:

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