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I totally forgot that Doofus Joe Buck was debuting his new show on HBO last night. Viagra aus usa But as I was channel surfing I found it just in time to see our boy D-Wright and Doofus Joe sit down for an interview. Viagra aus usa I guess all I missed was the riveting Brett Farve interview but that’s fine as I’ve heard and seen enough of the overrated  hillbilly QB who it seems will not leave football until he is seriously injured but I digress.


Wright and Doofus Joe went over the same old bullshit of how it is so tough to be a pro ball player in NY with all the media and the fans and blah, viagra aus usa blah, viagra aus usa blah Wright even mentioned the blogs, viagra aus usa( if you are reading this David well thank you let’s do lunch? Me and you at Katz’s Deli the Brisket and Dr.Browns are on me e mail me at  ). Viagra aus usa No questions on how the Mets change the fact that they are known for choking and indifferent play. Viagra aus usa No questions on how the clubhouse differs from the tight assed Willie Randolph to Cool Jazz Jerry? No questions about if Wright the face of the franchise has been briefed on organizational moves as he was with the Sheffield signing. Viagra aus usa No questions on whether Wright, viagra aus usa in a clubhouse that has a heavy Latin influence feels respected or is he intimated?  In other words, viagra aus usa another puff piece. Viagra aus usa There were forced moments like two guys coming up to Wright on the street asking for an autograph (they were the only two guys on the Manhattan street in what looked like the middle of the afternoon go figure!) then the all time staged moment when some asshole in a Phillies jersey comes by the restaurant window and bangs on it to point to his shirt and make a motion of a ring on his finger. Viagra aus usa A real low rent move but then it’s Doofus Joe what do expect.


The highlight of the evening though and what amounts to the biggest payback for guys like me who despise Doofus Joe Buck was when he did a segment with actor Paul Rudd, viagra aus usa some unfunny fuck from SNL, viagra aus usa and the Great Artie Lang. Viagra aus usa  You must check out this clip and this clip to hear Lang being his vile and nasty self. Viagra aus usa Doofus Joe couldn’t be more uncomfortable if his balls had a rash. Viagra aus usa Lang, viagra aus usa a New York Football Giants fan telling Michael Irvin (who was also on the show and in the audience for this segment) that the Cowboys suck was a scream. Viagra aus usa It’s such a shame Lang is a Highlander fan which is worse than being a heroin junkie.


So now Rick Peterson is working with Scott Kazmir in Tampa to help him correct flaws in his mechanics that Peterson feels is causing him the physical  problems haunting him this season. Viagra aus usa So much for the bullshit propaganda from the Skill Sets that Peterson and Kazmir couldn’t get along. Viagra aus usa Adn the Skill Sets are pissed that Peterson claims he’s hearing that Johan is having difficulty with the knee that was operated on last winter. Viagra aus usa How dare someone tell the truth!!!!!


As much as having Bobby Valentine manage the Highlanders would sadden me, viagra aus usa the prospect of Valentine managing the Nationals, viagra aus usa scares the shit out of me.


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