Just coming bck from the Magic Kingdom and looking at video of today’s Mets 9-0 win over the Cards and a few things stand out for sure:

When does the training staff take a hit here a la Tony B after the latest hammy buster by Jon Niese. I feel bad for young Niese as he has to go under the knife to fix his ripped hamstring this on top of the news that Gary Sheffield’s hammy is barking (it seems Sheff felt it wasn’t worth his while to run out a ball in the gap for double due to this leg problems and you want to know why this team is in the shitter?) and Jose Reyes “cramp” is now scar tissue. With all the pulled muscles and miss diganosies the whole training and strength and conditioning staff needs to be looked at.

I’m starting to wonder about Daivd Wright? How the hell didn’t he charge the mound and pummel the shit out of Brad Thompson after that fastball wizzed by his head? Don’t give me this “he held his compsure for the good of the team bullshit” this team is going no place but home after Oct 3rd it would have done the team some good to see the face of the franchise show some mettle.

Please excuse the more than usual spelling errors as it is 12:45 AM and I’m beat


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  1. The reason DW didn’t charge the mound is because this franchise took on the pussy mantra of Mike Piazza. For some reason they think having “class” is more importnat than winning. Whatever class means? it also goes back to the oranization ot having any balls and holding anyone accountable for anything that happens. Therefore, why go out and ghet my ass kicked for owners who are total assholes.

  2. Kaiser Soze says:

    David Wright not charging the mound is the attitude this team has. I honestly dont remember any player for the Mets charging the mound after being hit. I could be wrong, but i dont think its happened in the last 3 years. If players wont fight after almost getting their heads knocked off by a pitch, am i suppose to believe they’ll fight to win a pennant? If people says the 2 are totally different. Then show me a soldier who’s scared to fight back in a war..and i’ll show u an army thats never wins a war.

    At least K-Rod confronted that Yankee pitcher for making the comments about him in he papers. This is second time this year i seen a ball thrown at Wrights head and he’s to scared to even give the pitcher a staredown.

  3. Steve The Original says:

    Yeah, the “pussy mantra of Mike Piazza.” The guy who should have charged Clemens and got thrown out of a WORLD SERIES GAME. Right. That would have been smart. What you should be pissed off at is that Manuel didn’t have anyone throw at another Cardinal yesterday. That is what should have happened, warnings to the benches or no warnings to the benches.

  4. He didn’t charge the mound because he would have got his ass kicked and hurt, Wright is not a fighter.

  5. What good is a fight going to do? Especially in a 9-0 game. Do you want DW to get socked in the face and lose 2 weeks with an injury?
    Plus- fighting just isn’t DW. That guy has a squeaky clean record on and off the field. Get and stay off his ass- he is the one good thing going for this team.

  6. Ed in Westchester says:

    Um, maybe David was worried that he might get hurt? Injuries seem to be going around.
    Or maybe getting he didn’t want to get suspended. You know, when your team is struggling, it is not smart to get suspended when you are the only star player remaining.

    What SHOULD have happened was Nellie Figz should have plunked the first batter up the next inning. Parnell was already warmed up, so no loss, you bring him in then.

    I love how we still get on Piazza for not charging Roider Clemens. I wonder how many internet tough guys would have actually charged the mound after a bat was thrown at them.
    Methinks most would have pooped their pants.

  7. What good would it have done the team?

    This is all about fans excersicing their ego and generally their fat miserable body through someone else.

  8. I’m sure he has some “team first” reason for not charging the mound… but this is the second “Where’s your balls?” incident for the Mets this year. Wright definitely should have issued some punishment for this, but the one that really steams me is earlier in the season. Beltran not sliding. Thats fine if you don’t want to slide, or it was too late, or whatever other ridiculous reason you had, but would you PLEASE PLOW SOMEONE if you’re not going to slide… the bonus would be that you would have gotten to run over YADIER -BLEEPIN- MOLINA! No balls.

  9. Ah, how cute a bunch of machismo-filled internet tough guys. If you are so devastated and angered, make like a White Sox fan and attack a St. Louis Cardinals coach.

    Knowing how this season was going D-Dub would have torn something trying to fight and there would be more four-letter words and poor grammar in this post of yours crying that this team is cursed.

    Peace out, fugazis.

