Sorry for the late posting today especially after one of the most biziare loss the Mets had suffered in awhile.

Someday the main streamers in the press and talk radio will give fans the credit they are due for knowing their team better than they ever could. Why is everyone in the media so shocked that Jerry Manuel has no use for Ryan Church? We knew this since late February when J-Man made it known that Church would platoon with Fernando Tatis in RF. Back then Daniel Murphy was the fair haired boy but now he is closing in on Church status.

Just viewing the video of J-Man giving Church his ass to kiss after Church missed 3rd base. I have no doubt that Church missed that base in fact Church deserves to grab some pine after that but Manuel HAS TO go out and argue that call no matter what. Let’s face facts, Manuel is no Earl Weaver when it comes to moves and counter moves from the bench his strength is holding his clubhouse together but after last night there could be a crack in that clubhouse. Manuel not going out to argue was reminiscent of Willie Randolph not fighting for the home run taken away from Carlos Delgado in Highlander Stadium last year.

Carlos Beltran is 100 % right that Angel Pagan (the new Jerry Manuel flavor of the month) should have backed off when he called for that ball. The center fielder is the ruler of the outfield roost, but throwing Pagan under the bus in the press is not what a leader does. Flame his ass in private Carlos.

With D-Wright stepping up big time with his bat (after taking Omar’s “this team has no edge” remark personally) now with Delgado on the shelf for 2 months minimum Wright needs to grab that clubhouse but the balls and get his teams attention. After that embarrassing loss last night maybe a gathering of teammates only is in order before tonight s game.

Lost in the slop of last night was the stellar effort by Tim Redding and the bullpen’s strong outing as well.

Can we please just put Daniel Murphy at 1st base everyday and see what he can do? Go with Tatis in RF if you want and Sheffield in LF. I don’t know what the hell Murphy sis to J-Man but it’s time to forgive and forget if you’re J-Man. I swear Manuel is part Irish the way he holds a grudge.

When the manager is more upset about losing Alex Cora than Reyes then we know we’re in for a turbulent summer .

I have a 5PM game today and you know making sure you touch all the bases willbe brought up in my pre game talk

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  1. “I’m out there to defend my players and say what they want expressed. If all the hitters come back to the dugout and complain that the strike zone is too big, a manager has to holler, if all the players start hollering at the umpires because they feel something is wrong and because they want to win, the manager can’t tell his players to shut up.
    A manager has to stand up for his players.”
    …….Earl Weaver

    I know you guys probably don’t want to here this but J-Man and Omar have to go before this team goes anywhere.

  2. News flash, Jerry. Holding grudges is not productive. Get the fuck over it and use players in a way that helps win ballgames, not in a way to prove your point (whatever that is).

  3. Rich Puig-Boisclair says:

    Ryan Church did a dumb thing and he probably feels like hell. No need for manuel to refer to him as ‘the guy’ as in ‘the guy missed third base’ and no need to rub it in by saying he’d never seen it before.

    Ryan Church NEVER threw the fucking idiot Mets (obama minaya in particular) under the bus when they messed with his health last year during concussiongate. He had the class to keep his mouth shut.

    Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite ‘gangsta’ (god, I want to punch manuel when I think of that ‘gangsta’ shit) makes excuses for that fucking dog and idiot Jose Reyes (he wouuldn’t have had a triple even if he hustled. Oh, ok – I get it – it’s ok to dog it when it turns out it didn’t matter) and everyone rolls out the carpet for “sheff”, baseball’s charles barkely: an angry, mouthy, idiot who throws r-bombs around like they mean nothing. Really – calling Joe Torre a racist? What the FUCK are we doing with this creep on our team.

    So – let’s recap: Ryan Church – has the dignity to not criticize the Mets for thier abhorrent (sp?) behavior after his concussions(s). He makes a mistake, albeit a bad one, and gangsta takes a page from the dallas green playbook and publicly humiliates one of his players.

    Meanwhile, Jose Reyes, the poor man’s Rickey Henderson, gets a free pass for his countless blunders and big bad sheff and his countless dribblers, foul homeruns, and intimidating but empty bat waggles gets welcome here with open arms.

    FUCK the Mets.

