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Overseas viagra J-Man was on the air with the Big Bloviator on WFAN and Manuel claims he has no dog house and that he and Ryan Church have no problems whatsoever in fact Church is the only player that gets J-Man as his private batting practice pitcher. Overseas viagra I believe that like I believe Drew Petersen’ wives are all at the mall shopping.

Overseas viagra Also in the interview J-Man said he is very tough on Carlos Beltran in fact he claimed he is tougher on Beltran than any other player. Overseas viagra Manuel took up the defense for Jose Reyes as the Bloviator called Reyes lazy. Overseas viagra This from a guy who has to count to three to get up out of a chair.

Overseas viagra Manuel went on to say that the team is now David Wrights team with Delgado on the shelve.

Overseas viagra and the news of the day was the Daniel Murphy as a LF’er is no more. Overseas viagra He will now play first base and get a chance to prove he should not be in Manuel’ non-existent Chateau de Bow Wow

Overseas viagra Hear the interview here at WFAN

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