Sam Hollbrook almost did what the NL has not been to do all year, get the best of Johan Santana. Hollbrook was embarrassingly inconsistent last night calling balls and strikes to the point that either J-Man or Old School Dan Werthan should have gotten themselves tossed out of the game going after the inept Hollbrook. It’s not a question of not giving Santana the inside of the plate as Santana is savvy and knows if your not getting that part of the plate move on to something else but when an ump gives you the call in the first and second inning then doesn’t give it to you in the third and fourth, that’s a problem.


Maybe it was poetic justice that crew chief Larry Vanover ruled Daniel Murphy’ hit in the 6th a home run as I ‘ve seen the replay so many times I have a serious craving for a hero sandwich (SUBWAY got there money’s worth for that billboard ) and I still can’t say for sure if Murph’s hit was a homer but it was defiantly good to see him break his slump. Hopefully J-Man doesn’t sit him Friday night.


It’s just two games so I am really really restraining myself with young Fernando Martinez as first impression has been underwhelming. It is inexcusable for F-Mart not to run out that pop up in the 6th . He should be busting ass on a foul tip no less a pop up maybe it was the starry night, maybe he heard some distant drums? Or the sound of a bugle calls from a far? I don’t know was there something in the air last night Fernando?


Mets Police Chief, Shannon Shark has a must read piece about the scam job that is being perpetrated on Mets fans buying tickets to Mets games in advance. The Skill Sets look like they picked up some tips from Bernie Madoff with this scheme.


Wilson Valdez gets to wear #4? Are you fucking kidding me?


Sure we all know that Carlos Beltran is having a career offensive season so far but did you know that when it comes to facing a pitcher for the second time in a game he is the best hitter in all the land?


On this day in 1957 the NL owners voted unanimously in favor of the Dodgers and Giants move to Cali.


Don’t forget tonight there is no Mets game but there is another edition of PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL at 9PM EDST. Tune in and call in at (646) 595-4462. If you can listen live then catch the show on our podcast here.



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  1. The Subway references are hilarious. OK, it’s an off day, so let’s give Omar the day off. Here’s one I read on Metsblog. This is why baseball is the greatest game ever invented. From what I read, a caller called Fatcessa about what could have happened when Church missed third. The Mets had a runner on third when the play was over, so the caller, a high school baseball coach, said this is what you do. When the pitcher steps off and throws to third for the appeal, the runner breaks for home. Most likely, they’ll go after him. If they do, and when they tag him out, there can be no appeal because another play had occrred. So, the run would stand. If they don’t go after him, they risk being two runs down if the appeal does not work. Great shit!

    The funny part is that Fatcessa dismissed the guy rudely (surprise, huh). He said it was a “dead ball” on an appeal and the runners cannot run. So folks, when this blowhard calls the Mets “JV” and talks down about the organization, keep this story in mind. He does not even know the rules of the game. The blowhard has nver had, nor will he ever have, any baseball credibility.

  2. kranepool says:

    Rich, Mushnick killed Manhasset Mike over handwaving that caller who was 100 % right. By the way I’ve stored that in the back of my empty head in case I need to use it in a game. Also when a player gets a base on balls he can keep running I’ve had that happen to one of my teams. That sucked!

    An Omar cease fire I love it!

  3. Sorry you were on the other side of that walk issue. But it is heads up, right? Anyway, have you asked your kids to SLOW DOWN when they’re walking people? I help a friend of mine whose son pitches Little League, and every time they issue a walk or two, they start rushing on the mound. Human nature, when we “fail” we just try to do it faster. I’m sure you have talked to them about it, but that’s my two cents.

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