Before we look at some Mets-Minutia and the fact that there are 24 days until pitchers and catchers,   a few football thoughts:

I guess this is not a great revelation but Peyton Manning is not just a great QB but he is an immortal football player. His dissection of the Jets secondary was surgeon like.

Sorry Lito Shepard for the kiss of death yesterday.

There is a fine line between confidence and assholeness and the Jets were heading to asshole-ness. None other than Peyton Manning made that known in his post game interview when he said his team knew when to keep their mouth’s shut. You know the rallying cry all week in Indy’s locker room was shutting up Sexy Rexy and his team, which is what Manning did.

I’m not a fan of Brett Farve as I feel is a lot over exposed and a bit overrated but I have new found respect for after yesterday. Farve is one tough sumnabitch.

Get ready for two weeks of Archie Manning career retrospective with the Saints and stories of the son of New Orleans, Peyton going against his daddy’s team and the team he grew up with.

12 men in the huddle late in a Championship game is unacceptable. Brad Childress is lucky he doesn’t coach in NYC, Philly or Boston  if he did he’d have to enter the witness protection program.

Back to baseball

Mets mini-camp opens today and Jerry Manuel will grace the club with his prescience. Adam Rubin (of course!) is on the scene with the first dispatch.

Mike Silva thinks that Ben Sheets is there for the taking for the Mets if they are creative.

Last week there were two great columns about Mariners GM and former Mets Scouting Director Jack Zduriencik who has made his mark and his team a contender this off season.

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  1. Well, for the Jets the Fat Lady sang, or was that Rex in a dress? Back to complaining about the Mets.

  2. I’m not a Favre fan either, but it’s a real shame he didn’t get to touch the ball in overtime. The NFL seriously needs to reconsider changing their sudden death system.

  3. The weather here really sucks today. Even I would settle for an afternoon watching “my” Shake Shackers perform in Port St. Lucie!

  4. Crybaby Farve says he probably won’t be back. That’s Farve-speak for- “fire the coach”.

  5. Maybe Lito was off with Boz Scaggs doing the “Lito Shuffle”. Sorry, I could not help that one.

    From the Associated Press: Mets GM was seen at JFK airport, about to board a flight to Puerto Rico. Minaya said that since he heard Delgado is limping, he was prepared to go as long as 6 years with a new contract. He was hoping his shrewd negotiation skills would be able to land Delgado for 4 years, but Minaya said, “Carlos is exactly what we need. He is old, injured, and has significantly diminished skills. I’m prepared to offer him whatever it may take to bring him back. I have vowed to myself that I won’t let another old palyer snub me. I am still wounded by Molina. We may actually have to go with a young catcher at some point this season. I don’t like young players who may have a future.”

    Omar then boarded the plane, and said he may try to talk Julio Franco out of retirement.

  6. kranepool says:

    Johnny I agree Football is the only sport where a coin toss is the most important play of the game. You can’t have sudden death in football after one team scores the other team’s offense deserves a chance at the ball

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