Looks like I’m not missing much Manny was booed, the Mets can’t hit, another error and Fernando Tatis still gets to play everyday while Daniel Murphy sits and sits.

Looks as though the Mets will be sellers instead of buyers and that could be a good thing, as it may be best to sell vets for prospects and then come the off season a major re construction of the player personnel is in order.

Looks like the annual collapse came early this year and in the end that may be a good thing.

I get to leave the camp today so it’s off to Wal-Mart for some supply’s and a cup of Dunkin Dounuts coffee but the best part pf heading to the outside world of upstate NY is getting to see all them Cougars in their muffin tops spilling over their  too tight jeans YAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOO

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  1. well, i’m not convinced that the Mets will actually act as sellers in the trade market even though it may be the best thing to do.

    But the idea of the “collapse” coming early (as you put in the post’s title) certainly isn’t a surprise to me. I’ve been expecting it all season – it follows a pattern of bad behavior in the franchise’s history with this episode starting in October 2006.

    I’ll elaborate the pattern of bad behavior on my blog soon.

  2. Linda deRoulet says:

    Somar Sotominay, The Affirmative Action GM, is neither smart enough nor self-confident enough to be a seller now.

    It’s the smart move – thought EVERYONE’s market value (Johan included) has deteriorated this year.

    Still, a smart, confident person would see that with so many teams in the hunt, it’s a sellers’ market for talent and the Mutts are in a great position to clean house and erase salary.

    But Somar won’t do it. He is stupid and should not have the job in the first place. If not for the quota cops hounding MLB for more minorities in management, Somar would not have become the Montreal GM.

    He will not make any moves. The deRoulets will keep him because they have already eaten too many bad contracts.

    2010 Mets: 70 – 92.
    2011 Mets: 67 – 95. Attendance: 2.3 million

  3. Steve, you’re taking better than I am. In fact, a guy from Philly came in for an interview today. He sees the Mets stuff in my office, and says “so you’re a Mets fan”. He goes on to say how he went to all 3 games over the weekend, and how great it was.

    Keep looking for a job, buddy.

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