Sorry for the lateness of this post but I’m still trying to get over the shock of last nights Pro Baseball Central and Joe McDonald making his case for the Mets to win at least 90 games next year and at the least make the post season the NL Wild Card team. Yes I think we will start having a Breathalyzer on hand for the next show. Check out the podcast as it was quite entertaining if I say so myself.

John Sickles has published his top 20 Mets prospect list and his #1 is Jennry Mejia. No matter what stories you read about Mejia, they all confirm that Mejia could be a special pitcher and they all worry about the Mets rushing him. Hopefully the new brain trust in the organization can stop the practice of rush prospects through the system and just allow them to work their way up the organizational ladder.

So D-Wright will sit down with the Radio Bloviator next Wednesday. Instead of the Mets holding a Fan Fest so Mets fans can mingle with there team, we get a ride in the WFAN  Hot Air Balloon.    

On February 6th, the NYC Chapter (known as the Casey Stengel Chapter) of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) will hold their annual meeting at the New York Public Library at 455 5 AVE at W 40 St 6th floor. The event starts at 10AM and goes to 4PM all for a registration fee of $15. Check out the NYC SABR site and download the press release for more details and for a list of featured speakers and presenters.

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  1. On Hot Stove last night, KB and Lennon showed potential Met line ups. Was anyone else nauseated by seeing Castillo, Delgado, and Molina in both of their line ups? Same old shit in Queens, old, broken down, and no plan for the future.

  2. Rich, I like you have no desire to see the clubhouse poison that is Carlos Delgado in the Mets’ line-up. They have no choice but to leave Castillo, because no one is as dumb as the Mets to pay him that kind of money. As for Molina, I am not a big fan, but as much as I am intrigued by Thole, I am not sure that 400 AAA at bats are a bad thing, just like earlier in the post where Krane talks about not rushing Mejia, there is no reason to rush Thole, especially since he has only spent a couple of years catching. I only hope with Thole, that they do not try to change his hitting approach. Nothing wrong with a catcher that hits 280 and makes contact. And even though I like Murphy, as long as they are just waiting for Ike Davis, just leave Murphy alone, and let him give the team a reason to figure out what to do with him.

    Krane, as for the lack of a fan fest. you can’t be surprised, can you? Really, the Mets have no clue???? Don’t you remember meeting outside Ebbet…oops, $iti Field, at the Gil Hodges Statue in front? Or the day we all gathered at Tom Seaver Plaza to go into the stadium, and don’t forget tailgating outside the Mike Piazza wiffleball field with our kids…Oh, I am sorry those things only exist in the mind of fans who actually care about the Mets, not the Dodgers…and you wonder about a fan fest? You do not really think that the Mets’ Organization wants to face that kind of fire do you? This team is the worst run organization in sports, and has been since Frank Cashen decided that he wanted a milquetoast team and started getting rid of the personalities in the clubhouse, three weeks after the 86 WS. I know, you know better.

  3. PFH, I agree that Thole is not the answer in 2010. But Olivo was available, and he’s 27 with very comparable numbers to Molina. I think he signed for 3. What would be wrong with that? He carries the load in 2010, with the 300 back up catchers we have, then he can be part of left/right platoon at C while Thole earns his stripes. But it is not “Omar think”. I truly believe Omar likes to provide shelter for old, broken-down palyers who have nowhere else to go. Where else would Delgado go? Who else is bidding on Molina? Ask yourself, are these moves done to better the Mets, or to drive Omar’s agenda? I think it is the second, and have thought this for a long time. And you know what, it is common in everyday business. Omar has a right to drive his agenda, my boss does, and your boss does. BUT, when the results are abysmal, and they certainly are here, where is the accountability? That’s my gripe. He tried it his way, and produced a team with one bad contract after another (and I PROMISE you, Molina will be another un-tradeable player after he tanks) and no farm system. Ok, buddy, you had your chance. You failed miserably. Why aren’t you gone? My boss would be, as would yours. But not here.

  4. Rich, it is no secret to people who frequent this site, that I want Teflon Omar fired, yesterday. The sad part is, I have no faith in the organization to get in a guy (I prefer a baseball guy as opposed to one of those Buffalo Sabre guys, but beggars can’t be choosey) in as GM and leave him alone, other than signing checks. Olivo would have been signed, but the fact that Molina is not yet signed, means that he can’t get anyone else to up Omar’s original bid. They probably offered him two years, which is too many, because it should not have be more than one with a team option, or one based on actual production. Personally I think the complaint about a lack of power is overrated…I still say that the team should have gone after Figgins, and actually paid him extra to be willing to play second base, if they found another left fielder…then they should have played on Tampa Bay’s head, not wanting to see Crawford to go to the Yankees or Red Sox, and worked out a deal for him and then you have a great team built on speed and defense and not one that is wholly dependent on Reyes to get the offense going…

    Catching Platoon

    This not only would have been smart baseball, but by eating the Castillo contract, either cutting him or benching him would show fans that they are serious about winning…but these are the Dod…oops Mets. And that is way too smart of a plan for them.

