The 7th, 8th and 9th innings were supposed to be a strength due to the new and improved bullpen for the Mets this season and in April and May it was but now due to injury to John Maine and Ollie Perez and the ineffectiveness of any pitcher not named Santana or Nieve the bullpen specifically Bobby Parnell is near exhaustion and it’s only June.

It’s good to see the light bulb go off over Jerry Manuel’ head as he finally realized what all Mets fans have that he is burning out Parnell and Pedro Feliciano. The cool and groovy demeanor of J-Man is also starting to wear as well as someone needs to put a foot in ass of Big Pelf. I love Big Pelf and I want him to succeed to the highest level but he starting to become as unfocused in his starts as Ollie P.

His body language on the mound is a bit unsettling as he fidgets with his cap and tries to regain his composure. It has to be unnerving to the team. I mean D-Wright had to get in his grill as Wright is seldom to speak a discouraging word even as the skies of $iti Field grow cloudy each game.

It’s nice that Manuel has realized that Brian Stokes is on the team maybe he thought he was part of the ground crew or a beer vendor.

After each appearance by Parnell and Feliciano I need an ice pack on my arm just watching them go out there every game.

Ken Takashai and Jon Switzer should not be on the big league team. The only reason either one is here is due to their ability to throw with their left arm especially Switzer who got the call up over Elmer Dressen who is having a better season in Buffalo that Switzer but is right handed. Should be here and Switzer on DFA list

An now that Creepy Tony LaRusa and his Cardinals come to town in first place in the central just what the Mets need HAPPY!! HAPPY!!! JOY!!! JOY!!!

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  1. the arms may be the same, but their usage hasn’t changed. the manager (even though that changed a year ago) seems to be over relying on the ‘pen, making too many changes during the game (spot guys, poor performances), and the starters just seem to be weaker and weaker. injuries there – we have three #5 starters in the rotation – and starters getting weaker during the spring and not stronger isn’t helping this.

  2. Loribillera says:

    Thank God Maine and Perez may be back by next week (maybe)!! I was so happy to hear Manuel say that Nieve will still be pitching in the starting rotation as long as he keeps producing the way he’s been producing! I always hated Willie for having to have his regular men play whether they were playing well or not – he never had an open mind. Oliver can stay in the bullpen for awhile and maybe help with long relief and give some of those other guys a well deserved break.

  3. isuzudude says:

    Firstly, there is no one named “Takashai” on the Mets. There is a Takahashi, and he has a very solid 3.00 ERA in 15 appearances, so I’m not sure why he would deserve not to be on the Mets. Also, there is no Elmer “Dressen” in Buffalo. There is an Elmer Dessens. However, anyone clammoring for the Mets to have Elmer Dessens on the 25-man roster in lieu of anybody is in danger of being mocked off the internet. Dessens may be holding his own at AAA, but anyone who thinks a 38-year old journeyman with a career ERA of 4.56 (and over 7.00 in each of the last 2 years) needs to be added to the Mets bullpen should seriously think about following a different sport. Additionally, I’m no math whiz, but Switzer had a 2.16 ERA in Buffalo at the time of his promotion, while Dessens is at 2.31 right now, so how do you figure Dessens is having “a better season?” Plus, with Feliciano the only guy in the Mets bullpen right now who can get left handed hitters out, why is it such a bad idea to have Switzer, another lefty, working in middle relief? This is possibly the worst blog article I’ve read all year, with the exception of stating the obvious fact that the Mets bullpen is burnt out. Wise up!

  4. isuzudude says:

    I don’t appreciate my comments being deleted. If you can’t take criticism, why create a blog where readers can leave comments?

  5. kranepool says:

    No comments were deleted as you see

  6. kranepool says:

    thanks for coming by isuzudude

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