Indian viagra As I get ready to watch the New York Football Giants play the Carolina Panthers, indian viagra in what could be the last game at GIANTS Stadium, indian viagra I got to thinking how I have no emotional attachment to that Stadium like I had with Shea Stadium, indian viagra when the last summer of Shea was a six month wake.

Indian viagra Now maybe it’s that fact that I’ve spent many more days at Shea than I have at Giants Stadium, indian viagra even though I’ve been to many games there in the past 34 years but there is just not that attachment to the Meadowlands like I had with Shea and from the looks of things, indian viagra I don’t think many Giants fans do either.

Indian viagra A lot of that non-emotion has to do with the fact that there are a lot of Giants fans who have never been to the Stadium. Indian viagra Think about that as Mets fans. Indian viagra For years, indian viagra there was a huge waiting list for Giants season tickets, indian viagra in fact season tickets were left in wills and estates to carry over from family to family. Indian viagra I’ve been lucky between my brothers and friends, indian viagra I usually get to 2 games a year at Giants Stadium but there is a huge population of Giants fans who have never seen Big Blue play live and in person.

Indian viagra

Indian viagra When the Last Days of Shea were upon us, indian viagra the blogs and news media outlets were full of stories by Mets fans of the joy of growing up going to games at Shea Stadium. Indian viagra For all the complaining we Mets fans did about Shea from leaky pipes, indian viagra to floods in the bathrooms, indian viagra to no concourse space and on and on, indian viagra when the last day at the ball park came, indian viagra we cried like babies. Indian viagra Something tells me there will no tears shed for Giants Stadium today. Indian viagra I guess that’s one more reason why baseball is better than football, indian viagra much more emotional.

Indian viagra Another Giants related story that had me thinking Mets was the story in the News about Wellington Mara and the day Giants Stadium opened and how happy he was that the Giants finally had their own home. Indian viagra Mr. Indian viagra Mara ran the Giants for years and when his nephew Tim Mara joined him in ownership, indian viagra the team took a downward turn. Indian viagra I remember my brothers debating the Wellington/Tim Mara spilt as Wellington wanted to build through the draft and Tim was more of a showman and wanted to go after big name players and thus there was a huge spilt. Indian viagra It wasn’t until Pete Rozelle stepped in and told both Mara’s for the good of the NFL they needed to find someone to run the football operations of the team, indian viagra and get the Giants back as NFL title contenders. Indian viagra Isn’t that where the Mets are today?

Indian viagra Freddy Skill Sets is not involved in the day to day moves of the Mets, indian viagra he has turned the team over to his son Jeffey, indian viagra who in turn has David Howard, indian viagra the noted house shyster as his consigliore, indian viagra neither one of them know anything about running a baseball team. Indian viagra They have a lame duck GM in Omar Minaya and a lamer duck manager in Jerry Manuel and now have a team with assets of close to $1 billion dollars but a team that no one wants to play for and is disrespected through out baseball.  What they need is a George Young, indian viagra a guy to come in a run the baseball ops the right way, indian viagra with a plan to build a solid foundation. Indian viagra This is not some small market; pocket the revenue sharing, indian viagra type of franchise. Indian viagra This is a franchise with outstanding financial and fan support resources, indian viagra what it lacks is leadership and until young Jeffey and Shyster Dave are removed from the day to day doings of the baseball end, indian viagra the Mets will continue down the path of failure.

Indian viagra The fan base is not just angry but hugely disappointed in the direction this franchise is headed. Indian viagra The easy thing to do is abandon ship but we never will, indian viagra this team is too much a part of us to that. Indian viagra Guys like me have to much invested here, indian viagra but that doesn’t mean as fans we just sit back a take it.

Indian viagra I’d love to sit here and wave blue and orange poms-poms and praise the signing of Kelvin Escobar and R.A Dickey and Ryota Igrashi but there is so much more that needs to be done and I don’t have any faith in the front office to get it done.

Indian viagra I feel sorry for Omar Minaya. Indian viagra His biggest mistake as GM to me was hiring his friends into top jobs. Indian viagra It doesn’t work. Indian viagra From Tony Bernazzard to Ramon Pena to Bingo mgr Mako Oliveras to Julio Franco to Luis Aguayo they all failed at their jobs and they all failed Minaya. Indian viagra Now some of you are saying “see too many Latinos” but if you can look past your bias, indian viagra you’ll see it’s more of guys that Minaya grew up through the ranks from player to scout to front office person throughout baseball that he surrounded himself with and it could just cost him his job. Indian viagra Add in the fact that Minaya is real old school when it comes to evaluating talent and maybe his way of thinking is outdated in today’s baseball.

Indian viagra Ownership and the front office can try to con us with “the team will be better as all those who were injured will be back healthy “ propaganda but their non-action speaks louder than words and the really need to do something to stem the tide of pessimism that they have cast over the franchise.

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