As I get ready to watch the New York Football Giants play the Carolina Panthers, in what could be the last game at GIANTS Stadium, I got to thinking how I have no emotional attachment to that Stadium like I had with Shea Stadium, when the last summer of Shea was a six month wake.

Now maybe it’s that fact that I’ve spent many more days at Shea than I have at Giants Stadium, even though I’ve been to many games there in the past 34 years but there is just not that attachment to the Meadowlands like I had with Shea and from the looks of things, I don’t think many Giants fans do either.

A lot of that non-emotion has to do with the fact that there are a lot of Giants fans who have never been to the Stadium. Think about that as Mets fans. For years, there was a huge waiting list for Giants season tickets, in fact season tickets were left in wills and estates to carry over from family to family. I’ve been lucky between my brothers and friends, I usually get to 2 games a year at Giants Stadium but there is a huge population of Giants fans who have never seen Big Blue play live and in person.

When the Last Days of Shea were upon us, the blogs and news media outlets were full of stories by Mets fans of the joy of growing up going to games at Shea Stadium. For all the complaining we Mets fans did about Shea from leaky pipes, to floods in the bathrooms, to no concourse space and on and on, when the last day at the ball park came, we cried like babies. Something tells me there will no tears shed for Giants Stadium today. I guess that’s one more reason why baseball is better than football, much more emotional.

Another Giants related story that had me thinking Mets was the story in the News about Wellington Mara and the day Giants Stadium opened and how happy he was that the Giants finally had their own home. Mr. Mara ran the Giants for years and when his nephew Tim Mara joined him in ownership, the team took a downward turn. I remember my brothers debating the Wellington/Tim Mara spilt as Wellington wanted to build through the draft and Tim was more of a showman and wanted to go after big name players and thus there was a huge spilt. It wasn’t until Pete Rozelle stepped in and told both Mara’s for the good of the NFL they needed to find someone to run the football operations of the team, and get the Giants back as NFL title contenders. Isn’t that where the Mets are today?

Freddy Skill Sets is not involved in the day to day moves of the Mets, he has turned the team over to his son Jeffey, who in turn has David Howard, the noted house shyster as his consigliore, neither one of them know anything about running a baseball team. They have a lame duck GM in Omar Minaya and a lamer duck manager in Jerry Manuel and now have a team with assets of close to $1 billion dollars but a team that no one wants to play for and is disrespected through out baseball.  What they need is a George Young, a guy to come in a run the baseball ops the right way, with a plan to build a solid foundation. This is not some small market; pocket the revenue sharing, type of franchise. This is a franchise with outstanding financial and fan support resources, what it lacks is leadership and until young Jeffey and Shyster Dave are removed from the day to day doings of the baseball end, the Mets will continue down the path of failure.

The fan base is not just angry but hugely disappointed in the direction this franchise is headed. The easy thing to do is abandon ship but we never will, this team is too much a part of us to that. Guys like me have to much invested here, but that doesn’t mean as fans we just sit back a take it.

I’d love to sit here and wave blue and orange poms-poms and praise the signing of Kelvin Escobar and R.A Dickey and Ryota Igrashi but there is so much more that needs to be done and I don’t have any faith in the front office to get it done.

I feel sorry for Omar Minaya. His biggest mistake as GM to me was hiring his friends into top jobs. It doesn’t work. From Tony Bernazzard to Ramon Pena to Bingo mgr Mako Oliveras to Julio Franco to Luis Aguayo they all failed at their jobs and they all failed Minaya. Now some of you are saying “see too many Latinos” but if you can look past your bias, you’ll see it’s more of guys that Minaya grew up through the ranks from player to scout to front office person throughout baseball that he surrounded himself with and it could just cost him his job. Add in the fact that Minaya is real old school when it comes to evaluating talent and maybe his way of thinking is outdated in today’s baseball.

Ownership and the front office can try to con us with “the team will be better as all those who were injured will be back healthy “ propaganda but their non-action speaks louder than words and the really need to do something to stem the tide of pessimism that they have cast over the franchise.

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  1. Giants look awful 17-0. Will both of my favorite teams close their stadiums with playoff-hope ending losses? WTF? Geez.

    Yes, Omar made mistakes in the people he hired. I think that is the tip of the Omar iceberg. The GM’s job is the major-league team on the field, and to oversee the contruction of a productive farm system. This buffoon has riddled the big-league team with bad contracts (no one’s fault but his, there was no gun to his head to sign Alou at age 40, Perez for 3, Cartillo for 4, Franco for 2 with the insane notion that he is a clubhouse guy, Valentin would have you believe that Franco was a divisive force, etc), and wht’s worse, the organization has no prospects of any value. Mejia, Havens, Davis, et al are a few years away. So if you look at it, he has failed at every aspect of his job. It is as clear as can be. If I did that, or any other employed person did that, we would be collecting unemployment and searching

    Why on earth does this man have a job? That, I think, is the reason people have no faith and are not buying tickets.

  2. I have to agree in regards to Omar, his days are numbered not so much with the Wilpons but us fans. He’s their puppet and he is just following the actions of the strings.

