A game like last night’s  could only be won against at team like the lowly Washington Nationals. NINE WALKS!!!!!!!!!!! What is this Little League? Even the usually on target Bobby Parnell was off his game last night as he could not place his fastball down and off the plate.


I give J- Man credit for he has much more patience than I’d ever have with the way the front office keeps making him play short handed to the point that Livan Hernandez and Mike Pelfrey wore spikes last night in case either pitcher would be needed to pinch run or hit. How embarrassing would it have been if the Mets went to extra innings with a chance to win the game and the choice of the bench to hits was either Livan or Big Pelf?


I’m trying to figure out the rational for not DL’ing Reyes now instead of waiting until Friday? Does Omar feel the Nats are so bad he only needs 23 players to beat them? Does Omar feel that Reyes is not hurt as badly as he is letting on and wants him to “man up”? I hope that’s not the case because one thing you can say about Jose Reyes is he never comes out the lineup so he really must be hurting not to be back on the field. As far as Reyes calf injury and now Ryan “The Red Headed Step Child” Church with a hurtin’ hammy maybe it’s time to review the Mets training staff and the stretching routine they’re using.


Carlos Beltran is going for an MRI today and lucky for him the Mets are home as the only place they can go for MRI’s is in NYC


Of course the red caps that were worn around MLB were for a good cause in helping veterans through the sale of the caps to baseball fans but did all the players have to wear them? Red does not go with everything especially blue and orange. The Mets uni last night looked like an explosion at the Dutch Boy factory.


Even the most critical Omar observer (Rich?) has to admit he hit a gold mine by signing Gary Sheffield. But just how long this will last is the question.


Rumor has it, there was a kid on the NY Thruway this morning with his thumb out and a cardboard sign that read $iti Field on it.


Congrats to Sonia From The Block on being named to the Supreme Court. Judge Sotomayor as you remember she issued an injunction back in 1995 against MLB to stop the owners from implementing a Collective Bargaining Agreement and then opening camps with replacement players saving the game from embarrassment.






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  1. Steve,

    Thanks for the pub! As for Sheff, again, what baseball instinct did that take? $400K and “see ya” if it does not work. I loved your comments on playing with 23 guys, it is refreshing to see that point acknowledged. This is just embarrassing now. You wrote it yesterday, if they DL’ed Reyes when the injury occurred, he would have healed (hopefully) and been ready this Friday. You know what is more scary? Jerry says he’d like to play Reyes at 85%. That’s good. Let him go out there, favoring his calf, then tear a hammy. Then it is “bye bye Jose” until 2010.

    I think getting Putz for Heilman and Endy was a decent move (I’m trying Steve, I really am!!). But then again, when Putz walks, and you know he will not re-sign for the 8th inning, then what do we have? Yes, we dumped Heilman who needed a new start, so maybe that’s ok. I will try to think of other decent Omar moves, as fairness is important. But, yes, I’m proud to be his biggest critic.

  2. Rich, you are not the only one screaming for Omar the Overrated to start taking some hits here. The only thing I can says is that this is now geting absurd. I am sick of the Mets doing this, they do it all the time. Reyes, who makes his living with his legs, why the jerking aroud? Why did Delgado have to make two cross country flights with a bad hip, when everyone outside of the Mets organization knew just put him on the DL, now Church? Martinez? Not to mention it is a joke that this organization has NO shortstop ready at even the AA level to fill in and catch the ball for two weeks.

    Teflon Omar needs to start taking some hits.

  3. kranepool says:

    Paul my bad. I should have put you wiyh Rich on the anti-Omar movement. As much as I”m an “Omar guy” his lack of moves with these injuries has me stunned

  4. Makes absolutely no sense at all, if you want to tell me you waited three more days in the AL park, fine, but they are not there now.

  5. Paul,

    I’ll give you VP of the anti-Omar club, and that’s my final offer, LOL. Gents, you know what it is going to take? It is going to take a serious injury to someone who should have been on the DL to bring this to light. Losing games by playing shorthanded obviously does not do it. So, if Jeffey gets hit in the pocketbook (like paying someone with an injury history $8 million to play 17 games at 41…oh wait, Omar actually did that), maybe then Jeffey will see the light. God forbid it happens to Reyes, Beltran, Wright, or gulp, Santana. But guys, with the way Omar handles things, can you rule it out?

    OK, another good Omar move…getting Cora. One more…getting Feliciano for nothing, he can get the lefty out in the middle/late innings.

    I work for a pharmaceutical company and our promotional efforts must be “fair and balanced”. I’m trying to apply that here.

  6. David in Manhattan says:

    Has anyone noticed that despite the rash of key injuries, despite playing in a tough division, despite the Bernie Madoff disaster, and yes, despite the fickleness of Mets fans who have so much to complain about, this team is contending, hitting and pitching, running the bases, unified, and mostly winning?

    We have a new ball park, and we have a team that could…go…all…the…way. Tonight we go for a home sweep, coming off a pretty successful road trip (5-5) to three tough towns: SF, LA, and Boston.

    Give the team and the management a bit of credit. Be happy.

  7. David, I think if you see what is being written we are being fair. We just hate the way our team allows itself to play short handed…

    I can live with being VP…

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