    Tag, Rich, your it…

  5. Could not agree more. Speed and youth-funny that this what TO says, but then does the exact opposite, right? Figgins would have fit beautifully, and so what that Castillo’s trade value goes down when you have another 2B-eat the contract and show the fans that you mean business about turning things around. And I wrote here a few times that there is an opportunity to convince TB that they can’t afford Crawford (my number 1 target for a long time) and Upton, and convince them to trade one of them over here. But doing any of this would take time and effort away from scouting a 37 year-old with injuries who of course, must be a priority in Omar Land.

  6. @Rich

    Good Afternoon Rich,

    Enjoyed reading your educated exchange with pfh64.

    Turn the clock back to the eighties and early 1990’s nobody was more down on Steinbrenner than I was. On that level I can appreciate your frustration.

    Forgetting the WORLD CHAMPIONS for a second, neither the Res Sox, Phillies, and Cardinals would tolerate the Omar reign.

    Prior to Steinbrenner, GM’s usually had a long run. Where Big Stein changed baseball front offices was now his
    GM’s were held accountable or merely were driven to distraction. That’s why it’s so aggravating to see “my” Shake Shackers refuse to bite the bullet on Omar. (Not to mention Castillo)

    Blast away at THE WORLD CHAMPIONS for the likes of Pavano or Igawa but they bit the bullet on them as well as other duds.

  7. Rich/Michael, I have also been saying that for the last two years as well, at his very first press conference, Teflon Omar said that the team needed to get younger and more athletic, outside of Beltran (does Frankie Rodriguez count) they have done just the opposite under the guise of they need and can use the veteran presence, do they mean like Delgado? While, I prefer the game of Crawford, I would be more than happy to see Upton on the roster. There were two pitchers that were the best fits for the Mets, Lackey…and a distant second Marquis, and they went after neither…and Marquis went to the NATIONALS…the Nationals for crying out loud. We all know that they are going to sign Piniero. And the only reason to sign him, is kind of like why I wanted my Islanders to sign Ryan Malone…Piniero is a Mets’ killer, and at least if they sign him, they won’t have to face him. Of course, him not pitching against the Mets will see at least a two runs a game rise in his ERA. Not a big fan, but at least Jarrod Washburn has been in big games with the Angels.

  8. And we did not even get into the Smoltz rumors.

  9. And one more thing…………..

    THE WORLD CHAMPIONS let Matsui walk and very likely Damon. This was done for $ and getting younger.

    So WTF is Omar romancing Delgado?

  10. Michael, do you really have to ask that question? Besides his leadership in the clubhouse, I am sure that the medical staff, and we all know how good they are, has told T.O. that if he just gets some rest he should be healthy enough to be at full strength by the All-Star break. Not to mention he is gold glove caliber fielder. So why would he not go after Delgado? It makes all the sense in the world.

    It is amazing that this team sells any tickets at all. It IS A JOKE!

  11. To Michael and pfh- are we the only ones reading? Who cares, it is fun anyway. Ok, gents, I agree with Michael about the NYY. It is not even the 27 WS titles. They project a culture that is sorely lacking in Queens. Michael is spot on, TO would have been escorted out of the Bronx a long time ago. But, the culture is what it is, and pfh hit on the only realistic fix a long earlier in this exchange. Get a competent GM, and have Jeff sign the checks and shut the hell up. We don’t need to hear his apologies the day after every season ends (says something in itself, right?). The Wilpons are not going to sell, so plan B is to can TO and then, and only then, can we be on the road to respectability.

    I think they should sign Piniero. I don’t buy the Duncan thing. If Duncan taught Piniero something-great. A grown man can remember the lesson without a babysitter. Fact is, Piniero becomes number 2 by default.

    Sorry you had to wait on me guys, went to Carnegie Hall for a Beatles tribute show last night. I was still savoring it until I logged in and had to dive into Mets stuff-now my BP is up!

    Enjoy the NFL today.

  12. we need to hope the Orioles go 2yrs guaranteed to Delgado

  13. I know the ownership looks at Mets fans as a nuisance but it helps me to vent my frustrations with them hoping that someday when they see 40,000 fans for a Subway Series game at $iti Field rooting for the Highlanders it might wake them up but then again knowing the Skill Sets as long as they are PAYING customers who cars who the root for.

  14. we all love Thole’s bat but he is still learning the catching postion and since Old School Dan Warthen and J-Man have put the blame for the all the walks the Mets pitchers gave up last year on the catchers, then it would make more sense to leave Thole in Buffalo to learn the tools of ignorance. The way it looks now, Bengi will hold out until the last possible second before he signs a 1yr+option with the Mets.

  15. Krane,

    I agree with Thole in the minors for at least another 100 games. As far as the blame, on the catchers, how is the catcher responsible for the fact that the pitchers on this team (and others) are AFRAID to throw strikes. The nibbling drives me crazy. As Ray Miller says, work fast, throw strikes, change speeds. ARE YOU LISTENING Mr. Pelphrey? Piniero as a Met, what a joke. And we are totally in agreement as to whether or not the owners care who the fans root for, as long as the tickets are sold.

    Rich, the fact that we seem to care more than the team does, is all we need to know about ownership. And oh, by the way, the amazing part of all of this is, we all know how paranoid the Mets are, the fact that they read all of this stuff, and completely ignore their fan base, should not surprise ANYONE.

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