I’m at an all day training class so I don’t have much time to post but a few things from last nights game:

You can’t pitch any better than Livan Hernandez last night unless of course you’re Joel Pinero.

The toughest hurrdle for the Mets now is they must play flawless defense and they can’t get down by 3 runs or more in any game. Murphy was kicking himself for the throwing error that led to the first run but when El Hombre knocked in two with his single 3 runs may as well been 13 runs with the way Pineiro was hurling ground ball out after ground ball out.

J-Man tried to take the bullet for Livan on his botched fake bunt/hit and run attempt as Hernandez said after the game he did it on his own and Manuel claimed he put the play on. The thing is on the surface it was a bad play as the bunt was in order but f he executed it then it would have been the Mets Turning Point of The Game.

I watched two games last night the Mets-Cards then I flipped over to the Giants-A’s to see Tim Lincicum and for the first time in I don’t know when I saw two starters pitch complete games. WOW what’ s next a revival of wool uniforms?       

Gotta run school is back in session.

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  1. George the Stork says:

    Boy, that Nieve looks good. He’s like a mean sombeech out there. I’m in no hurry to see Ollie P come back if it means Nieve steps aside. What a pickup Alex Cora has been, too. For all the abuse Omar gets, he makes some good under-the-radar moves. Who’s bench would you rather have, the Mets or the Highlanders?

    Hey, Steve, how ’bout the Dany Heatley to the Rangers rumors? Latest one was Heatley for Drury. I’d do that in a second — no brainer to me.

  2. kranepool says:

    Onr thing Omar does is give a lot of credit to Tony Bernazard as he found Santos, and pushed for Nieve and Cora. Tony B may be rough around the edges but he is a great talent evaluator

    Drury for Heatley? I’d drive Drury to the airport and buy his plane ticket to Ottawa. It seems Heatley is angling to go to the West Coast but Slats may be able to talk him into joining the Blueshirts.

  3. I liked Nieve about 10 pitches into his Mets career. He threw inside and almost hit Teixiera. Yeah, baby. Establish inside first, make them think in there, then work them away. Have some balls like Nieve, all the rest of you guys on the staff.

    How much do we need Church to hit like this the rest of the way? I have said all along that what the Mets get from him will be the key to this team.

  4. Both pitchers going the distance? Wow. I thought those days were gone for good.

    However, (and I may have already written this) I’ve been wondering if the end of the steroids era will mean a return to the type of pitching we were used to back before the era of the “quality start”. The hitters are not what they were and pitchers should be able to make more mistakes with the bottom of the order. In other words, they should make fewer pitches to 7-9 in the order.

  5. Any chance Ottawa would take Oliver Perez along with Drury for Heatley? I definitely don’t want to see him back on the mound until (a) Maine proves he can’t go and (b) Perez proves he’s better than any other option – Redding, Hernandez, Nieve.

    By the way, if I’m not mistaken Hernandez has a recent history of being a better first half pitcher than second half. Maybe I should check stats first, but that’s my impression.

  6. George the Stork says:

    @Rich – Good point, Rich, about Church. I completely agree. I wonder how much this mini-resurgence of his has to do with Sheff being out. Being anointed the cleanup hitter by default may be what Church needs. He may be the type of guy who thrives when told “you’re the man”.

    This season is starting to really pick up for me. It’s a lot sweeter when you win as underdog. With the team decimated, no one expects them to win, and it would be easy to just mail it in. Maybe I’m being dramatic here, but this is starting to feel a little like 1984, when after years of Pete Falcone and Brian Boisclair, we came out of nowhere with Hernandez and a bunch of people no one ever heard of. This could be a fun summer.

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