If you like coming to this site and root for the day that my head will explode, well this may be your lucky day. As the great Frank Costanza said “I HAVE A LOT OF ISSUES WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ISSUE 1: How the hell can any of you, my fellow Mets fans, see anything positive in acquiring Gary Mathews Jr. and don’t tell that I’m overacting negatively to this deal, if I want to fucking rant about a broken down valise of a ball player who sucks so badddddddddddddlllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy the Angels lined is fucking pockets with $20 FUCKING million dollars to get rid of him, I’ll rant and I’ll rant hard and I’ll rant all night long. And of course the Mets were the only dumb ass’ in baseball that would take him on.

I’m not pissed with GMJ (as we Tiwits from the Twitterland call him) and yeah he’s just going to a spare part being paid spare change but don’t you Polly-Wilpons see that this guy is could be taking up one of 25 valuable roster spots on this team? I hate to wish bad on someone, as we all know God don’t like ugly, but you have to hope that GMJ sucks so bad in spring that the Mets release him.

And to all of “Angel Pagan is an All Star” worshipers you need to get over that as well. I don’t want to attack Pagan who is a good player but some of you Mets fans have built this guy up to the point if I were Pagan’s agent I’d bring in your Tweets and message boards posting to make his case in arbitration.

Back to GMJ (take a Dramamine because this is going to be one rocky post, I’m going all over the road here ) this poor bastard is not even an average Major player anymore. Check this out from Ball Busters blog:

{After the Mets completed their trade for Gary Matthews Jr. on Friday, committing about $2.5 million and a middle reliever to land him, one talent evaluator dug into his team’s scouting reports, wondering if maybe his general impression that Matthews was a player in decline was wrong.

The reports for his team were clear: Matthews is a player to be avoided. Slow bat. Declining range. And above all else, a player who wants to be a regular and will be an unhappy distraction in your clubhouse when he’s not in the lineup every day.

Said an executive with another team of the Mets’ efforts to acquire Matthews, which have been extensive, including the discussion of one possible four-team deal this winter: “Baffling.”

His OPS the past three seasons: .742, .675 and .697; the last number ranked 90th among 104 outfielders with at least 300 plate appearances. His slugging percentage of .361 ranked 96th among 104 outfielders with at least 300 plate appearances. He is now 35 years old.

I asked a scout with a team not involved in this deal for his observations on Matthews’ play. His response:

“I still see Matthews as an expensive extra outfielder. The Angels knew they were fooled by his Texas numbers before they went after Hunter. He should still be able to play center field while Beltran is out, but he hasn’t shown any sock since he was outed for receiving shipments of HGH a couple years ago. His bat has been dragging through the zone the last couple years. Nevertheless, he should benefit from getting more consistent at-bats in NY than he had been getting in Anaheim.”

His defense? Well, Mark Simon of ESPN Stats & Information sent along his year-by-year UZR/150 ratings from FanGraphs. Let’s just say there’s a trend in the numbers:

  • 2002: 23.8 (1st among 107 outfielders with at least 500-plus innings)
  • 2003: 6.6 (33rd of 105)
  • 2004: 21.3 (9th of 107)
  • 2005: 18.7 (15th of 112)
  • 2006: 1.0 (46th of 108)
  • 2007: -12.2 (88th of 108)
  • 2008: -13.7 (94th of 112)
  • 2009: -24.6 (109th of 115)

The winter’s market has had other guys who could have fit the role of extra outfielder. Randy Winn. Jeremy Reed. Endy Chavez, who reportedly is making progress in his rehabilitation.

To sum up the view of Matthews within the game: He can’t hit for average, can’t hit for power, his defense ranks statistically among the worst outfielders in the majors and, to top it off, rival scouts have been reporting that in recent years he has been a clubhouse negative.

If Matthews were a free agent, he would be a player who might get a $500,000 non-guaranteed minor league deal with an invitation to spring training. And yet the Mets opted to commit $2.5 million and to trade a serviceable pitcher in Brian Stokes to get a player whose effectiveness might have ended years ago.

Very strange.}

I threw up twice while reading that.  I don’t care if GMJ was PAYING the Mets to let him play, the guy is 35 years old, not very productive on offense and his defense has decline sharply every year. Yes, I know this just a temporary move until Carlos Beltran comes back and you may be right that I should save my anger with the Mets for more important fuck ups (I’ll get to one more in a sec) but I’m mad because is GMJ the only type of player the Mets can attract ? Think about it, they have tried to give away Luis Castillo who is ten times a better player than GMJ but with a $12 million dollar nut,  they can’t find a taker. The mere fact that the Artie Moreno would pay over $20 million dollars (just about the Pirates and Marlins total payrolls) to ship Mathews sorry ass out of Anaheim should have all Mets fans up in arms.

The one bright spot in this muck is Omar Minaya coming out and saying that the centerfield job is not Angel Pagans it’s an open competition, which of course I applaud. But it better not be just a two man event with Pagan and GMJ.

Issue 2:  First let me clean the spittle off my screen here as I was screaming as I wrote that last section of this post.