  10. D Wright should have charged the Mound. He could use some days off.

  11. RobinBoyWonders says:

    I agree with Paul. as long as the Coupons own the M*A*S*H* unit known as the Mets, they will continue to be chumps. I would call them Girl Scouts, but that would be sexist and an insult to the Girl Scouts, at least they know how to light a fire. This team wouldn’t know a fire if it lit up their asses. I also wonder If the Coupons are on The Hospital For Special Surgery board of directors? They surely would find a way to benefit from all the players that seem to end up there. I think I am kidding about the last comment.

  12. So, they have A-Hern back. Let me use this as a time to say how much I HATE the “you can still make deals after the deadline” bullshit. This is what you get after the deadline. In 2006 you get Shawn Green, and in 2009 you get A Hern. What you get is garbage no one else wants, that is exactly what you get. And the Genious had a chance to fortify the team when they still were alive. After they’re dead, he gets A Hern. Nice work, like always, Genious. But folks, doesn’t this deal just summarize what our GM is all about? It is a case study.

    And yes, I’m sure this means bye-bye Looie for 2009.

  13. OK, I just got back from the game in SD, and what an experience. Because it is my birthday, I sprung for the expensive seats behind the plate. And who do I sit next to? Jim Fregosi, now a scout with the Braves, and another scout from Seattle. What a night picking their brains about our Mets. Here’s the deal:

    They say the Mets are a team with no plan, and all of baseball knows it. They said the Mets try to spend to cover warts, and do so with no real direction. The M’s scout said Putz is not a fit in NY, injury or no injury. They both said the Mets need to clean house, top to bottom, and bring in people who have a plan. They basically said Omar is a buffoon, and this is a widely held belief in baseball.

    That’s my summary of the night. Fregosi is thrilled that the Braves have rebuilt their pitching. Gee, it would be nice if we could say the same about our team, right??

  14. @Rich – Rich, if your story is indeed legit,it simply reinforces my impression of the entire Met organization…a dysfunctional mess; a train wreck really, with no chance of turning things around soon. Pitty.
    All that money, pre-Madoff and otherwise, and no brain power to use it wisely.

  15. Not a big fan of Sheff but felt he did the right thing not pushing the hammy too hard. Mets had a decent lead at the time of the hamstring tweak and Sheffield is about the only power threat they have this year. Can’t afford to lose the guy.
    Also liked when he followed Wright in the lineup, he asked Card pitcher if he was going to throw at his head, calling time and stepping out of the box during hurler’s windup just for spite. Card pitcher kept his piehole shut. Doubt any other Met would have the balls to challenge any pitcher in that-or any other-manner. Too bad. This team lacks an edge. No killer instinct. Sheff is about all they’ve got…and again, I’m not a Sheff fan.

  16. kranepool says:

    Kevin, I didn’t know Sheff did that after the Wright’s head wizzer I like that by Sheff I’m sure any pitcher would think twice about throwing at Sheff. I’m still upset that Wright didn’t make a statement and go after the pitcher

  17. kranepool says:

    Glad you had a great time Rich and that is an excelent post with you and Fregosi and I can’t disagree it seems like that assesment of the organization is dead on

  18. kranepool says:

    Sweetheart you need to get out of the basement and put the dounuts down

  19. kranepool says:

    Patrick, so I guess if someone smacks you upside your head your cool with that? How much lunch money did you lose as a kid ? Now you got me pissed on my vacation? Like Homer Simpson says “Nobody ruins the family vacation but me”? I guess your new here I no loner have a fat body I’m lean and mean LOL

  20. westfilms says:

    Omar and the owners are buffoons !!!!

  21. How many runs is charging the mound worth?

  22. I would have. Clemens would have gone home with that bat up his ass. And Piazza worrying about getting thrown out. When a player thinks his team cannot win without him. YOU GOT BIG ISSUES.

  23. Charging the mound would have done a lot for the team. It would have let them know that their supposed “Team Guy” cares about the team and winning. Letting pitchers get away with throwing at your head is rediculous. DW is a pansy and it shows.

  24. Who knows how many runs it is worth. How many runs do you loose letting pitchers throw inside at you?

  25. Hernandez is NOT playing 2B in 2009. If that is the case we got bigger problems then we haev this year. Hernandez has less ranged then an injured castillo.

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