The current state of the New York Mets is abysmal. The long term state of the New York Mets is very promising. This is a tale of two states.


As a fan base we Mets fans need to come to grips that the only place we will see post season baseball is on our televisions. I hate to break this news to Freddie Skill Sets that the only meaningful games being played in Flushing in September will be the Bingo games at St Andrew Avelino Church and until Freddie and Jeffie come to grips with this the organization can move forward and re-organize the goal of building a contending team.


The upper reaches of the farm system is bankrupt of immediate talent as we have seen this season but when you look at the lower end that’s where the future lays and the word we hate to hear “patience” will have to be practiced.


I’ve heard calls for the team going out on a spending spree in the off season and that is the exact wrong approach to take. As much as I kill the Skill Sets, it’s hard to call them cheap when they have a $140 mil payroll. It’s not cheapness it’s cluelessness. The Skill Sets have absolutely no baseball acumen, they are real estate men, and would serve the team best if they did what they do best, collect rent.


Is Omar Minaya a great GM? NO! Is he an awful GM? NO! Is he a good GM? Ahhhhh here is where the debate begins. There is a ground swell in the fan base to FIRE OMAR and I admit that even though I’m an Omar fan, the thought has run through my head would the team be better served with a new GM? Most of this thinking is out of frustration that the team keeps crying about injuries which have nothing to do with lack of hustle and overall retarded baseball the team has played of late. The biggest indictment of Omar regime as the head of the baseball ops is when F-Mart did not run out a ball in his first game as a Met. The excuse that he is “only 20” holds no water as he has been in the Mets farm system since he was 16 years old so to me it shows that the farm system is broke. Now does it just need some repair or does Omar need to clean house and bring in some new blood with new ideas? Tony Bernanzard seems to be a polarizing force in the organization as he has Jeffy’s ear (maybe he tells him that Shemp Howard hair cut is becoming) and that goes back to the problem of Jeffy being way to close to the baseball operation and until he stays out of personnel moves, the better for the organization.


I guess the whole Mets organization is like the Home Run Apple yesterday it’s not ready to go when we want it but after a little bit of  patience it could function nicely.

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  1. I’ve decided to take the PrOmar Camp and be a Minayapologist. Actually nothing’s really changed there b/c I’ve always been, just more so now. I agree, the Wilflops/Coupons/Morons don’t know what they are doing and they should keep out of the baseball side of the biz and do what they do best, sign the checks and keep their mouths shut (along with not getting raked by a Ponzi scheme but I digress). Anyhoo, back to Omar. I don’t think he’s going anywhere – if there’s anything the Wilpons like is a scapegoat and someone who can work the press. I think Omar comes across as an idiot, but he’s dumb like a fox – he’ll say something without saying anything, the press does what they will with it and we realize we are where we all started – with no new news. OK! So my philosophy is what you are preaching here in the end – we’ve become incredibly spoiled as a fan base. Reason being – in 2005, we signed Pedro and Carlos, and the team really did well, even staying in the WC race. It was promising, it was fun, it set the table. NOW! We get to 2006 and all of a sudden, we are a win now team. I think the biggest mistake Omar ever made (besides giving Pedro 4 years, but you know that already) was trading for an aging declining Delgado and Paul LoDuca. PLD was obviously never in the long-term plans of the team and that led to Omar being lax in the protection of Jesus Flores, a move he even says was dumb (losing him in Rule 5). Then Delgado – oy vey. This guy has been a freakin succubus the entire time he’s been on the team. That my friends has set the standard for lazy Dorn-esque plays and the whole home run culture we have set for the team. In fact, I think the team has been performing BETTER without him, even if they need a big bat desperately and are under .500.

    So now what? Well, we seem to forget all our top chip prospects were traded for a guy named Johan and even the Sox and Yanks hate that they didn’t get him (although admittedly, their prospects are a lot better). But I guarantee if 2006 never happened (and subsequently 07 and 08), we’d not have these unrealistic expectations on the team.

    My prediction? We get our players back, get a good run, and still lose in the last week of the season.

  2. Julio Moises Jose Franco Alou Lima Sheffield says:

    How ironic that our host backtracks a bit on the Fire Omar bandwagon on the day when Sonya Sotomayor, The Affirmative Action Chief Justice, begins a creampuff confirmation hearing.

    Somar Sotominaya, The Affirmative Action GM, IS A FAILURE – look at the payroll and look at the record.

    Injuries? Look at the games played by Wright, Reyes, Delgado, and Beltran in 2008 – the team shit the bed even with the big 4 barely taking a day off.

    Give it up Somar defenders – there has to be a better cause.

    I have one – getting the deRouDolans to sell this mess. May the next owner of the Mets fire every person in the organization with the exception of K-Rod, Johan, Keith, and Ron. Cohen is a snide little shit who frequently got ‘snippy’ with Bob Murphy so I say can him.

  3. I am not one that thinks that the owners are as involved in the selection of players as everyone thinks…I am not excusing them, but my guess is unless it is a big ticket item, they do not care. If anything it is probably a deal where JW probably asks “Teflon Omar” & “Tango Tony” what about this guy or what about that guy? Either way it goes back to day one. “We need to get younger and more athletic was the quote from Minaya in his first presser. I understand the Pedro signing, but since then, all I have seen is older and more broken down. Hell, this group did not even draft Jose (John Milner’s legs are my idol Reyes and David (I really have not hit well since the HR derby, because it screwed up my swing) Wright. Other than the signing of Beltran and the trade for Santana, Shea Stadium & Taxpayer Field have become Queens’ newest old age home. How is it in four years, the A-level teams (with apologies to Brad Holt) are the only ones with prospects?

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