Sorry, I’m just standing here wondering what all the hubbub is over Mark McGwire’ admission on his steroid use last night. The best part of the evening was watching the sanctimonious Tom Verducci and Ken Rosenthal not accepting McGwire’s mea culpa. I love how Verducci, Rosenthal and Jon Heyman are now all over McGwire and the rest of the Steroid Sluggers but never confronted them or did any investigative reporting during that era but now they’ve all become holier than thou. Th eonly reporter who spoke up at that time was Steve Wilstein of AP who asked about the bottle of Andro in McGwire’s locker. Too bad MLBN didn’t have him on.  

By the way I still have a few questions for Big Mac than Bob Costas failed to hit on. “Who got you the dope”? “Did it occur to you that this was a Federal crime having illegal narcotics “? Were you willing to pay any price to succeed in the game even if it meant getting arrested and going to jail”? “Who instructed you on how to administer the PED’s”?

I love how the panel on MLB Network was up in arms by McGwire saying he didn’t think the drugs made him better, he said he took them for the sole purpose of helping recover from a string if injuries he suffered from. Sure you can call bullshit on that statement but like Rick Peterson says “In God we trust, all others bring data” in other words, It’s all opinion on how much affect the drugs had on his home run total. That’s not to say I don’t agree with those who feel the PED’s didn’t help him jack up his HR total, it’s just that I can’t prove it.

Last word on this whole situation, I have never been a fan of Tony LaRussa but I will say this for TLR, he is one loyal son of a bitch. He has had McGwire’ pock marked back all these years and still has it.

I’ll take this as good news. Seven Train to Shea quotes a Twitter feed from Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse saying that Carlos Delgado is not moving to well around first base. If the move was strictly Omar’s, Delgado would have been re-signed by the Mets already but it looks like Omar has doesn’t have final say on personnel matters anymore. This off season has not been a typical Omar Minaya off season. The Mets are much more patient, to the point of Mets fans screaming in panic (me included) I guess that’s we are used to, the Omar Way. Let’s face it, if Omar had full autonomy Bengi Moilina would be sitting with a 3yr guaranteed contract right now.

Also on Ed Price’ Twiiter feed he claims Mets are talking 2yr/$15 mil contract for Joel Piniero

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  1. Mikey boy324 says:

    I really hope he goes to the dodgers or another team the mets don’t need another back end starter they need to get creative and pry A legitimate number 2 from another team without pitching you go nowhere just watch the world series cliff lee couldn’t pitch every game and that’s what cost the phillies I don’t care if santana wins 25 games who’s gonna pitch after him?

  2. agreed steve. as for those questions that weren’t asked, i think part of the problem is that mlb owns the network the exclusive was on. the league doesn’t want to look worse than it already has in years past, let alone made so on it’s own network. it’s all bull.

  3. Damn! I was really hoping Omar would extend Delgago another 3 years.

  4. Maybe the Orioles will sign Delgado and use him as a DH. Memo to Omar- we play real baseball in the NL, we don’t have a DH. Kindly stay away from 37 year olds, coming off major surgery, who can’t move. Movement has recently been identified as a key skill to succesfully play baseball, especially in the NL. Now put down that 3 year contract, Omar, you know, the one with Delgado’s name on it.

  5. I think the Mets go full tilt for Zambrano and then the rotation improves and maybe V-Zam can hit one out of Citi Park. I would move Maine, Castillo, one of our catchers and prospects. Sign Hudson for 2B and deal with Murphy for 1st base or get Lowell and platoon.

    Santana, Zambrano, Pelfrey, Pinero, Perez

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