When it comes to thinking about the New York Mets this past weekend, my mind was like a car stuck in the mud, just spinning my wheels. Seriously it’s hard to come up with any more ways to analyze Jason Bay and a 5th year (isn’t every year now that the Mets are desperate to sign a big name and have to always over pay in either years or money? I thought the signing of Pedro Martinez, Carlos Beltran and the trade and signing for Johan Santana was supposed to end that and make the Mets THE team that players wanted to join?) or if Ryan Garko or Garrett Adkins would make a great tag team partner for Daniel Murphy or if Matt Capps or Mike McDougal would make the best set up man for Frankie Rodz or if Ben Sheets, Chin Ming Wang or Justin Duchschere would be the best slightly damaged merchandise scrap heap signing or how Omar will fill the four other spots in the starting rotation, but we have talked about these moves almost as much as the NY Post has obsessed over who Tiger Woods has been banging.


My mood is very, very glooming today due to the awful defensive display put on by the New York Football Giants last night against the Iggles from Philly. With the Dallas Cowgirls losing to the San Diego SuperChargers (if it’s December you know it’s wintertime and the Cowgirls will choke) and a big fuck you to Flozell Adams who if he played in the Staten Island Touch Tackle Football League (of which I played in some 30 years ago, 30 YEARS!!!!!! HOLY SHIT)  would be in a hospital recovering from reconstructive surgery on a knee, for being a cheap shot bitch, but I digress……..what a time for the Giants D to come up small and for the special teams to fall apart as well. Oh, an a word to Iggles Coach Andy, (more Chins than the Hong Kong phone book) Reid, your fat ass will not be going to the Super Bowl so enjoy your win over the Giants, only coaches who haven’t won shit would chest bump with their players after a regular season win.    


Can you feel the holiday spirit just oozing out of me? After that Giants game last I got to think of all the teams I root for which gives me the most of my rooting interest, Here are the candidates:


New York Mets


The first sports team I’ve ever rooted for and the team that gives me the most aggravation. More the way the ownership and front office go about its business is what infuriates me as the Mets are the only team I root for that does not embrace it’s history, in fact the owner not only had to be shamed into honoring the teams past but is shocked that the fan base is so adamant in celebrating the history of the team.  Freddy Skill Sets ain’t exactly Tevye, you know what I mean?


New York Giants


I got involved rooting for the Giants as a kid when I started playing football at age 12. My oldest brother had season tickets for the G-Men and I got to go once in awhile (at Highlander Stadium no less) and then my other brother became friendly with the Mara’s though business so it was a natural progression to become a Giants fan. Back in the 70’s, the Giants were not very good but I was a kid and my older brothers were Giants fans so I went with the flow. But then came the 80’s and the G-Men were the cream of the NFL crop (thank you George Young and Bill Parcells) then it became cool to root for Big Blue. The Mara’s also celebrate the teams history fully as they have owned the team since it’s inception in 1925 and it doesn’t hurt they are proud Irish-Americans as well.


New York Rangers


No one in my family were hockey fans when I was a kid and now there are still no hockey fans in my family today but me. My relatives always said I was a little “different” but growing up my neighborhood in Brooklyn was a hockey hot bed. We had the finest roller hockey rink in the city on 53rd St and Ft Hamilton Parkway (it’s still there by the way) so as teenagers we spent a lot of fall and winter days playing hockey, and of course we were Ranger fans. Saturday nights on Ch 9 were Rangers Hockey Night (your Schaffer Circle of Sports) I got to see Brad Park, Eddie Giacomin and my all time favorite Ranger, Walter Tkachuk play in their famous Blue sweaters. Again there is strong tradition with the Broadway Blueshirts as they were an Original Six (I love that title Original Six!!!!!!) While I watched the Rangers on Ch 9 and listened to them on radio, I didn’t go to a Rangers game until I was 18 but the first hockey game I saw in person was a NY Raiders of the WHA game at Madison Square Garden back in 1973 (I was 15 and a bunch of us hopped the on the Sea Beach to Manhattan with our G.O cards and got blue seats for the Raiders for a couple of bucks, the Raiders played at 1 PM and the Rangers at 7:30PM. We thought about finding a hiding place in MSG until the Rangers game at night but figuring we never told our parents about our field trip to Manhattan, they might not be too happy if he didn’t come home until 11 PM or so) I held Rangers season tickets for 10 years but with a wife and two kids, it’s hard to go to 40 games a season and when you can’t make the games and have to eat the tickets, it gets quite expensive, but I was there to see the Rangers win the Stanley Cup and remember the banner in the Blue Seats that night “Now I Can Die In Peace” Of all the fans in this city no fans are more loyal than the Garden Faithful of the Rangers.


