Yeah I took the day off yesterday. So I sat in my back yard and took apart a playhouse and a slide that my kids have had since they were babies and I fired up the Webber Kettle and listened to Howie and Wayne and chilled. Maybe it was riding to Manhattan on the 7 train after a game a few weeks ago and listening to Wayne Hagin tell his stories of his days with the Oakland A’s and realizing that Hagin is a really nice guy that he is growing on me as the Mets radio guy. Yes Hagin rides the subway to work just like the rest of us slobs.


The cause of the stomach virus going around the Mets clubhouse has been linked to watching Tim Redding pitch. I have to think Omar is at least pondering the signing of Pedro Martinez to take Redding spot in the rotation. If Redding can’t pitch effectively his next start it’s time to cut bait.


What a May to remember 19-9 with a depleted roster. Just goes to show you if you can pitch, play defense and keep the brain farts to a minimum you will win baseball games.


I can’t figure out J J Putz. Is he physically unfit or is his head a mess? Old School Dan Werthen feels it’s just a mechanical breakdown but Omir Bench thought Putz was anxious on the mound. Between Putz and Sean Green, J-Man may have to put an extension on his Dog House although there is one spot open with Shrek sent off to Chitown.


I think there is better chance of Bruce Berenyi coming back to pitch for the Mets this season than Ollie Perez.


Cliff Floyd has just been activated from the DL by the Padres. I know he’s hurt so much his car has handicap plates but how about brining him back to the Mets and letting spell Sheffield in left and some added leadership?


 I don’t know what looked worse the Mets playing in the classic pinstripe uni and ruining it with that disgusting black and blue hat or Susan Boyle in a evening gown?


I don’t know what bad or evil thing Angle Pagan has done in his life but I think he’s paid the price already.


King of the Asshats, Filip Bondy has a piece on Jay Horowitz in today’s Daily News. From what you hear, Horowitz is loved by the Mets players as he protected them from the big bad media but after reading the story I find Horowitz a sad soul.


If 90 % of your paying customers were upset with something with your product, you’d  make a change right away, right? Then why does management continue to play Sweet Caroline when Mets fans HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








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  1. I’m all for bringing Cliffy back. I’m all for bringing Pedro back. These guys have value over and above what they do on the field. They may bring the veteran leadership that the team needs, especially if the current veterans keep breaking down (or throwing up).

  2. Steve, I got a lot of email this weekend and it indicated that Sweet Caroline comes from all the way up top.

    Digging into it a little more before I do anything about it.

  3. The Mets are 1-7 in games started by Redding or Perez. 27-12 in all other games and 26-10 in games started by santanna,Pelf,Maine and Hernandez. If we can just find another decent starter!

  4. May was terrif!

    Not only do they go 19-9…

    …that 19-9 includes going 11-8 vs. “quality” opponents — PHL, ATL, SF, LA & BOS.

    …that 11-8 includes getting SWEPT 3 by the Dodgers.

    …that means they went 8-1 vs. PIT, WAS & FLA.

    This is what pennant-winning teams do: hold their own against the goos teams & beat up on the weak sisters.

    All while missing Delgado, Reyes, Beltran, Cora, Church, a legitimate LF and a competent #2/#3 starter most of the month.

    Baseball is a great game!

  5. Steve,

    Yes, Hagin can grow on you. He still wears me out at times – especially his “Kiss it Goodbye”, but he knows his stuff.

    And I like the fact that he has a lot of knowledge of teams that we don’t get as much on ‘back east': Oakland & Colorado. He also has insigts into the Cardinals.

    I love pitching and defense. The Mets are playing better defense lately. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that they’re winning more lately.

    Maybe with all this new “ignore the pitch count” philosophy the Mets might go back to the four man rotation. Would solve a lot of problems. (And, no, I don’t even think for one minute that it’s a possibility.)

  6. As for Hagin, I respect your opinions, but don’t agree. He does some stuff that annoys me. You’ll hear a crowd reaction, then he’ll say rapidly “Hit to left and it’ll roll to the wall…” Really, Wayne? In .5 seconds, the pitch came in, was hit and madie its way to the wall…impressive. But the topper of them all is when he says “The center fielder throws it to the second baseman whob throws it to the third baseman”.

    Dude, this is your full-time job. Learn the names, please.

  7. kranepool says:


    Hagin still comes across on radio as a generic announcer but meeting him he is a very nice guy and a great story teller as we hear on the radio.

    Last night was the perfect example as pitch count run amok. Can someone tell Manuel that Livan is not a young fragile arm

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