If you saw the back page of the Daily News this morning you’d think “oh shit” but then when you read the story you say “what’s the big deal”?:


And asked if he could be certain that he’ll return to the Mets at some point during the 2009 season, Delgado said: “I can’t guarantee that. But it looks that that’s going to be the case. The most important thing is to get better, get healthy, that you can perform effectively, and that’s our goal.


“I think that’s going to happen sometime this year, but I can’t guarantee nothing.”



So he feels he can get back this year but who knows what set backs he could endure during his rehab. Makes sense no?


Joe Janish hits a home run in his post at Mets Today on Fernando Martinez and the lazy ass culture of the Mets. I went over this last night with Joe McDonald on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL. Larry Brooks in a story in yesterday Post said the same thing that the Mets are known for non-hustle and I agree. Delgado has been a culprit as has Beltran at times, Reyes has not hustled on numerous occasions and the fan fav Mike Piazza dogged it regularly (Yeah Joe Mac Piazza dogged it!!) Now most of this non ass busting is not to maligners but down right laziness. The more I think of young Martinez not busting it the other day the more pissed off I am at him and at J-Man for not taking him off the field. As I said last night, I’m trying not to rush to judgment on F-Mart as it’s just two games but do far I don’t see what the big fuss is about this kid and maybe it would have been more beneficial to him to leave him in Buffalo for the whole season.


Mets Grrl in her continuing endeavor to make $iti Field a better place for Mets fans and to help straighten out this clueless ownership has a third installment of her letter writing campaign this time to have the Skill Sets acknowledge the history of the NY Mets in $iti Field. This prove how pathetic the Skill Sets are when it comes to knowing it’s fan base that you actually have to pressure them to celebrate the franchise history.


You may have read the Tyler Kepner piece in the Times the other day where he reports on Nolan Ryan and Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux are going back to old school tactics with the Rangers pitchers throughout the organization to go deeper into games and not be a slave to pitch counts. All I can say is HALLE-FUCKING-LUJAH!!!!!! I would hope the Mets would get in on this retro trend as well. It has to start in the low minors as it’s time pitchers learned how to pitch and how to pitch out of trouble. Too many guys stand on that mound when they are in a jam ready to shit themselves while looking toward the bullpen for help. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the minor league teams records and winning the fucking Sally League Championship, how about teaching not only pitchers but all players in the organization the proper way to play baseball. You can shove the NY-PENN League Championship Banners up Jeffey’s ass.


For a much calmer look at pitch counts check out Mike Silva’s NYBD and his thoughts on this.



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  1. Omar gave an ear-bleeding interview to Boomer and Carton this morning. Asked about F-Mart’s lack of hustle, he said that it would do no good to reprimand him. Whatever. Here’s the pisser, though. They asked Omar about Reyes not hustling, and he said, “That’s people’s perception that he does not hustle. He’s put thousands of balls in play and he hustles most of the time.” There ya go, folks. It is in the culture that hustling “most of the time” is ok. And we yell and scream about this stuff? Why bother? The GM says that is it ok, so we have to accept it as part of the NYM culture. We don’t have to like it, but as long as they don’t get upset about it, why should we? I love being in first place, but you know, it is kind of funny that a team a fundamentally un-sound as the Mets can be there. But let’s enjoy it anyway,

  2. kranepool says:

    Rich I just heard part of the interview on the Joe and Evan show and they are killing Minaya and rightly so. Omar embarassed himslef in that interview by taking fans and comentators to task about the lack of hustle on this team. Check out the interview at http://www.wfan.com

  3. Ah, yes, our GM. He has actually done significant business with my company (I’ve never met him) and everyone who has met him says he’s the nicest man on the planet. He actually chooses to do interviews and tv spots in his home in NJ, and people say he’s a prince. I don’t doubt it. He has that “normal guy” thing that you feel you can hoist a pint of Guiness with him. But as a GM….I think you all know what I think.

  4. For goodness sake…

  5. Krane,

    I am in total agreement with you on the pitch count thing. The best thing that you can hope for, short of the third world’s championship in Flushing, is in a few years a Rangers championship (or better yet a few of them) where they win because they have starters that average 7-8 innings as a team so that the copy cats that are professional sports teams follow suit.

  6. Hey, Nobody in franchise history dogged it to first base on a grounder to second more than my all time favorite Met, #17.

  7. Kranepool,

    You know that it was practically my first question on this site way back when that I wanted to know what happened to the way pitchers pitch and the way they are handled. I’d been cut off from baseball for about a dozen years and in that time we got the cult of the closer – every team had to have one even when few had a Suter or a Rivera & 100 pitches was a night’s work, regardless of what inning it was.

    How many innings did Seaver or Matlack or Swan or … or whoever throw when I was a kid. 200+ was a minimum, no? I’m sure Koosman threw more than 250 innings many times. What led to this change? Was it possibly that all the juiced ballplayers were taking their toll – mentally as well as physically – on pitchers?

  8. I didn’t see much of Piazza’s career as a Met, but I always cut a little slack for catchers. Their legs take a battering compared with other players.

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