Another day in Metsville where the suckitude off the field over shadows the suckitude on the field. As I type this, Tony Bernazard is still employed by the Mets and that is troubling. More troubling is that Omar Minaya is acting like these aligactons against Bernazard are fresh and he is ‘investigating” them. If that’s true Minaya should be fired on the spot as well.


I’ve defended Minaya here at this site while ducking the lings and arrows of the FIRE MINAYA brigade but as this Bernazard scandal unfolds it looks like Omar is either clueless of what is going on under his stewardship as the Mets top baseball man or he is a lying sack of shit. Either way due to the facts coming out that Omar has let this loose cannon Tony B run roughshod through the organization Minaya and Bernazard should both be fired like yesterday.


Not to rehash my post from yesterday but Bernazard was very smart to buddy up to Jeffey Skill Set but at some point Freddy Skill Set has to tear himself away from his personal pity party of getting fleeced by Bernie Madoff and along with Uncle Saul Katz take over control of the Mets organization before it burns to the ground. All Freddie has to do is look across his estate at his neighbor Charlie Dolan who gave his incompetent son the keys to the World’s Most Famous Arena and turned into the World’s Largest Shit Hole.


If Freddy doesn’t take the reins and grab control of the team and re-assigns Jeffey to the corporate wing of the organization, we Mets fans will be looking at the baseball version of the New York Knickerbockers. Freddy and Uncle Saul have to have an intervention with the little jock sniffer Jeffey and remove him from anything to do with the baseball operation. Then the must go in and rip apart the infrastructure of the team’s front office and start over.


Freddy needs to go after men like Larry Beinfest, Logan White of the Dodgers, Grady Fuson  and Paul DePodesta of the Padres, Abe Flores, the Angels Director of Player Development, or Jed Hoyer VP and Asst GM of the Red Sox. There are really good, smart baseball people out there and as this organization looks right now, if Freddy must make the ultimate decision to remove his son from any and all baseball decisions and make it known throughout baseball that this is such, what better situation for an aspiring GM would it be to run the NY Mets, to be the man who took the franchise out of the gutter and back to prominence.



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  1. Okay, here’s what you gotta do to turn the Mets franchise around: Have Jeff Wilpon hire some two-bit gambler desperate for work to dig up dirt on some broken-down ex-superstar — Mike Piazza will suffice — and then have the Commissioner of Baseball find out about it, and suspend Jeff “for life.” Then put a former mediocre-hitting middle infielder OTHER than Tony Bernazard in charge of all player personnel decisions, and let the caretaker owner (in this case ol’ Fred) trust him completely.

    Hey, it worked for the Yankees in 1990! And at the time, they were much worse off than the Mets are now. And Gene Michael wasn’t even as good a hitter as Bernazard, but he knows talent. Maybe Wally Backman, who, unlike the Stick (nicknamed for his frame, not his bat), at least played on a Pennant winner.

  2. [QUOTE] “we Mets fans will be looking at the baseball version of the New York Knickerbockers.” [/QUOTE]

    You mean we aren’t already?

    [QUOTE] “Freddy and Uncle Saul have to have an intervention with the little jock sniffer Jeffey and remove him from anything to do with the baseball operation. Then the must go in and rip apart the infrastructure of the team’s front office and start over.” [/QUOTE]

    I thought this already happened in September of 2004. I thought that’s how we ended up hiring Omar in the first place.

    Yogi’s right: it’s deja vu all over again…

  3. Kert Bramble says:

    The Mets brand is being damaged every single day while this circus of a front office is allowed to continue their burning of this franchise into the ground.

    Let us not forget (for long time Mets fans) that this is the 2nd time under the stewardship of the Wilpon family, that the organization has reached embarrassing levels of outright incompetence and joke like stature.

    Omar Minaya has killed this franchise and the Wilpon’s have allowed it to happen.

    Outside of throwing cash at a few free agents, Minaya has shown absolutely no foresight in having the ability to ‘build’ a franchise from top to bottom.

    He is a great scout, but if anyone thinks for a second that this guy has the instincts and the overall smarts to be a GM running an entire organization – you need to think again.

    Has anyone actually watched the guy try and talk? He cannot even speak the English language, he has no ‘feel’ for how to go about doing business – and his insistence on giving the Mets a Latin flavor at virtually all levels of the organization is beyond troubling in my estimation.

    How could anyone seriously defend the Minaya reign of terror?

    The man is swimming in waters well above his aptitude, and as a result, the Mets organization seems to have literally lost its soul the last few years.

    I don’t recognize this Mets organization – the people’s team has become a badly botched experiment, and lets hope that the Wilpon’s either sell the team to someone who has a passion for “Mets baseball”, or that they have the intellect to bring someone in to run this team who knows what the hell they are doing and understands what it means to be a New York Met.

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