I’m starting to realize that I am more of a fan of Jerry Manuel the person than I am of Jerry Manuel the manager. Most nights win or lose Manuel is usually a cool cat at his press conference as he never gets rattled by questions and he takes his time giving an answer to the tough inquiries. In that, Manuel reminds me of St Joseph of Torre in his handling of the media and that is a major challenge for any manager or head coach in this town.  But some of the tactical moves that Manuel has made on this road trip and in the recent weeks have be befuddled.

Take last night. When Jeremy Reed was obtained in the Putz deal this past winter we were told he was as good as Endy Chavez at bat and in the field. So if Reed is such a good outfielder why was he playing first base last night while the defensively challenged Daniel Murphy  was put in left field. I swear I was in a daze for the first inning trying to figure the logic here and sure enough the first batter for the Hollywood Bums, Juan Pierre hits a ball to left that Murphy botched. Just stunning.

Why not just leave Murphy at first base and tell him it’s all yours until Delgado gets back maybe it would relive a bit of pressure off this kid because this is not the same Daniel Murphy we fell in love with. The Murphy kid I saw last year and early this year does not get picked off first base like an inept little leaguer. How many times have we heard Keith Hernandez say that “someone taught Murphy the right way to play baseball”?

Same with second base. If Ramon Martinez is the best we have to play back up infielder then we’re in trouble. I know that Castillo has sucked at the plate lately so if you’re going to give him the night off the let the Latin Joe McEwing (Fernando Tatis) play second he can’t do any worse than Martinez.



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  1. Crap, I was thinking the exact same thing last night. I mean Murphy was an infielder, right? Martinez blows, and there is no one in this organization above Reese Havens to play a middle infield position? Omar gets off scott free again.

  2. I just think the Mets are just dysfunctional, top to bottom.

  3. Paul is now my favorite person (other than Mr. Kranepool himself, of course)on this blog. Great point, Paul. All of this shit goes on (guys playing out of position, not one, but half the team on the field, playing with 24 men and not putting a guy on the DL who needs MAJOR RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY, bad contract after bad contract…) and Omar gets off free. You hear “fire Jerry”, get rid of the core, blah, blah, blah, but it all starts at the top. We know you read the blogs, Skill Sets. Do yourselves a favor and FIRE OMAR NOW! Of course, they won’t do it, and the Mets will be in contention because Omar has a lot of money to spend, but things just are not right with this team. A change is needed at the top.

  4. I gotta go with Dyhrdmet on this one b/c a.) there is no way the Mets fire Omar NOW when they just reupped his contract last season and b.) no way they let go of Jerry after (again) giving him a contract. They handled that all wrong but who am I to question the dude who hand-picked Art Howe to run this team in 2003 – namely Wilpon. They need to sell the Mets, pronto.

  5. Zachary Flynn-Henderson says:

    “They need to sell the Mets, pronto.”


    Now, we just need about 3 million more paying Mets fans to feel this way and there will be hope.

    Again – as long as the Wilpons own this team, this stuff will persist. If fred hands it over to jeffy, who is only in his mid 40s, we’re looking at 30 more years of this.

    Really is possible that this team goes 50 years without winning the WS.

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