Stop listening to the Minister of Mis-Information Omar Minaya. Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, John Maine and J J Putz are NOT COMING BACK THIS SEASON!!!!!!! For some reason Omar hasn’t gotten it through his head that all the talk of the injured has been undermining this team for the past month. While it’s not just Omar’s fault, J-Man was the early culprit in this stupid “Hold the fort until they get back” losers mentality but he finally figured out how unproductive that attitude was. Now add D-Wright to those slow learners that this “blame it on the injuries” lament is for losers which is what the Mets are right now.


Instead of Minaya spewing his bullshit on SNY and in the press he should be sitting down and figuring out how much of the deadwood on the player development side will be thrown out for salvage come the end of the season.


I hope you all have come to the realization that this season is kaput. The time now is to turn to who in the farm system is worth promotion to either see how they fit here in 2010 for to let them strut their stuff and entice other organizations to talk trade.


But the biggest movement here will be clearing out the front office. The only thing that will save Omar’ ass is the Skill Sets will in no way shape or form fire him and pay him to lay on the beach in the D.R. but at some point the Skill Sets may have to think of finding a baseball executive that Omar would report to.


Freddy Skill Sets realized a few years ago that he sucks as a baseball man but he didn’t have the heart to tell his little boy Jeffey that he wasn’t a baseball man either. The time has come for Freddy to have a heart to heart with the little shit and give him a dose of tough love that it’s time for Jeffey to stay out of the baseball business. That’s not to say that all contract and money spent won’t go through Jeffey as he is the owner and he is in charge of the money being spent (you think he gives his daddy grief about Freddy’s good buddy Bernie Madoff ?) but this off season I don’t want to hear that Jeffey is wining and dining free agent and calling agents and stalking Omar about personnel moves. The Mets need a President of Baseball Operations to run the entire spectrum of player personnel, pro and minor league along with amateur scouting. If Omar has a problem with that then let him resign and leave the money behind. I doubt that he would do that and as I stated the Mets won’t fire him so hiring a boss for him is the next logical step. The first name that comes to mind is Sandy Alderson who left the Padres earlier this year. Gene Michael would be another great choice and with the Bronx Robber Barron out of the picture maybe a substantial raise would lure him one boro over. Buck Showalter would be controversial and maybe not a fan favorite but his track record shows he can build a team and maybe it’s time for guy to rattle the cages in Queens. Could Andy MacPhail be fed up with Peter Angelos and come to NY to carry on the MacPhail NY baseball family legacy ?


The bottom line is it’s time to take the keys away from Omar and put Jeffey in the corner and bring in a Baseball CEO to save the franchise.

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  1. I’ll take that as your being as close to “on the bandwagon” as you’ll get. So, welcome, Steve! I LOVE your idea. I’d prefer to fire his ass now, but realistically, giving Omar a boss with a brain is an excellent plan. Doing nothing is not acceptable. 5 years, shitty farm system, no championships, 2 collapses, and horrible mis-management of the roster does not equal a return engagement, at least not without some change. I almost puked yesterday when Joe and Evan (what a treat to have them on instead of fat ass) gave Omar credit for K-Rod. A two-year-old would have known that the bullpen sucked. K-Rod was on the market, made it clear he wanted to be here, and Omar spent Jeff’s money to get him. How can we give Omar credit for that? Where is the shrewd trade to make the team better? Where is talent in AA and AAA? None of it exists. And PLEASE don;t give him credit for Joahn. No competetion and he still almost fucked it up.

    It is bad enought o lose, but this guy saying yesterday that this one is running, that one is doing this…we are in this spot because the organization he built is so paper thin you could see through it. And that, with no question, is the accountability of the GM.

  2. I think being a GM is a tough job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Omar. He clearly is not up to the job of GM. He’s really just a really good self-promoter and politicker. A GM needs to be a realist, not an optimist. He needs to understand what a player is likely to do on the field, not what he may do if all goes well. He needs to be able to make realistic assessments of all the players in the system all the way down to the lower minors to know what kind of chance those players have to contribute to a championship team.

    I don’t think Omar has these qualities. He’s based his whole GM career on using his personality to lure hispanic free agents. Guess what, they only care about the money. Any GM could have signed Beltran, Delgado, Santana and Francisco Rodriguez.

    Omar also is not statistically savvy. He doesn’t understand aging curves, the importance of OBP, peripherals for evaluating pitchers etc… We need a GM with a first rate mind who is steeped in the best knowledge about player development and evaluation.

  3. Sadly, you’re right on every single point. Do you really see eff ever giving the keys up though?

  4. kranepool says:

    Nik, the only ray of hope that Jeffey gives up the keys is the fact the word is out that the Skill Sets lost close to $700 mil in the Maddoff scam. Now either he brings in a Baseball CEO to run the Mets and turns his attention to Sterling Equites and try to regain part of the fortune or they sell off part of the team and bring in a partner with capital there was a story today that the Skill Sets have told the MLS they are not in a position to buy into the league that shows the money woes of Jeffey and Fred.

  5. kranepool says:

    excelent points and that’s why a Basebll OPS CEO is needed

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