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The site was having problems this morning and I’m blaming Jeffey Skill Sets and some Wilpon sabatogie for that but a big thanks to Sports Media Mogul Joe McDonald for fixing whatever it was that messed the place up.


As we approach the 24th hour since the M. Donald Minaya disgraceful presser the debate still rages on about the direction this team is going.  I’m not sure Minaya was working alone in his attack on Adam Rubin since Rubin stated he had spoke to Jeffey Skill Sets about getting into baseball and not Omar, it just smells of a set up to me.


In one way Omar was slick in calling out Rubin during the press conference as it took away the fact that Tony Bernazard would still have a job today if not for the daily stories on Bernazard’ behavior that were painting him as one nasty bastard and made the organization look bad.


What I don’t get is why the hell do the Mets ever let Minaya speak at these things? Listening to him stumble and stammer makes me so uncomfortable listening to him. If Minaya survives this off season and his contract extension kicks in, the Skill Sets should send Omar for some public speaking courses or bring in someone to work with him to help him speak in front of the cameras. The New York Mets for all their faults and ineptsness is still a billion dollar corporation and should not have as it’s spokesman a guy who has a problem putting a sentence together.


By the way the Mets won a game in big time fashion with Fernando Tatis hitting a grand slam on a 0-2 pitch that any other day would be the big story but as usual front office stupidity reigns again.


I’m going to the game tonight (as bad as the team is I love spending my birthday watching baseball) and I think I may go real early and call out Jeffey Skill Sets kind of like Steven Segal in Out For Justice as Det. Gino Felino went looking for Richie Madano in this scene. So if your at $ti Field tonight and you hear someone yelling “Yo Jeffey, Com’on out Jeffey” come by and say hi.

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  1. I was saying this to my company at the game last night that if you want to wax intellectual, Tony B should have been let go FOUR YEARS AGO when he immediately got himself involved in the Delgado negotiations. That said, Steve, I have been lobbying for a job myself since I was 11 y/o and that is to be the General Manager of the Mets. I am a heck of a lot cuter than Omar not to mention more articulate. Spread the good word around. Thank you. ~The Coop

  2. kranepool says:


    As soon as I find the secret oil well in my backyard and give Freddy and Jeffey double what Madoff robbed them of for ownership of the team You get the GM job in fact I will assemble an all female front office

  3. Happy Birthday, Steve! And, last week you said I’d be in the front office….

    Is there anyone, and I mean anyone, who still thinks Omar should be leading this team???

  4. kranepool says:

    Rich you’re my Tony B in fact you will be given tear away shirts and you can out Hulk Hogan Tony B with the bush leaguers who get out of line. Omar’s credibilty has taken a huge hit here hard to believe anything that comes out of the Skill Set Ivory Tower

  5. Kert Bramble says:

    A 12 year old could hold court with the media, speak intelligently, with a clear direction to words and sentences, a clear line of thought, being able to illustrate talking points, much better than anything that Minaya has ever done.

    If I’m Fred Wilpon, I cringe at the thought of this man speaking for my organization – he’s a joke.

    It is also clear that the Madoff thing has severely affected the Mets organization to the point where they should do what is in the best interests of the Mets, their fans, and yes, the Wilpon family.

    Sell the team.


  6. Michael says:

    Any team that bats Murphy cleanup is in BIG trouble!

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