My head is spinning from all the Beltran v. Mets stories. There are some who blame Beltran, some blame Mets management, some blame the doctors, some blame the agent and some blame the fans (just Jeffey Skill Sets feels that way) but the one thing all the groups have in common is the belief that we root for one fucked up organization.

After sifting through all the stories and conversations and comments, I can say I am definitely on Carlos Beltan’ side in this mess. I believe Beltran when he said he spoke to Dr Altchek who in turn spoke to Dr Steadman who told Beltran his knee was not getting any better and surgery is required to clean out the fragments floating in the knee. But the real document that tells me the Beltran/Boras version of the events are true, is the fact that Dr. Steadman sent the Mets Workers Comp  and insurance forms in ordered to be PAID for conducting surgery. Without those papers signed off by the team, no surgery would have been done.

Now here is where everything comes back to the obvious. The Mets front office is such a cluster fuck that I expect Krusty the Clown to be named to a VP position soon. Jeffey Skill Sets claims that Dr.Altchek and Ray Ramirez are not authorized to ok a player to undergo a medical procedure, and why should they? Just because Dr. Altchek has a medical degree and Ramirez is a licensed physical trainer what makes them think they know more that Jeffey and his running mate David Howard?

So Beltran goes to Dr Steadman, one of the most renowned orthopedic doctors in the country, and his diagnosis is to have arthroscopic surgery to clean out Beltran’s knee. Beltran tells Dr. Steadman to consult with Dr. Altchek , which he does. Altchek agrees with Steadman to do the surgery. Steadman though before doing the procedure needs the Workman’s Comp and all insurance forms to be filled out and verified because this ain’t no charity case, he wants to be paid. The forms are faxed to Queens. The medical people Altchek and Ramirez look them over, everything is cool, send them back to Steadman, he’s cool with it, then he checks his calendar and tells Beltran, you’re a lucky guy, I’m free tomorrow at 7AM. Beltran then claims he calls Omar Minaya (remember him?) who wishes Beltran luck and speedy recovery. So where does this story turn for the worst?

Jeffey Skill Sets was not consulted, and he is pissed off because “nobody puts Baby Jeffey in the corner” Instead of letting the people he hired to run such things do their jobs,  Jeffey says “hold the anesthesia” “we need a third opinion” uhhhhhhhhhh a little late there Junior, Beltran is already in recovery after successful surgery on his knee. But instead of keeping his pie hole shut, Jeffey goes off that this is not acceptable and decides this would be a good time to embarrass the organization again and piss off one of his best players and because it’s been about a whole two weeks since any dumb shit has come out of Flushing.

If you were Carols Beltran would you wait for a third opinion? If you worked for a competent employer, who actually gave a shit about your well being you would. But Beltran works for a bunch of assholes. Assholes who put a concussed Ryan Church on an air plane to Denver and then treated him like an outcast. Assholes who kept telling Jose Reyes to play through and injured calf and forced him to come back for meaningless games in September because maybe 100 people may buy tickets for a game at $iti Field to see him play and then he tears a hammy in the process. Assholes who did the same thing to Beltran and have now put the team in the jackpot they are in now. If anything Beltran and (I hope your sitting down and not drinking anything if not please sit and do not sip that coffee) and Scott Boras are heroes as someone with clout has finally told Jeffey Skill Sets to fuck himself.

The bottom line, maybe it’s time for a 3rd baseball team to play in NYC because I’ getting close to filing for a baseball divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty.

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  1. Krane, it is only the Mets that can make Scott Boras look like a stand up guy. AMAZIN’

  2. Mikey boy324 says:

    I’ve been saying for years that as long as this organization is run bye these clowns there never gonna be taking seriously and there never gonna win a world series..with the Amount of money this organization makes and the deep fanbase the mets have they should be contending year in and year out just like the red sox yankees and even the phllies I’m tired of them making excuses penny pinching over contracts acting like castillo is making Veron wells money I mean hudson should have been here last year let alone he’s still not here yet and probaly won’t be we have one pitcher on this staff and still no pitcher has been brought in and if they do it’s gonna be a scrub like garland or piniero it’s just amazing at the lack of passion the owners have to put a championship team on the field all they care about is putting out a decent team so they can fill the seats they only way they might learn is if none of us go to the games and then maybe just maybe they’ll do something about it or even better sell the team to an owner who wants to win….

  3. You hit this one out of the park. By which I mean to say: My thoughts exactly!

    This organization dithered on Beltran for months. I totally support his decision to follow expert advice. He consulted with the team. He spoke to Omar. He has ZERO blame.

    By the way, isn’t this the exact same circumstances the premeditated the Kazmir trade, a circus of decision-making with no clear lines of authority, a puppet GM, etc.

    Great blogging.


  4. I still think Beltran needs to take some responsiblity. This is been a reoccuring issue and he brought up in November that it was bothering him again. WHY NOW? I do not argue that he needed it, nor the debacle of the organization.

    Ultimately its HIS health and when does he take responsiblity?

  5. Fred should just disown Jeffy and adopt Frank Robinson and put him in charge of everything. This Mom and Pop franchise needs a good kick in the butt. Lets go Mets.

  6. I’m gonna say it again:

    There has to be real concern about Beltan EVER being able to cover CF again.

    And a weak knee will also have an effect on his offense.

    Wow, I actually sound like a Shake Shackers fan.

    What’s wrong with me???

  7. “Mets Sign Jolbert Cabrera”

    Sweet move!


  8. My family thinks I’m insane because I’m laughing and angrily cursing all at once in our living room.

  9. Cabrera, another player who is younger and…oops, HE’S 37…what a joke.

  10. Agree that none of this is a surprise and it stems from weak leadership. How can Omar escape this one? Or can he? Is this some kind of set up to give cause for his exit? I can dream, can’t I? And why does the Cabrera signing surprise anyone? He fits every profile. Think about the additions this off season Coste- 37, Blanco- 38, Molina (when it happens)- 36, Delgado (when that happens)- 37, Cabrera- 37. Pattern behavior and it will not stop until there is a change at the top. Fred/Jeff, you have probable cause. Do it!! Do it now and send a message that this lack of professionalism (and general ignorance) is not acceptable.

  11. If Beltran was coming off an injury last year, why didn’t he just go to have the knee cleaned out in October, use the off season to recover, rather than try to see how it worked for another year without fixing anything? Easy to say that in hindsight. I think the Mets are just afraid of surgery at this point.

    But seeing the circus theme in the post’s title, I started thinking (always with Hockey on my mind) that this may actually hurt the Mets’ case to the NHL for getting a “Winter Classic” at Citi Field, as an image and perception problem.

  12. When I get a troubled student that keeps coming to class unprepared, or are constantly late or absent, I will call them to the desk and ask them the following question. If this were a job and you kept doing the things that earned you this failing grade, how long would you have your job? Thankfully, none of them to this point have responded to me, I don’t know, how much longer do you think the Mets will keep paying Omar Minaya? What an absolute joke.

    And Dr Hyde, you probably are right, of course, the Mets image is better than (but not by much) congress’ image. I know I am reaching for crap, but hey, it is a nice sunny day, and I hate to be totally negative about my favorite baseball team, no matter how hard they make it. And they, as you know, make it hard.

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