    What is sad is I have been a Met fan for 40 years…and this past season was the first time ever I got to a point in any season and said I had enough as I turned off the TV and tuned out. I have never givin up on any Met season, never before and anyone who knows me will tell you I could never turn my back on the any of their teams they put on the field. It was not the team’s losses that made me want to turn away I understood the injuries, etc… It was being lied to and fed stories like I have no comprehension, like I do not actually care for this team or other all the while the Wilpons and Co. wanting more of my dollars…what made me a Met fan and not a Yankee fan growing in NYC was havin heart that was true, true to my team. I know the Yankee fans will roar but I tell it like it was they dissapeared when their Yanks were down. But when my team was losing I would sit in any seat in Shea or other stadium to watch them play, any seat. That team was family no matter how good or bad they played I wanted to be there for them. There were a bunch of summers as a kid I went 50-60 games per at Shea, 50-60! not because of season tickets or wealthy family, no but because of the dime i earned from allowance to hawking newspapers I bought tickets. Road the #7 smiling like smiling all the way. Every birthday and Christmas I would ask for tickets to games and Mets gear. If I could not be in the seats I was there in some way for every game. I would watch them on TV, if not on TV I had an AM radio I carried with me during basesball season so I could listen to them. Last season we kept hearing when they get back. Yes when they get back in 2010 not 2009 as you kept saying. As time went by I knew we fans were being strung along…well now it is my turn to say “when the Mets organization-ownership gets it, gets it back that their fans matter most I’ll be back……..”

  3. Barack DeRoulet says:

    Omar is the one with the bias, not those of us who point out the “latino thing.”

    It’s an incendiary topic because it has to do with race, except that it doesn’t have to do with race. Omar is like every bad manager (and I mean corporate manager, not on field baseball manager) you have ever run into – he employs friends, sycophants, and reclamation projects whose total lack of value to anyone else means automatic loyalty and obligation to Omar (see Tatis, Castillo, Julio Franco….).

    The trouble starts because Omar is more comfortable around latinos and so HIS bias (HIS. HIS. HIS. NOT OURS.) has ruined the team. Too bad his bias is for latinos. If it was for guys from Queens or guys whose last name started with “M”, like his, no controversy.

    So this nonsense that those of us who point out the latino thing is biased must stop. Omar is biased and we are merely pointing it out. And, his bias isn’t race-based…he’s just going with what he knows and with people who owe him. This is what every bad manager in corporate history and what some paranoid leaders (nixon) have done.

    So – here I go – Omar’s latino bias is real and I’m just pointing it out. Don’t blame it on me.

  4. Don’t feel sorry for Omar, particularly if you accuse him of cronyism in the very next sentence. I give him credit for finally picking up a few pointers on how to construct a bullpen, but Mets fans deserve so much better. In contrast, it has been painful watching Cashman emerge as on of the game’s top GMs.

    And don’t the Jets have a home game next week? I know that they are not viewed as the primary tenants, but still….

  5. I know nobody around here cares, but here’s a true Yankee fans’ Met memories over the years.

    1- Being upset in spring training when the Mets beat the Yankees. Going to the Polo Grounds in 1962 and seeing Ed Bouchee homer. Also saw Willie Mays go deep.
    2- Going out to the upper deck in left in batting practice hoping to catch a ball. (I succeeded at Yankee Stadium on a few occasions)
    3- Going to my first game at Shea in 1964 against the Cards. (I think)
    4- Having Sid Fernandez as a neighbor because he rented a home up the street.
    5- Going to my last Met game which was the home opener in 1989. (Company outing) Wore my running tights under my jeans because Shea was the coldest stadium I’ve ever been in.
    6- Feeling depressed as hell after the 1986 series and all that talk of a dynasty.

  6. Remeber the skaneekes were not in dynasty form until george was ousted from the day to day of the team and Stick built from the ground up.
    The Mets need a Stick, nomar was supposed to be the man. “In charge of all baseball ops” that was his mandate coming in. What a fucking fraud.

  7. @Barack DeRoulet – I like when you point out the latino thing and everyone responds ” I dont care what race they are”… idiot PC people do. Would they care if the same bias was twoard white people…sure they would, they would all scream and call themselves open minded and progressive. So it is a problem, a big problem. It’s Club Omar and nobody even the players take him seriously. If people do not think it is a problem they are jsut burying their heads in teh sand. Fernando Martinez is a young player who lives in a foreign country. How does anyone know what he is doing? Is he rehabbing? Who knows?

  8. I partially agree with Barack. Omar, as I have written here before, has brought in players who he wanted to bring in, seemingly regardless of their value (or LACK thereof) to the team. There are way too many examples to ignore it. He was dead set on bringing in Livan, and look what we got. The folly of bringing in Franco, what a disgrace. Now he’s doing the same with Molina. He brought in other cronies who needed a home, not guys who bring value. Alou is my favorite example. Everyone knew he would be chronically injured at 40, bit Omar ran out and brought him in, instead of bringing in a younger, athletic LF. As for the Latino thing, I won’t touch that. But Barack is right in that this happens in business every day. Some dude gets a high-profile job, and the next move is to clean house and bring in cronies, whether or not it is good for the organization. If it succeeds, great. If not, that person has to pay the price. I think we know what happened here. Time to pay the price, Omar. Let me drive you the airport.

  9. I dropped the Mets a few years ago,and joined the legions of Yankees fans.Best move I ever made.


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