So my wife talked me into go to Lancaster PA for New Years Eve so as soon as we pull into the resort I know I’m in for a long weekend.

First probelm, half of Staten Island is here. I’ve been stopped in the lobby about 5 times since geting here by people saying “Don’t I know you from so place” ? I didn’t gome 160 miles to hang out with my felow Staten Islanders, that’s what the SI Ferry is for.

The problem is most of them are Highlander fans and they folks here who are not Highlander fans are Phuck Phace fans. Of course I’m decked out in my Mets best threads, Sweatshirt, jacket, and my classic blue New Era cap.

After tossing out insults to me both sets of fans say to me “”I don’t know if you heard, but the Mets signed Jason Bay” No really? Then I go into  Moe Green mode “Do you know you I am”? at that point my family runs away from me.

I want to wish all of tou who comes to sight each day a happy and healthy New Year and just to let you know how appreciative I am that you folks come here each day not just read my posts but leave such great comments. Agian thany you guys so much.

Hopfully   I survive this weekend and I’ll be back here Saturday

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  1. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year from a fellow Met fan who gets a kick out of your slant on all things Mets…..

  2. All us EKSers have something to be thankful about. Me, I’m glad to have a site where I can come to Rabble Rouse, and also, my Computer because they won’t let me have any sharp writing instruments here in the Loony Bin. Lets Go Mets!

  3. Happy New Year!

    And thanks for letting me and my allegiance to THE WORLD CHAMPIONS partake here. As I’ve said before, I enjoy this blog much more than any Yankee site.

    Who knows, maybe I’ll get my comeuppance in 2010? (Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the hell out of this off season)

  4. kranepool says:

    Michael, you and your Highlander ilk better run for the hills if our Mets get good again as I’ll be calling for a Mets fan “jihad”

  5. If the Mets ever win again, better off ignoring the Highlander fans…it will kill them more with them waiting for it.

  6. Happy New Year, Steve. Thanks for giving me a place to rant and rave and spew my anti-Omar venom. I’m glad that you understand that although your loyal readers may disagree with you and each other on occasion, we all (except Michael) want one thing, a WS Championship in Queens.

  7. George the Stork says:

    A belated New Years greeting to you, Steve, and all of the faithful bloggers. Even you, Michael. You guys are great.

  8. Originally Posted By George the StorkA belated New Years greeting to you, Steve, and all of the faithful bloggers. Even you, Michael. You guys are great.

    Thanks, babe. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  9. @pfh64

    Happy New Year Rich!

  10. @Michael


    I will way with the likes of Jessica Biel long before that ever happens!

    Happy New Year, babe!

  11. You as well, Michael.

  12. @kranepool

    I’m quaking in my boots over a spineless threat from the “infidels” in Flushing!

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