Boston Celtics


I know what you’re saying, “No Knicks?” No. Again every Sunday in the winter, I’d watch the NBA on ABC with Chris Schenkel and Jack Tyman and it seemed every Sunday, the Celtics were on TV. Sure I watched the Knicks on Ch 9 (WOR Ch9 was our sports channel only the upper crust in Manhattan had something called “cable tv” ) but I was mesmerized by John Havlicek, JoJo White, Coach Red Auerbach and the great basketball player of all time, Bill Russell. Plus, I thought they were all Irish because of the shamrock, green and well they were the Celtics. Of all my rooting interests, this team has won the most championships and I know a lot of fans hate the team and its fans for that fact. Tough shit!!!!!!!! It is weird though when I go to MSG to see the C’s dressed in my Celtics regalia and Knicks fans yell at me to “go back to Boston” and I yell back “I’m from Brooklyn, asshole” Classy, I know

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  1. Tough day for those of us who hate the Red Sox and Phillies.

  2. Mets: Never had a chance grwoing up in a family of Bropklyn Dodger fans…mom says first game she ever took me to was the Imperfect Game…I was five, and it makes for a good story, so I stay with.

    Giants: Never occured to me to root for anyone else. Sunday’s were always, picked up by Dad mice and early, breakfast at a diner, followed by the Bowery Boys on Channel 5 at 11:30, Giants at 1.

    Islanders: I know that Krane may ban me from blog (just kidding Krane) for saying this, but as a nine year old living the 74-75 season in Tucson was the first time I remember watching hockey…and the first New York team I saw was the Islanders. I know it drove my father crazy but when it turned out that a few years later when my litle brother started rooting for the “other NY” team, there was no way I would ever switch.

    Nets: Loved watching the ball spin with all of the different colors. Although, I have not watched even the equivelent of one NBA game sionce Drazen Petrovic died in 1991. Only hoops I really watch now is when my Sun Devils are on TV.

  3. Ahhhh the Bowery Boys.Louie Dombrowsky, Horace DeBusey Jones and Mug Mc Guiness I’d love to find some of those on DVD.

    I remember when it was annouced that the Fishsticks would join the NHL and play on LI Never thought they’d last and now they might end up in Brooklyn with the “Nyets”

    I remember Marty Clickman doing Nets games on Ch 11 in the ads for the game he’d toss up a red white and blue ABA ball and say “what is this a beachball? NO it’s the ball of the new American Basketball Assocation”

  4. Michael this is a worse day for the Highlanders than the Mets. The Red Sox right now are the team to beat in the AL The Mets? circle those games vs. the Nationals

  5. Rough day in Flushing, but whatever.
    Didn’t we win our 2 WS with Pitching and a lot of Platoon players? I’m telling you- the team we have now will be better by july 31st and 2011 will be even better.
    I hope Mets Marketing doesn’t blow its chance at marketing the best Mets fan Xmas/Hanukak present there is this year- a “Suicide Watch” ho ho.

  6. @kranepool

    Nothing doing, babe. Take a look at their lineup, will ya. They’ve tied up a lot of $ in Lackey who may not be that durable.

    Plus Brian is a dynamic executive who will not accept status quo. Look for pitching reinforcements soon. As we’ve seen he bolsters the bench in season. This is what winning organizations do.

  7. Mets, Rangers, Knicks for me. I was a Giants fan, but when they moved to New Haven that seemed to break the spell. Before they’d returned my father had been transferred out of New York and I was living in the suburbs of Albany. So, I changed NFL teams a couple of times, but then just lost interest.

    I can still remember the day cable TV came to our house outside Albany in July 1978. One of the greatest days of my life. Got all the Met games on Channel 9 again and we got all the Rangers & Knicks games – home & away.

  8. Krane,

    I actually have a bunch of the Bowery Boys stuff on VHS…Or at least I did at last check.

    Can I get two 20s for a ten…?

  9. Eagle, what’s amazing is due to the NFL blacking out home games in the home team market back in the 60′ and 70’s there are tons of Cowboys, Raiders fans in the NYC area as they were on TV more in those days than the Giants and Jets.

    My area in Bay Ridge did not get wired for cable until 1987. I watch most of the Mets games that were on SportsChannel at various bars in Bay Ridge as they all had those huge satellite dishes to grab all the sporting events

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