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Cialis canada No I still don’t believe it although I kind of saw it coming. Cialis canada When Luis was drifting and crossing his feet he looked like a guy stumbling out of the Blarney Stone at 3 AM. Cialis canada I felt this could be bad. Cialis canada How bad? Not as bad as it ended.

Cialis canada First it pains me to do this but I have to tip my Mets cap to Mark Texiera who proved what me and every other Little League coach has preached since we had 5 year olds hitting off a tee, cialis canada always bust it down the line and on two outs run like your pants are on fire and to Texiera’ credit he did. Cialis canada We have all killed the Mets for lack of hustle so we all have to be honest and give Texiera his due.

Cialis canada When the ball was dropped of course me first words were HOLY SHIT!!!!! plus a stare of disbelief but for some odd reason I wasn’t mad. Cialis canada I mean I should have been “throw the remote against the fucking wall mad” at Luis Castillo, cialis canada for costing the Mets not only a win but a win against a team that thinks it’s superior but ain’t shit. Cialis canada And to all you Highlander fans out there celebrating this win let me tell you folks something you will be spending your October watching Stan Bahnsen’ and Ron Woods Highlanderorgrophy and not post season baseball. Cialis canada Your manager is a scared little rat that had to bring in the Most Holy Mariano to save this game in the 8th inning. Cialis canada Your boy Joba is the most overrated tub of shit to hit this town since that fat-pussy todt Hideki Irabu, cialis canada I’ll take Big Pelf over Joba The Hut any day. Cialis canada Sure celebrate the gift that Looie gave you last night but remember up in Boston, cialis canada the Red Sox say to you, cialis canada “tell me how our ass tastes”

Cialis canada I can’t find anger toward Castillo. Cialis canada Last year I ripped him daily as he was over weight and lackadaisical and his contract was the huge burden holding the Mets back from upgrading the position.. Cialis canada I had wrote during the winter that the Mets couldn’t give away Castillo with millions of dollars stuff in his pocket, cialis canada hell they couldn’t give this guy away for free. Cialis canada But the man has shown his pride. Cialis canada He came to camp fit and trim and out to prove he’s no bum. Cialis canada Castillo has been one of the more steady Mets all season both at the plate and before last night in the field. Cialis canada Does he have the range he once did? No and he might never get back to that but at least at 2nd base his defense is league average. Cialis canada He gets on base in fact with Jose Reyes out, cialis canada his .376 OBP has kept the team afloat.

Cialis canada If you would have bet me in the winter that on a Saturday in June I’s be writing a post defending Luis Castillo afer a disastrous error, cialis canada I’d have bet my house that you were wrong. Cialis canada Good think that didn’t happen or my family would be living in a card board box.

Cialis canada The big reason that I can’t get mad at Luis is he took it like a man. Cialis canada He didn’t run off and hide he stood in front of the cameras and microphones and said he fucked up and just by looking at him you could see the pain. Cialis canada I can’t beat a guy up when he’s already hurt.

Cialis canada If you want to take a positive about this it’s that this Mets team may not be a championship team but it’s a all for one, cialis canada one for all team. Cialis canada Every guy backed Luis up and had his back as did the manager. Cialis canada A lot of Mets fans have been after J-Man lately over his strategical moves and that’s a legit complaint but where a big league manager makes his mark is how he handles his clubhouse and after reading Ken Rosenthal’s story on how the vets on the Mets are miffed at Jerry, cialis canada Rosenthal looks so clueless he must be a Highlander fan. Cialis canada J-Man has his players back and they have his. Cialis canada Joe Giradi should be so lucky.

Cialis canada What else is there to say? Hang with ‘em Looie and go get ‘em Fernando Nieve? UGH!

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