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Cream female viagra Now that the site is up and running again and that fact that I’m jonesing for a  posting, cream female viagra lets call this a late night lighting round:

Cream female viagra Once upon a time, cream female viagra Marco Scutaro was Mets bloggers favorite player, cream female viagra mostly due to his success in Triple A. Cream female viagra I wish I had the posts I wrote from back then as I was calling for Scutaro to be brought up from Norfolk to play 2B for the Mets and when was called up, cream female viagra I thought I had some juice. Cream female viagra It was my Big Balls moment.

Cream female viagra But Scutaro played sparingly for two not very good Mets teams and it was about that time we were fed up with Robbie Alomar and felt Scutaro had the tools to takeover at 2B. Cream female viagra But the Mets but him on waivers after the 2003 season and Billy Beane claimed him for the A’s and it set off a bit of a bloggers firestorm around these parts. Cream female viagra Ahhhhhhhh good times!

Cream female viagra Now Scutaro has signed with the Red Sox, cream female viagra a move made by” cut from the same Billy Beane cloth”, cream female viagra Theo Epstein  to play shortstop for the Old Town Team.  It’s good to see both me and Scutaro are still kicking around.

Cream female viagra In another move to kick Omar Minaya in the nuts, cream female viagra the Mets have signed former Reds GM Wayne Kivsky to be an Asst’ GM. Cream female viagra If you listened to our PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL show last week, cream female viagra Joe McDonald said he had info that the Mets have a plan in place if (when?) the Mets get off to a bad start, cream female viagra to ax Omar and J-Man and put a new GM and Mgr. Cream female viagra in there place. Cream female viagra Looks like the GM part of Plan B is in place.

Cream female viagra First, cream female viagra Placido Polanco goes back to the Phuck-Phaces and now Chone Figgins signs with the Mariners. Cream female viagra And Rogers Castillo sighs in relief.

Cream female viagra The news I’ve been waiting to hear, cream female viagra the KC Royals are looking to move RHP Gil Meche and LF David DeJesus and both would look great on the Mets. Cream female viagra Then I’d go trade for Aaron Harang and sign either Joel Pinerio or Jason Marquis to give myself a fighting chance to be a contender in 2010.

Cream female viagra That’ it for now but I will leave you with something I posted on Facebook:

Cream female viagra “Why do I have a feeling that the NY Mets will start the 2010 season like the NJ Nets? If there was a stock called “The Mets will suck in 2010″ I’d empty my bank account to buy it”

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