It’s gone beyond getting aggravated about the way the Mets are going about their non-business so far this off season. I am getting a kick out of Mets fans and non-Mets fans trying to figure out what moves the Mets are ready to make. Well, if you know the Mets next move, then could you please make a call to (718) 507-METS and ask for Omar and tell him the move because it seems to me he’s out of idea’s.


The new bit of pretzel logical coming out of Queens is if the team can’t sign Jason Bay then they will up the offer they’ve made to Bengi Molina. If they can’t sign Molina then they will up their offer to Bay. Go ahead digest that little nugget for a minute I’ll wait……..Hummm so what should I have for lunch? I really could go for a slice but West Broadway is a mess….soup? Yeah, it’s a good soup day how about a minestrone and an toasted everything bagel? Yeah soup and bagel it is Oh shit…..I’m sorry….back to Omar Economics………


Here’s an astute observation by yours truly, The Mets have no plan! Omar is powerless he is under the iron fist of Baby Doc Jeffey Skill Sets and the Minister of Mets Miss Information, DiamondVison Dave Howard. Those two, my friends, are the faces of your franchise. The faces I’d love to smash my fist into.


Bay, Molina, Molina, Bay, the Mets act like these two are the missing links to competitiveness (we all agree that the Mets are not contenders right? RIGHT????) meanwhile there are about FOUR spots in the starting pitching rotation that needs addressing but I guess there is still plenty of time to fuck that up this winter.

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  1. Krane, it is amazing that this team any fans left. Those of us, who know nothing else must like the abuse, because we keep coming back for more. I hope the owners enjoy their summer of empty seasts, because it is clear that the threat I made many summers ago, in the late 80s to be a Mariners’ fan if they do not fire Davey Johnson (I think they won in spite of him, not because of him) is one I should have kept. Nice to see an organization that has a plan. Because The Skill Sets Twins (Jeffey & Teflon Omar) do not have an F***ing clue.

  2. John Beyrer says:

    The problem is that Jeffster thinks he is the next coming or current incarnation of Branch Rickey, Frank Cashen or —–(fill in the blank of you favorite front office person). I have seasons at teh Cyclones and a pkg for the mets. When you read the free give away mag from bklyn it has a paragraph about how the son played ball in the NYP league after getting drafted by teh expos. The fact that this guy was drafted in the 62nd round by the worst team since the ST louis Browns and played in Low A ball does not make him a qualified “baseball man”. I would guess that he is bright after having gone to an Ivy league school but that doesn’t make him Brad Ausmus who I believe is a Dartmouth Grad as is Jeff from my understanding. BTW Dartmouth is not Clemson, Miami, USC or any sort of baseball powerhouse. It also begs the question as to whether he was drafted as a favor to Pop. The emperor has no clothes but was born to the right family

  3. And now Marquis is heading to Washington.

  4. Now it’s time to get positive – in a twisted way.

    The sentiment is getting so hostile that I’m starting to think we may see the only remedy for what ails us – a sale by the wilpons.

    It’s not imminent…but the level of disgust has never been this high as far as I can recall. The steve phillips debacle (mo, robby, et. al.) was pretty bad but there’s something about the 2009 train wreck that has hit the die hards deeply.

    The deroulet period was about as hopeless but those people were simply inept and not borderline evil as fred and jeff are.

    Channel this agner into a boycott and let’s get this team out of the wilpon’s inept hands so we can hope for something to root for in this lifetime. Remember, jeff wilpon is 45 years old, so if they don’t sell, we have 30 more years of this.

  5. At least we have Gary, Keith and Ron.

  6. The fact that Jeffey was ever drafted by the Expos as a catcher has never been validated in fact that draft story is a much urban legend as alligators in the NYC sewer system

  7. Get a GM who has a clue, and with the balls to ask Jeff to step aside. That’s all it takes. Ask yourself why Jeff is involved? because he has an incompetent GM, so Jeff feels he has to stay in the picture. Now ask yourself if this all could have been avoided if Jeff simply bit the bullet, fired Mr. Clueless, and brought us a real GM. And the part the chaps my ass is that this can still be done. But no, they continue to make a mockery of the organization. FIRE THE DOPE TODAY!

  8. Rich – unfortunately, I think Jeffy will meddle even if they revive Kennesaw “Mountain” Landis (sp?) for GM.

    He’s an entitled brat. Good GMs, like good free agents, know this and thus will never hang their shingle in Stemland.

    Nelson Doubleday saw the future and got the f–k out.

    GM with a clue? Won’t join the Mets. GM with balls? Won’t join Mets either but at least tells Jeff to fuck off during interview.

  9. There is no plan in place with these people in charge, other than to sign the highest profile person they can, rather than create some useful production from positions via platooning, intelligent acquisitions and creativity. Had Whitey Herzog, Dave Johnson, Mike Sciosia, Bobby Cox, or even Bobby V been in charge theses past few years, who really thinks the Mets would be as forlorn as they seem now. I will grant last year as an aberration due to injuries.
    Slomar and the Wilpons are lost

  10. scott from peekskill says:

    @Rich – Not true. A young baseball executive with talent would jump at the chance to be the Mets GM no matter who the owner is. Guys like Epstein thrive in spite of ownership. Just gotta find a young ballbuster in another organization who wants to turn this Titanic around.

  11. Hey Scott, I agree. I think Stork sees Jeff continuing to meddle. I’d take a Theo RIGHT NOW and push Jeff into a closet personally if need be.

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