Instead of talking about the outstanding pitching performance by 35 year old top pitching prospect Nelson Figueroa, Mets are still discussing whether the Skill Sets will turn the franchise into the biggest small market team in baseball.


Reports over the weekend by former Mets GM Jim Duquette claimed the Mets were abandoning the Florida Fall Instructional League to financial constrainants. The Skill Sets claim it’s not so that they are moving the Fall operation to their Academy in the Dominican due to better competition in the DR.


Now I’d love to come here are kill The Duke but the problem is I don’t who to trust here. See the Skill Sets have pissed on my leg so many times and told me it’s raining that anything that comes out of their mouths is met with a BULLSHIT refrain.


That is the biggest problem with this organization. They have no creditability. The Skill Sets have proclaimed that the ball club is on solid financial ground and no way in hell will they take on a partner or sell the club. The more Freddy Skill Sets makes this point all I do is see Bill Clinton claiming he did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky and Raphael Palmerio sticking his finger at Congress proclaiming his innocence  of steroid use.  


The one sliver of evidence that gives the Mets a bit of creditability when it comes to spending is, it looks like this winter will be a very quiet on when it comes to free agent signings. There doesn’t look to be the ‘it” player out there that teams will push to sign no matter the cost. In fact the market will most likely wait for the non-tenders to flood the market to bring prices down even more. So instead of a check book what a team needs is a savvy talent evaluator to make smart signings and to get production for less money. In other words Mets fans, we’re fucked.

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  1. Ed Podolak says:

    We ARE fucked.

    Mets’ Ice Ages –

    1962 – 1968
    1977 – 1983*
    1992 – 1998
    2001 – 2004
    2009 – TBD. My guess is 2015 or later. No joke.

    *Gets my vote for worst so far, but the current one could be a contender.

  2. I’ll just throw this out there for what it’s worth.

    I was listening to last night’s ATL vs FLA game on WGST and the Braves’ team was discussing the Madoff situation and the Mets. The guy who’s not Sutton said that when you talk to people in the Mets’ organization they will admit that the Madoff business has really hurt the team.

    Now, I generally hate these Braves’ announcers and take everything they say with a grain of salt, but I didn’t get the way the discussion developed it didn’t sound like they were just being arseholes (a localism).

  3. Eagle, as we know the truth with the Skill Sets-Madoff fiasco lies some where in the middle. Are they flush with cash No Are they looking to find a partner? I think so Will they sell the team? I’m sure they would never want to sell the team but in order to get this franchise back on track Fred must get his stuipd ass son out of the baseball buisness. The Mets will never be right as long as Jeffey is making decsions. If any good comes from the Madoff scandal it’s Fred re-directing Jeffey to run the real estate business then bump Omar to Tony Bernazards old job and hire Sandy Alderson to run the baseball buisness.

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