Are you guys staying up late to watch our hero’s on the Left Coast? I see that L-Hern had nothing last night but a batting practice fastball and we now have A-Hern back could L-Millz be far behind for a Back to the Future retro ?

Congrats to Big Pelf on becoming a first time Daddy.

It seems I’ve hit a nerve with some readers on calling out D-Wright for not charging the mound after Brad Thompson whizzed a pitch at his head, and I will say that I am stunned that some of you guys think he did the right thing by not going after Thompson. All I can tell you pacifists is the Mets have a rep around baseball as a bunch of pussies who when they are challenged never step up not just to fight but when times get tough they wilt like flowers in a rain storm. Thing will never change until the team grows some balls and if you think that is neanderthal thinking well it is and I don’t apologize for that and if you don’t like it then kiss my hairy cave man ass.

Thank God for the New York Fottball Giants to take my mind off this awful Mets season

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  1. I’m on the left coast and I turned it off in favor of going out to dinner.

  2. Mr. Knish says:

    I agree with you. The team is soft. Bring back Bobby V!

  3. It has gone from bad, to worse, to unbearable. Last night I was about 50 feet behind Wilpon who was around the cage during BP. I’m glad he’s out here. I hope he is watching this very closely and realizes that something needs to be done.

  4. You’re absolutely right. It all goes back to when Piazza failed to go after Clemons and beat his ass after getting beaned and after he threw that broken bat at him, things have never been the same for the Metropolitans.

  5. K-Rod COMPLETELY S— The Bed Last Night. P-U!

  6. OK, here’s the capper. Not only am I wasting my time in SD watching this shit, tonight my daughter gets hit in the face by a ball hit in BP by Schneider. After a visit to the ER and 3 stitches, we went back to the game. Hat’s off the the Padres. The medical staff at the park was great. They gave us free tickets for tomorrow, and gave her an Adrian Gonzalez signed ball. When we got back to the park, they told us to call when we arrived, which I did, and we saw innings 5-9 from the first row behind third. She was kind of a celebrity, with everyone saying “You’re the one who got hit in BP!” Oh, and she has the ball, blood stain and all. Maybe they can avoid the sweep tomorrow, then I’m outta here.

  7. Jeez, why even bring up something that nobody cares about at this point? Also, why attack me on my blog attacking my age and gender? You are only falling more in line with my Internet Tough Guy attack.

    I would go further but you like the Giants and I like the Giants so just put that whole David Wright Unfit To Fight comment and let bygones be bygones. I normally like your blog, btw.

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