For the first time in the history of baseball in NYC fanatics of both the Mets and Highlanders will be rooting for each others team as The Used Car Salesman’ Carnival Show A/K/A Inter-League play is set to go this weekend. For the first time in my memory, Mets fans will be rooting for “A-Bombs from A-Rod” and some “Swish-o-licios” home runs, as the Highlanders take on the hated Cheese Steakers from Philly.


Highlander fans in turn will be rooting for the Amazin’s for the first time ever as Mets take on the Old Town Team and try to help the cross town rivals climb into first place. Don’t get to comfortable with this truce as it ends June 12th when Mets-Highlanders meet in the Carnival Series.


Oh yea, condolences to Derek Jeter for losing his standing as team leader. Seems the new kids on the block don’t go for that old time Highlander religion. Looks more like Alex Rodriguez is the man in charge now. When Mariano Rivera becomes the Supreme Court Justice of the Kangaroo Court you see he has aligned with the Wild Bunch as well. As for dick heads like Michael Kay look at your Highlander history books and see that for all your pride and tradition bullshit this edition of the Highlanders has a retro 70’s feel to it.


I neglected to mention this yesterday here and on Pro Baseball Central (check out last nights show as Joe and I debated the reasoning for sending Carlos Delgado cross country then DL’ ing him and how I feel the Skill Sets need to hire a customer service expert to better serve the fan base a/k/a paying customers) to check out the story in the NY Times about Bobby Valentine and how the management of the Lotte Marines have told him he will not be back next season as their manager. The Marines claim it’s a money issue but the fans feel it’s more of Valentine and management not seeing eye to eye on most matters. Mets Grrl has a link to the story plus a great link to a site that has a video of the Lotte fans with a tribute to Bobby V. I’ve never hid my feeling for Bobby V as I thought he is a gifted baseball man and my biggest fear is of him coming back to the states and managing in the Bronx.


I think we all need to take a deep breath and maybe a cold shower over Mark DeRosa. Sure he would be a fine addition to the Mets now that Alex Cora is done for a couple of months but there is no way in hell I’m giving up Jon Neise or any upper tier prospect for him. Folks, DeRosa is nice player but I’m not going to go into a panic to get him. Jose Reyes it seems it not seriously hurt and let’s give Daniel Murphy a chance to play 1st base and if Murphy is not the answer at first base then neither is DeRosa you have to get better than that.


I have no problem with the Mets bringing up Fernando Martinez but if you do he has to planted in LF and left there even if he hits .210 for three weeks. Don’t yo-yo this kid bring him up drop Jeremy Reed and play Sheffield in right spelling him with Church.


A must read today is Greg Prince’ post on naming the bridge in $iti Field centerfield the Willie Mays Bridge. I’m all for it.  While you’re there click on the link for his book and thank me later.



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  1. I would love Bobby V to come back and manage in Queens. The media always thought that he was smarter than them, and they got it right, he is. He is a great baseball guy. One of the worst moves they made firing him. I still think the glasses and mustache was funny. All he did is what a million managers have done ofver the years.

    As for the bridge, it makes sense Steve, the team’s “lineage” is the Dodgers & Giants, and they already have enough Dodger related stuff, like the ball park & uniforms. Might as well give the the Giants their due as well. They might as well name the bridge after Mays. No sense naming it after, say Gil Hodges or Tom Seaver or John Milner or Goerge Theodore. It does beg another question, though…If they name it after Mays and he visits the ball park and signs his name to his bridge with a sharpie are they going to try and paint over that too????

  2. I agree that Michael Kay is the most obnoxious dickhead this side of Fatcessa. Let’s do some math, ok? Reyes was hurt last Wednesday. He played once, on Tuesday, since then. So, if they DL’ed him last Thursday, he’d be ready to come off next Friday. But not the way Omar the Incompetent does it. The Mets played with 24 guys through Monday (ah, what the hell, we do that all the time!!), played Reyes Tuesday, so if he does go on the DL, he’s out until June 10. And, we get to play the best team in baseball with 24 players, before they do put him on the DL. So we can watch Ramon Martinez play short.

    The problem isn’t this situation, it is that this is commonplace in an Omar-run team. I think the Wilpons want to win, and I think their hearts are in the right place. But guys, come on, don’t you see this repetitive behavior, and a laundry list of bad contracts? How does Omar keep his job? Please, Wilpons, give us a real GM so can maybe win a championship…

  3. kranepool says:

    I argued this point last night with Joe McDonald that flying Delgado was stupid and not putting Reyes on the DL wa stupid. Rich I’m with you 100 % if the guy needed just rest to get his knee in good shape then give him the time off because now the odds are good that this will become a chronic problem the rest of the season. Take three days off, then play a game, knee hurts, now go on DL. UGH!

  4. kranepool says:

    Paul I’m just surprised the Mets haven’t put advertising on the bridge since it may be the one place in the park not festooned in advertising.

  5. I read an article in the Times that had the line, “Advertising at Citi Field is about as subtle as a Nascar race”. You know, if you really look around, it does look like Nascar!

    Why is it ok for the Mets to play with 24 guys all the time? I mean, this shit goes on all year, every year. Is it a lack of depth in the organization? Is it mis-management (I vote for this one), but help me, folks, what the hell is it in your opinions? I have the MLB package and I can count on one hand the number of times you hear “X is unavilable tonight and may be for the series”. Now, all teams have injuries, but it is laughable how the Mets play so many games with a short roster. I’d say 33% of the 162 some player is “unavailable due to injury”. WHat does that even mean? If it is more than a couple of days, address it! The Mets will play this way for a week to 10 days! Drives me crazy.

  6. Howie has been campaigning for the bridge to be called Hodges Bridge, although that should have been the stadium’s name. I prefer Hodges to Mays, but Mays is better than the Mountain Dew bridge or some such.

  7. Krane, it is just one of the many complaints I have about the GM for Life…as for the ads, have not been to the park yet…(had tix, but a trip to the emergency room cancelled those plans) give them time, they will find a way…more important than reminders of Mets History.

  8. George the Stork says:

    Steve, I agree with you about DeRosa. I’d like to get him, but let’s not go crazy about giving up major prospects. I still remember Melvin Mora for that shortstop from Baltimore when Ordonez went down (what was his name?).

    How ’bout Santana last night. Strikes out Youkilis three times. You can say enough . . .

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