Last night was a tough one but I’m trying to keep a positive outlook (which is very very difficult) as Livan Hernandez was outstanding throwing strikes in a great bounce back start of his stinker in SF. Wright and Beltran are still carrying the team on their offensive shoulders and lo and behold Daniel Murphy was Gold Glove caliber at first base (just makes J-Man putting Jeremy Reed at first look more stupid) I didn’t see the bot of 8th as I passed out and when I woke up at 1AM saw the results and turned over for four hours of sleep but from looking at the Gameday charts it looks like JJ Putz was throwing hard as his fastball was low mid 90’s so that is encouraging but when your offense is lacking protection for your big boys your pitching walks a slender tight rope. Add in the fact that the Hollywood Bums are a good baseball team that has not lost a step from the loss of Manny and are tough to beat at home. That being said I don’t have a good feeling about going into Boston this weekend. It didn’t take much for my positive outlook to turn to shit.


One area that I will roast the front office is another in the many episode of not getting injured players looked at and put on the DL. Reyes should have been sent for tests while in SF or LA as I know those two major cities have competent doctors and MRI machines that work very well. From Church’s mishandling from concussion to Delgado being flown across the country with a hip that needed surgery to the newest fuck up with Jose Reyes now looking like a DL candidate makes the Mets look amateurish and is one of the reasons fans have no faith in Omar Minaya and his board of directors.


On that note with Reyes looking like he will be gone for awhile and Alex Cora gone for a couple of months as well, how about going after Jeff Keppinger or even Ramon Santiago of the Tigers? Or Nick Green on the Red Sox it’s time for Omar to get to work.


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  1. The move is to get DeRosa. The Tribe sucks and they’d love to shed his salary. He can fill in at short and when Reyes is ready, he becomes the super sub. And with FA at the end of the year, the price should be reasonable. That said, Incompetent Omar will call up Cancel and say now we have a third catcher, who can also play short in a pinch.

  2. In all this time, this organization did not get one competent shortstop in it in case Reyes ever got hurt…Cora was a FA, so I do not want to hear it. The best minor league shortstop the organization has was drafted last June. And I am pretty sure that the team saw Havens a second baseman by the time he got to the majors. When Reyes finally goes on the DL (should have been a week ago) will they bring up a seventh outfielder? Maybe another reliever to overuse?

  3. Just found your blog today – this is going to become a regular visit & bookmark for me! I could not agree with your sentiments regarding Reyes more. We should have had a back-up SS for him by now like the previous commenter already mentioned, this is a joke.

    We finally have some decent bullpen pitching but have injuries and men playing out of position plaguing the team! I know it is too early to panic, but as always the Mets have made it interesting to watch as a fan, to say the least.

  4. George the Stork says:

    I second Mark DeRosa. He can hit; he’s a vet who can bring some leadership; he plays a million positions; and he’s from New Jersey (always a plus). If we can’t get him, what about finding out which rock Damien Easley is hiding under? Cora’s injury is a big loss.

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