As you know I’ve been clamoring for the Mets to host a Fan Fest during the winter at $iti Field. I bring this up today for two reasons one, the Baltimore Orioles are having theirs today at Camden Yards and from reading the tweets from Orioles Prospects, the place is full of fans and players signing autographs and spreading good cheer. So on a beautiful sunny day in NYC what am I doing? Ranting like a fucking lunatic when I’d rather be at $iti Field and a Mets Fan Fest, which is where all of us Mets fans should be. But you’d have to have forward thinking management to do this instead of the Skill Sets whose version of customer service is out of the Henry Hill School of Business Management : “FUCK YOU, PAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Another reason why today would have been a great day for Mets-Fest is you could have tied in raising money for Haiti along with pushing your product. Charge everyone 20 bucks to come to the ball park with proceeds going to UNICEF for relief aid to Haiti. I bet there are tons of giveaways that weren’t distributed during the season, you could sell raffle tickets for them and for other used items like bats, batting gloves and the like and use that money for charity as well. I’m not saying the Mets are not charitable, in fact one of Freddy Skill Sets admirable traits is his generosity to charities but  not only would a Mets-Fest raise a ton of money for a good cause, it would also give the Mets some badly needed positive press.

End of rant……….a Jehovah’s Witness is ringing my bell time for an ass kicking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Entertaining post…but why all the anger over someone making negligible money and who may be the 25th man? Where was this anger (I’ll answer that-I had it) when there was rumor of giving Molina $12million for 2? Having a broken-down, fat starting catcher at that money is FAR more offensive than a cheap, declining 25th man. And I hope the anger was talking when you said Reed is an option-he had about 1 hit every three months. Yes, I would have preferred Endy or Winn. They are both better options. But, remember who our GM, as in General manager, is. If I get “not so bad” from him, I take it as “woo-hoo”. So, this is not a great or good move, but it really shouldn’t amount to much in the scheme of things. The amount of harm to be done by the 25th man is minimal, compared to starting C or 2B, or 1B.

    My company makes a good blood pressure drug-let me know if I can donate some product! Deep breaths, Steve, deep breaths!

  2. Krane, when I was learning the 80s version of radio at ASU, we would have occassionally have to edit some reel to reel tapes for a “LOOP”…you might want to figure out if there is a blog version of this, so that every time Teflon Omar makes a move, you can just repeat what has already been said. It is amazing how many of these Omar transactions can have the same comments written about them. Our friends at the blog that is hooked up with SNY (not sure what the policy of naming other sites is) have finally come out and said what we have been saying for two years now…in 2004 at his press conference, T.O. said we have to get younger, blah, blah, blah…

    I will watch this team in 2010, because it is what I do. I live and breathe Mets, I may not know who wore number 32 in 1967, but I know (I was there) that Ralph Garr hit the ball into left centerfield that Don Hahn & Geoerge Theodore met up close and personal on, but I know it will be a long season. I know Krane, that you are fan of that NHL team in Manhattan, but I root further east…and it is a pleasure to watch a team that has a GM with a clearly defined plan that does not include trying to catch lightining in a bottle with every pick up.

    The bottom line is this:

    Mr. Wilpon, when will you be sufficiently embarrassed enoug to tell your son, to sit his butt in his office and sign the checks. Tell you GM, basbeall staff & medical staff to pack their bags, and get the heck out. I am brining in real baseball people.

  3. And one more obvious point:

    F-Mart better tear up AAA pitching this year or he’s washed at 21+.

  4. The idea of having a fan fest with all proceeds going to Haiti is GREAT! It was in the news that the Highlanders donated $500K after the first quake. The objective isn’t to one-up them, but to do the right thing. A point sorely lost on this organization.

  5. Mikey boy324 says:

    I don’t understand the move at all but my main concern is getting Ben sheets and hopefully smoltz if they fail to do that then I might just flip my lid like krane just did…

  6. Richard Deegan says:

    You want a Jr? A decent one? One with class?Better for the Mets to have made an offer to Rock Raines Jr.
    31 y.o. and would produce twice as much as Stripeless Sarge if given the chance.

  7. To me, it’s on the fringes that you can see the intelligence of an organization, because the playing field is balanced. It’s not about money, it about having a plan, an ability to evaluate talent, an understanding of the game. I don’t buy the concept of, “He’s a 25th guy, it doesn’t matter.” So, yes, righteous bafflement over an organization that doesn’t seem to have a clue.

    One thing is clear: What the Angels did — eat a terrible contract, make a mistake and then move on — is something this organization would NEVER, EVER do. We don’t eat bad contracts; we allow bad contracts to eat us. Very sad and frustrating.

    When I watch this organization, I simply don’t see a great that is dedicated to the idea of excellence. They are not interested in being the best. When Wilpon forced out Doubleday, I immediately thought, “The wrong guy bought the team.” We were in the snowy forest and came across two paths — and went in the wrong direction.

    Great blog, thanks.


  8. This is a keeper. Impossible to disagree.

    I know their politics aren’t yours, but maybe we need a Tea Party type revolt against the club?

    English soccer fans are much better at expressing frustration with their clubs’ management. I only wish we could tap into their ability to organize real anger and force the clubs’ hands.

  9. oh calm down the whole lot of ya! i’m as big a mets fan as there is,and while they do make moves that make everyone scratch their heads,it’s no need to have a gran mal seizure over them. things happen that we don’t like and can’t control,there’s no sense in freaking out or being a negative nellie about every single little thing. the mets blog site is a prime example of that. reactionary,knee jerk hostility and negative attitude. please don’t let this site turn into that,it would be a shame.

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