Before I get on with this quick post on the Christmas Eve let me first wish one and all a happy and healthy Christmas. This will be it around here for today and tomorrow but before we break for Christmas a few quickies:


Please Theo Epstein do us Mets fans a favor and sign Jason Bay. Theo, you are a bright young GM and you played this perfectly as the only suitor for Bay is this broken down NL team with no direction home. Bravo Theo, bravo.  


Fernando Martinez can you be a has been even though you’ve never been? I wish MLB Network would do a show like E Entertainment does on Hollywood stars who fall to shit about ball players or future phenoms who never make it as F- Mart’s story would be epic. Who knows, now that Martinez has fallen off the major league wagon he can go back to being a minor leaguer learning to play baseball.


Couples split all the time but I was so sorry to hear about Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins breaking up. Now Sarandon is a great actress and I can’t pass by a display of lemons at the supermarket without think of her in the film Atlantic City but it’s Robbins, who is more than just a great actor, he is a great sports fan that made pause to feel upset of this breakup. I have met Tim Robbins twice in my life both at sporting events. Once at Shea as he is a big Mets fan and another time at Madison Square Garden as he is also a huge Rangers fan and a hockey player. I never knew how tall Robbins was until I met him in person, I’m 6ft and he is about a head taller than me. When I saw him at MSG, he was hanging out near the ice watching warm-ups like us other Rangers fans and when I recognized him I said that I had met him at Shea and in fact it was after the 2007 season or as we call it the Great Collapse of ’07, and we commiserated while watching the Blueshirts skate in warm ups He could not have been more gracious and being that we are the same age we not shared love of Mets and Rangers but rock music as well. I hope to run into again sometime this winter at MSG or at $iti Field in the spring.


Speaking of MSG, I can not believe it’s been 30 years since the Boston Bruins-Mike Milburry, Peter McNab, Terry O’Reily-stormed the stands at the Garden, right in front of me. My friends and I had season tickets in Blue Seats and when there were two minutes left in every home game we used to “make the move” downstairs to watch the end of the game, hear the 3 stars of the game and then head into the Manhattan night. There was tension in the building most of the night as there were with most Ranger-Bruin games. But when Milburry hopped over the glass followed by his teammates all hell broke lose. The funniest part of that night was when I got home and my mom and dad sitting in the living room by the phone. They were watching the 11 O’clock news and saw the riot, they both swore my friends and I were involved. Ah, good times.

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  1. joe crime victim says:

    Sorry to post some unpleasant truth on such a wonderful day, but I can’t let your glowing assessment of Tim Robbins go without comment.

    Do you know that Robbins and Sarandon have a son named Jack Henry?

    Do you know where the boy’s name comes from? He was named for Jack Henry Abbot, a murderer who was released from prison after that awful human being Norman Mailer agitated for his early release on the “merits” of Abbot’s prison-life book “In The Belly of The Beast.”

    Soon after Abbot was released from prison, he murdered Richard Adan, a 22 year old waiter whose offense to Abbot was to deny him use of the bathroom at a restaurant where Adan worked.

    In true liberal fashion, Sarandon and Robbins embraced not the cause of innocent victim Adan but of worthless career criminal Abbot. They attended his trial as a show of support. (Sarandon did. Not sure if Robbins was there….)

    Anyway – when the limousine liberals had their first child together, they named him Lee Harvey – ooops – I mean Jack Henry – to honor a double murderer.

    What kind of human being does this? I once saw Tim Robbins in Central Park and didn’t approach him but I was dying to ask him – did you or your wife ever give any thought to what level of pain you caused the family of Richard Adan by honoring his killer?

    Every time their son attends the Academy Awards or some other public function with them, his name – Jack Henry – appears all over the Internet, newspapers, and magazines. That must be like a punch in the throat to Adan’s family.

    Sorry – bad day to be spreading negativity – but this Robbins guy is a prick. He’s a hypocritical liberal who thinks nothing of causing agony to a victim’s family so he and his awful wife can “make a statement” and show how “progressive” they are.

    Ask yourself – if Jack Henry Abbot murdered your child and Susan Sarandon named her first boy Jack Henry in his honor – how would you feel about her and Tim Robbins.

    Would it matter to you that he likes the Mets and Rangers?

  2. Milbury’s Shoe & Schoenfled’s Donuts, two of the funnier episodes ever. Krane, were you involved? I was never a Seinfeld fan, but it does kind of seem that they would have made good episodes of the show.

  3. Per Buster Olney:

    Mark DeRosa is leaning toward taking the two-year offer from the Giants.

  4. Merry Chirstmas, all. I just got back from midnight mass (my church does it at 10, so I guess it is a misnomer, but it is SO much better). The good feeling of Christmas is diminished when I think of the happenings (or lack thereof) in Queens. Amazing what this team can do to you. Now another day tomorrow with the Highlander fan contingent..ugh.

  5. @Rich

    Merry Christmas Rich!

    Please give my warmest regards to your wonderful relatives. Sounds like a fabulous family to me. (Wish I could be there)


  6. Michael, you’re like the warm-up act for them. They will parade in wearing Yankee jackets, and get Yankee gifts. One may give me a Mets mug and snicker as I open it…as Beningo would say…oh the pain.

    Kelvim Escobar? Is that not a typical Minaya signing? Pitched one game in the bigs in the last 2 years, and he’s 33. I say again, all it takes to right the ship is for Jeff to hire a GM who has a clue, and Jeff to step aside. All of the problems, the bad contracts (that lead to the inability to spend) the non-existent farm system (that leads to the inability to trade) all falls on the most clueless, disgrace of a GM in professional sports.

  7. Rich hope Christmas went well with the Highlander Out-Laws. Thankfully no one at my house was of that persuasion but that changes today as we visiting friends who are Orthodox Highlanders. My head should as red as a thermometer by dinner.

  8. Originally Posted By kranepoolRich hope Christmas went well with the Highlander Out-Laws. Thankfully no one at my house was of that persuasion but that changes today as we visiting friends who are Orthodox Highlanders. My head should as red as a thermometer by dinner.

    Damn. Another great gathering I wasn’t invited to.

  9. Good luck, Steve. One of the outlaws got me Mets Crocs, with a card that said “now you, too, can walk all over the Mets”.

    Someday, we shall rise from the ashes…

  10. Granted I know that people create websites like this because of their fandom or whatever,but to have a Mets-centric website and badmouth and trash the team constantly makes no sense. Hell,I’m just as fed up with the last few seasons as the next guy. Nonetheless,I have faith that things will get turned around again,like they have in the past and probably will again in the future. If comments like “…the only suitor for Bay is this broken down NL team with no direction home….” are your way of letting off steam about The Mets recent failures and shortcomings,so be it. But,if you seriously have that opinion of the team,go be a Yankees fan. They could always use another bandwagon jumper ;)

  11. Stevie B guess your new around here first let me tell you I bleed Orange and Blue and I guess you can’t tell I am angry that a franchise with a great and passionate fan base pisses all over it and if you came here thinking myself and my readers are drinking the Wilpon Kool-Aid your as clueless as Jeffey Skill Sets. The Wilpon’s love guys like you just sit and take it well that’s not me The Mets front office can shovel the bullshit to fans like you but they know this is one bullshitter they can’t do it to.

  12. Steve you know what youa re jsut like the Wilpons you make an absolute fool out of yourself and you are proud of it. Tell you waht since you like mediocrity why dont you become a royals fan or pirate fan. OK…Bye now. @Steve_B -

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