according to Jon Heyman, the Mets have traded for Gary Mathews Jr. Still waiting to hear who the Mets gave up, but if it’s more than two Shake Shack burgers then we wuz robbed.

Listening to Jon Heyman on WFAN he says the Angels will pick up close to $20 mil of the $23 mil owed to Mathews but Luis Castillo is NOT part of the deal. 

The only thing that sucks more than Mathews Jr coming here is that Castillo is not going to Anaheim.

Much a fucking do about nothing.

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  1. Mikey boy324 says:

    I just really hope we get sheets according to multiple sources the mets and athletics are the favorites

  2. Richard Deegan says:

    Can’t be the same $237K Gary Mathews they palmed off on the Os for the immortal John Bale. Has he improved so much going into his year 37?

  3. How lucky is Brian Stokes? Getting himself traded to a real team who has a chance at the Postseason.
    Matthews is 37. Does that mean we got younger or older?

  4. @Peter – my sentiments exactly. I might become an Angels fangirl (just kidding. sort of)

  5. kranepool says:

    Angels have the Rally Monkey we have the Owner Monkey

  6. The Omar Monkey! No tears from me on losing Stokes. Yes, he threw 95, but it was straight as a string and he had weak secondary pitches. I’m ok with this deal. We get a competent OF, who can be #4 for now and #5 when Beltran comes back. Pagan and Matthews give us a better OF bench than Sullivan and Reed.

  7. Oh the joys of rooting for THE WORLD CHAMPIONS!

    Gary Mathews?

    Mercy, mercy, me.


    Good reading, folks.

  9. @The Coop- I was just commenting on Stokes luck. The fake (DH) team I follow is the “Running Rays” down here in St Pete. As they say here in the Trop- Death to the Red Socks! Why not?

  10. All part of the master plan, to get younger and more athletic…what a joke.

  11. Ever notice whenever someone gets hurt we have to make a panic trade?

  12. BTW, I am actually very happy that we have an African American on the team. It makes building that shrine to Robinson all worth it. I mean talk about not walking the walk.

  13. Give me players of ALL colors and Races. Just make “em Younger than what we go for. I’d rather have 2ed Tier players who are hungry rather than poser Superstars who rest on their laurels. There’s nothing wrong with having a Platoon type team, like ’69 and ’86.

  14. George the Stork says:

    I just finished reading Keith Hernandez’s book, “If At First”, about the 1985 season. What a great and hilarious book. He goes day-by-day describing the season. Anyone remember that season? The ridiculously long extra inning game with the Braves that lasted until 4 am. (Rick Camp, pitcher for the Braves extended the game by hitting a homerun at around 2am.) The bench-clearing brawl with the Dodgers, when Mariano Duncan was wolfing Ed Lynch to throw something hard, and Ed Lynch motioned to him to come to the mound and fight. I was in St. Louis for the late season series when the Mets almost swept to pull within even of Whitey Herzog’s Cards. I was at the 1st game when Straw hits the homerun in extras to win the game 1-0. Those were the days. The current team pales in comparison.

    One of the big differences is the fact that the mid 80s team was much more home-grown than the current teams. Aside from Hernandez and Carter, most of the rest of the team came from within the org. 5 of the 8 starting position players, 3 of 5 starting pitchers. Aside from Reyes and Wright, I can’t think of any significant players that came from the farm. And we can thank the pre-Omar regime for them.

    Add me to the Omar-has-to-go crowd. We need a GM who knows how to build a farm system and grow players.

  15. kranepool says:

    remember back then Joe McIlvaine was the head of scouting for the Mets and he was great at that Fred Wilpon didn’t like McIlvaine because he had the nerve as Mets GM to go checkout the talent in the Minor Leagues than be at Fred’s beck and call. First the Mets lose Whitey Herzog, then McIlviane who went to Twins and made them a winner and now Jack Z in Seattle former Mets scout turning Mariners into contender and what do we have Omar

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