    I wouldn’t blame Ryan Church for going Lenny Randle / Frank Luchesi on that douce manuel but he has too much clas for that.

  4. Between the total lack of funamentals, the brutal way this teams handles injuries, the way this team has its head so far stuck up its a@@, how do they ever win any games? The GM has gotten off light here, and should not. The brutal contracts to castro, Castillo & Perez, and no legitimate defensive shortstop to call up and fill in? Horrible. Mr. Minaya, some us are watching YOU…

  5. Sorry, some of us are watching….

  6. Sorry about the multiple postings, but by the way, after church, I think Big Pelph is next on the hit list. Balks and all, what happened? He gave up two runs and only threw 80 pitches when they pulled him out. Does not the offense get any of the blame for that???? bases loaded twice and they nothing? Yet they have to watch Pelphrey really closely in his next start…give me a break.

  7. Paul,

    Thanks for the Omar comments. I was getting tired of being the only one who thinks this way. I appreciate the support.

  8. David in Manhattan says:

    Why suggest that Big Pelf is on the manager’s “hit list”? Jerry has consistently designated him as his Number Two starter even when he was pitching poorly at the outset, and as far as I know, Pelfrey has only solidified that position during the past month.

    A lot stuff comes down to trust. As a fan, can you trust your manager to manage the team, manage the game, even after we lose three in a row? If Jerry sits a player, or pinch hits for him, bats him 8th or whatever, that is his decision and he shouldn’t be totally second-guessed if it is not successful. Remembering that in baseball, an average of 2 of every 3 at-bats wind up in outs, and you lose around 4 of every 10 games no matter how good the manager’s strategy or hunches may be. Sometimes we win six or seven straight, when the hits are dropping in, then lose three or four in a row when they all get caught, or our guys are dropping the ball. We have seen this illustrated out on the west coast this week. Life goes on, the pendulum swings back. Look at the Marlins now, how fortunes changed after the flashy 11-1 start!

    A big part of the manager’s job is to motivate, teach, and challenge the players. And to win as many games a possible. He wants to win this thing as much as anyone… at least as much as anonymous late-night bloggers and callers on the FAN. Have some confidence that he is trying to do what it takes to win. He is privy to information in the dugout that we are unaware of — about unannounced injuries, who is saying what, practicing more, mentally prepared, etc.

    My opinion, Jerry Manuel is already one of the top five Mets managers ever (go ahead, name five better ones), and I’ve got a feeling that with these core players, he will eventually wind up as our all-time number two, behind only Gil Hodges. There is a lot of baseball to be played before that all comes around, including October baseball and November ticker-tape, countless thrills to come, but I say they all that is more likely to occur if we back our manager and GM, instead of cutting them down.

  9. @Paul – No problem, Rich.

  10. Rich Puig-Boisclair says:

    “…..but I say they all that is more likely to occur if we back our manager and GM, instead of cutting them down.”

    I have been a fan for 40+ years and have given every Met player and front office person the benefit of the doubt up front.

    minaya is a fraud. manuel is a weirdo, a freak, a media snake charmer, and not fit to manage a MLB team.

    I reached these conclusions based on their results. I’m not “cutting them down” for fun or out of spite. manuel was in my doghouse right away the way he laughed, joked, and charmed his way through his first press conference. Whether you were pro- or con-Willie Randolph didn’t matter — when you inherit a team (or division of a company, or delivery route, or any job) from someone who just got fired, decorum calms for some solemnity and measured words. Ol’ jerry just yucked it up on randolph’s grave.

    I won’t recount why I turned on minaya. Anyone who spends time on Mets blogs knows the team well enough that that isn’t necessary.

    I respect your opinion David in Manhattan but I also disagree with it. My impatience, bluntness, and anger with this team are derived from nearly 50 years of abject misery, humiliation, and failure the Mets have heaped on us with merciful bouts of competence (’69, ’86, ’99, ’00, ’06) and one back door run (’73) thrown in every 10 years or so to head fake us into thining we root for a competent, winning organization.

  11. Rich Puig-Boisclair says:

    Forgot ’88. 100 wins is nothing to szeeze at, even if the scosia bomb wiped them out.

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