So Jason Marquis signed with the Washington Nats for 2yrs/$15 mil. It seems the Mets were adamant about Marquis signing for minimum of 5 yrs/$40 mil.


Of course if the Mets signed Marquis for the same deal it would have been very nice but let’s not make him out to be Don Drysdale, okay, he’s a plow horse who takes the ball every 5th day and most days keeps his team in games.


The big problem for the Mets if John Harpers’ info is correct, the team has placed a priority on adding offense first then seeing how much is left in the bank account to go for pitching. If that’s the case, this Mets team is destined for doom.


Does it really pay to get mad anymore? I have no idea what the Mets plan is this off-season and I’m at the point that I couldn’t give a shit if Jason Bay signs here or not. In fact, my mindset for this coming season is of a late 70’s type mode. I see myself going to as many games as I can at $iti Field because for all the screaming, cursing and acting like baby bullshit I do here, I’m still a die hard Mets fan. I’ll be there (hopefully) on Opening Day and for a lot of other days/nights at $iti Field. So the Mets don’t have to do anything to appease me because even if they were still playing in our beloved Shea with it’s leaky toilets and broken seats, I’d still be there bitching and moaning but with cash and credit card in hand, wearing a Mets jersey, Mets cap, Mets socks (yeah that’s right I have about 5 pair of Mets socks) and standing and applauding when Alex Anthony says “And here they are your 2010 New York Mets”.  You say I’m a jerk and ass whatever but the bottom line is I love the Mets it’s the owner whose guts I hate.  Even Jimmy (Welcome to my Garden Party) Dolan laughs at Jeffey Skill Sets.

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  1. Krane, picture this being said as if I were Allen Iverson…

    Plan?! We’re talking about a plan…

    Be serious this team has no plan, other than continually taking its fan base for granted…they think we are morons, when in fact they are the morons. They have no clue…I am still waiting for the deal that makes the Mets younger and more athletic. You know, the first thing that Omar said when he was hired.

  2. scott from peekskill says:

    My bigger concern is that we are doing long term damage to the team. it is ok to come in 3rd this season but not for the next 10 seasons and I can’t see us competing with this management/ownership group.

  3. The bottom line is $$$$$$$$$$$. What the Mets spend and what the fans spend. The euphoria of Opening Day will have us out in droves, but if things go bad (and this easy for me to say since I live in St Pete now, no snow y’all) Stop going to $iti. The only way to break up this monopoly of morons is to break the bank. No income will make them change. A Metscott will send Jeffy back to the land of Real Estate.

  4. Incompetence is one thing. But the Wilpons and Howard have gone beyond that to flat out deceiving and misleading their fan base. The more I see, read, and hear, the more I am convinced that the Wilpons and Dave Howard are simply dishonorable people.

  5. More pitching depth for THE WORLD CHAMPIONS.

    Your move, Omar.

  6. Yeah, I have to agree, Steve. I’m counting the days until opening day, when I’ll don my Mets gear at Citi and use my credit card until it is warm from swiping. That does not change my anger toward the team (I think your dislike for Jeff and Dave is equal to my dislike for Clueless Omar).

    I did not think Marquis was worth chasing. Of the guys left, I’d go for Piniero. I’d also talk to Toronto about Barajas, and help TB see that they can’t afford Crawford and Upton and try to get one of them.

    I’m glad Vasquez is out of the league, he was a pain in the ass for us. I have always thought Melky was a typically overrated, over-hyped Highlander. Who cares if he’s in the NL? He was sent down in 2008. Oh well, Christmas is here, and we have nothing new. Could this be the “plan”? Sacrifice 2009? Hey, we’d be gullable enough to buy tickets anyway, and they know it.

  7. Just read that Mets signed a knuckleballer named R.A. Dickey (not kidding) to a minor league contract.

    Looking forward to similar signings, such as:

    U.R.A. Dickey (his brother…)
    I.P. Dailey
    Phil Aschio

  8. If the Mets want someone from the Rays, get Pena. He hits Moonshot Homers and is a vacuum at 1B.

  9. Maybe they’ll put up “Dickey heads” when strikes someone out.

  10. Hey, did you see that they’ve extended the date to renew ticket plans from 12/18 to 12/31? Says a lot, right?

  11. From a Putz to a Dickey.
    Too bad the Highlanders got the Johnson, right in the Nick of time!
    Next thing you know, they’ll hire someone from Regina, Sasketchewan.

  12. Rich They can extend the deadline to opening day the fan base is fed up telling Jeffey Skill Set shove your tickets up your ass!!!

  13. Dickey Heads? those would be Omar Jeff and Dave Howard

  14. HAHAHA. Good one, Steve

  15. @Rich
    And the Metsies are rumored to be in the market for a Wang.

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